Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Character Model Comparison Screens Show Massive Next-Gen Improvement

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is indeed something big from Naughty Dog. We just saw a gorgeous looking in-game trailer of the game that was captured directly from Playstation 4. Want to check out graphics/visual leap from Playstation 3 to Playstation 4? here are comparison screens of Nathan Drake's Character model from Uncharted 3 to Uncharted 4: A Thief's end. This is what we called true: next-gen graphical experience.

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Abriael696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

I don't think "startling" means what you think it means.

PLASTICA-MAN696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

1080p 60 fps trailer: http://nd.images.s3.amazona...

Look how he pressed the sand with his wet forearm and thus making the pressured sand area wet too. Better dream to get such details even in movies, let alone games.

Look at how his nose and mouth are trickling water strings so realistically.

Lol I noticed sth else, the fly even rubs her fore legs together like in real life. Sth alone that would surrender CGI movie makers

Concertoine696d ago

I wasn't so impressed before seeing it in 60 frames. Looks amazing.

Hydrolex696d ago

Do you guys notice Nate is getting older ?

GamingTruth696d ago

you werent so impressed? then what the heck will impress you? avatar? avatar 2?


At concertoine, at 60 FPS, he moves so normally, made hum feel so human, I cna safely say that this the first 3D project that reached the first step to bypass the uncanny valley and it is a honour for us gamers to be a game that idi it INGAME even bfroe CGI movies.

starchild696d ago

It truly is incredible. A visual achievement. It's also very likely to be an amazing game.

RyuStrife696d ago

If you seen the latest Castle recently, Drake is Fillion. A skinny Nathan Fillion. If the current Nathan Fillion loses a lot of weight, he's definitely Nathan Drake.

nicksetzer1696d ago

Suprise surprise?? Ps4 more powerful than 8 year old ps3... that said UC3 was absolutely amazing visually. If the game looks anywhere near that ... damn.

Visiblemarc696d ago

Yep, I have a big crow sandwich for a couple of people around here who told me my expectations that it would look better than the Order (also gorgeous btw) were "highly unrealistic."

jjonez18696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

No words can describe how beautiful that trailer looked running at 1080/60 on a house-sized movie thatre screen. Hands down the best looking game on consoles. A "generational leap"? More like a bottomless chasm. Not even a year out from launch and Naughty Dog already ain't playin no games.(pun sorry lol)

Side note: E3 Experience was amazing. The best way to experience e3. Youtube or other low quality streams do not do these conferences justice.

That enough gushing for the day, now I'm gonna go and have uncharted dreams.

crxss696d ago

looking more and more like Nolan North. NICE

ZodTheRipper696d ago

60fps is a whole new world for this trailer
In the details you can clearly see that it's ingame and just work-in-progress, 1 or 2 small animation frames even are a bit choppy. Best looking game already.

mogwaii696d ago

Is it making you moist?

PLASTICA-MAN696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

lol at jjponez18: best looking game ON CONSOLES? lol! Best looking game ON EVERY PLATFORM, and this will stay likely for a long time. Where are now the PC master races trolling us; the pitiful console peasants? Look what simple peasants can do to master races: watch Assassin's Creed Unity gameplay and see how simple peasants DECAPITATED master races, and that was with the help of assassins which are The Order 1886 and Uncharted 4 at 1080p/60FPS. Sadly two assassins were missing or not connetced yet (lol AC unity has 4 assassins coop) and the missing assassins are Quantum Dream game and GOW4 which I am sure will look even better than Uncharted 4 (also Guerilla Games open wolrd rpg is a secret 5th assassin working in the shadows lol. Sony was too much indulgent , otherwise if all 4 assassins were connected and playing together at the satge, it will be a massive massacre for all master races lol /s

PLASTICA-MAN696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

At rate above, where did you get the number of polys?

Edit: At Family Guy below tyou are right , they skipped the cartoonish look of the previous titles because they are trying to make it seem more mature and darker, and they started this since the TLOU whose devs work on Unchrated 4 now and they didn't get along with old Uncharted devs who wanted to maintain same cartoony non serious feel of the game that is why they left Naughty Dog.

FamilyGuy696d ago

They made him human. All the older Uncharted were great looking but the character models were more cartoon/caricature in style. This game has Nathan looking more like a real human, more so than any other game I've seen in fact.

It's like we watched and reeeeally good cosplayer rather than a game.

Any opinions about them losing that slightly cartoonist style for something more real?

Raf1k1696d ago

Drake doesn't look as handsome as he did previously. I kind of prefer his last gen look TBH.

Dynasty2021696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

The trailer is CGI pre-rendered footage for god sake.

No chance that is in-game footage.

Magicite695d ago

Nothing will top this in a long time (probably never on other available consoles)

ShinMaster695d ago

@ Dynasty2021

It literally says that it was captured from PS4 hardware.

Not "pre-rendered CGI".

GundalfDeGrej695d ago

It's in-engine, not in-game. When they first showed cutscenes from TLOU they also stated that it was shown from a playstation 3. While this was technically true, actual gameplay doesn't quite live up to it.

I'm just saying that maybe we shouldn't expect "super-amazing-wet-sand-p hysics-simulations" when we actually play the game. Much like how the snow in U2 doesn't actually get trampled in-game like in the cutscenes

BallsEye695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

It does look absolutely stunning but I'd wait till release for judgement. You like it or not but all uncharted games were downgraded from what we've seen in reveal trailer (still looked amazing tho, one of best out there).

Here's some good ol uncharted:

or this straight from playstation forum

Well guys, you can't deny it. Both MS and Sony like to release upgraded footage and gradualy downgrade it in next gameplay videos untill it gets to final build, hoping no one will notice. As much as I love the series, I'm gonna wait with creaming over the graphics until the disc lands in my console. Any comparison vids/screens are stupid untill game is released.

imt558695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Those characters ( screenshots ) are from multiplayer, BallsEye.

Utalkin2me695d ago


So you're comparing single player models to mutliplayer models? They do downgrade for multiplayer to keep things running smoothly. ROFLMAO....this is priceless.

JBaby343695d ago

@Balls-eye: You are showing multiplayer pics. The game looked just like the trailers that were released so I have no reason to think they can't do the same with UC4. That trailer was the most amazing thing I've seen on a game so far. My most anticipated title of nextgen.

morganfell695d ago

I am just trying to figure out when Drake got married. Naughty Dog went out of their way to make sure we saw the wedding band. Good thing he and Elena finally got hitched.

randomass171695d ago

Well said! Crazy attention to detail. Just... holy cow.

onyoursistersback695d ago

towards the end of the video....the cage has something written in white text?! has any one seen it?!?!

specialguest695d ago

I don't believe those graphics are in-game, but more in-engine. ND does this all the time with their games like TLOU and Uncharted. During the cinematic scene, the animation is smoother and the graphics are slightly better. The real actual game play part of Uncharted 4 will not look much different than the cutscenes, but there is a difference.

ShinMaster695d ago

@ BallsEye

The final build of Uncharted 3's Single-player had several upgrades actually:

It's only going to look better from here. It's the first generation of PS4 games. Remember how Uncharted 1 looked like compared to UC2, 3 or TLoU.

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ShiranaiJittai696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

@Abriael don't get me wrong you have released some great news articles related to gaming, but you are NOT one to talk about the "correct" words for people to use describing things. Every game that impresses you gets an almost verbatim headline. "Beautiful, stunning, spectacular, not that there is necessarily anything wrong with that, but it is redundant so you are NOT one to criticize others for using what you believe to be the wrong phrasing.

Edit: In addition the phrase is used correctly.

Startling (direct websters definition) very surprising, astonishing or remarkable. Verbatim definition.

Jonny5isalive695d ago

ahha ryu thats exactly what I was thinking, he now looks exactly like the guy from firefly and castle but less weight.

OwnageDC650695d ago

This game looks amazing! THIS is next-gen graphics baby!

XxExacutionerxX695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

UNCHARTED 4, that was so great.....Wow when Drake got up and checked a gun..... Best graphics I have ever Got to love Sony fanboys (A E3 winner,lol)

If Drake took a dump in that trailer, you fanboys would have exploded in joy just like this boring preview. (Remember Uncharted 2 preview, that was a preview)
Drakes Going Number 2 only on Playstation 4!!
In 1080p 60fps!!

Uncharted is done, bring on Last of Us 2

abc1233695d ago

I think he knows exactly what "startling" means and your attempt at intellectual superiority just backfired.

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miyamoto696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Mind Blown!!!!

You just can't ignore the Nathan Fillion resemblance!
Can't wait to see his Drake's face is Wise Cracking mode.


The graphical leap is mind blowing!

randomass171695d ago

Mine popped and then melted out of the sockets. I'm getting surgery as I type this comment. :'(

kenshiro100695d ago

I think I had a nosebleed on my keyboard. o_o

This cannot be real. My eyes cannot unsee what it has seen.

XiSasukeUchiha694d ago

My Sharingan/ Rinnesharingan can barely handle the greatness!!!!!!!!!

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Thatguy-310696d ago

Damn he got old lol The lighting is amazing. Always loved the water effect in the game where clothes looks wet.

Ares84HU696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

First thing I noticed is how old he got. And he also has a face of an alcoholic now.

MysticStrummer695d ago

Marriage can have that effect.

HyperBear696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

LOL...That's exactly what I was thinking. Looks like he's a tad bit older from Uncharted 3, so begs the question how long does this game take place after the 3rd installment?

Also begs the question, how old is Sully then? lol :D

@Nitrowolf2: Yeah, but several could mean anything 3yrs and higher, and I'm guessing Naughty Dog themselves are the only ones who know the exact number. But you can tell by looking at Drake that it's been a long time, indeed!

Nitrowolf2696d ago

Takes place several years after 3

starchild696d ago

People keep saying he looks "old" and I agree he looks a bit older, but not a lot older. I think it's just because he is rendered so convincingly now and you can see every little wrinkle. lol

majiebeast696d ago

Now they just need to let Nathan Fillion play Drake in the Uncharted movie they look practically like brothers at this point.

rdgneoz3696d ago

Love Fillion. He was great in Firefly / Serenity, and he's doing great in Castle as well (the season finale was good). He's probably the one that has the closest personality and looks to Drake.

As for the game, gotta love Naughty Dog's beautiful in game cutscenes.

starchild696d ago

Couldn't agree more. I have been a big Nathan Fillion fan for a long time and I have always wanted him to play Nathan Drake in an Uncharted movie.

randomass171695d ago

Seriously. That face model? I mean I know it's Nathan Drake but it looks so dang much like Fillion. They have to make it happen at this point.

kenshiro100695d ago

I agree 100%. He looks like a real life Nathan Drake.

Metallox696d ago

Looks very cool, and at 1080p and 60FPS? Definitely Naughty Gods.