E3 2014: Next Gen Is Finally Here Thanks To Ubisoft

Current-gen consoles are in an extraordinarily tricky position. On one hand, they're far more powerful than last-gen's boxes, and equally more capable of delivering innovative experiences -- especially with the newest PlayStation camera and Xbox One's bundled Kinect. However, on the other hand, with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 still the primary system in most households, and with an -- all considering -- paltry amount of their successors in the hands of gamer's across the world, it's hard for a company to commit to a limited demographic. Ubisoft, the gaming juggernaut behind Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and the recently released Watch Dogs, doesn't give a care about business norms, though.

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ValKilmer1168d ago

I suppose if by "Next Gen" you mean dancing games.

BlakHavoc1168d ago

No he means AC unity, The Division, Rainbow 6, Far Cry 4

zeuanimals1168d ago

Dat next-gen voice chat. LOL, oh well. Actors and scripts do what actors and scripts do. The BF Hardline gameplay was all scripted too.

showtimefolks1168d ago

As high as people are on The Division we have seen very limited footage, WE have seen scripted events

but i disagree everyone is doing their part for next gen not only UBI. EA's dragon age looks stunning, ME will be awesome. The order 1886 is like playing CGI cutscene

MS doing the same with sunset overdrive among others

starchild1168d ago

I feel like Ubisoft's games weren't just pushing incredible visuals but also pushing for new levels of interactivity.

Volkama1168d ago

But it's Ubisoft, and their final products are not typically a match for their E3 reveals. So say Watch-dogs and Farcry 3 anyway.

Of all the big publishers, Ubisoft do seem quickest to embrace the new. It is a good thing, even if the fruit is occassionally poisonous (Fighter Within?).

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HollowedSoul141168d ago

yeah to bad for those games the pc versions will probably not be playable. ive given up on ubi for pc they dont give a crap about us lol still wondering when that watchdogs patch is going to be released same for the ac4 patch that fixes the horrible sttutters at 60fps(benchmarked it didnt go below 45fps yet stuttered like it was 15fps with gsync on sli off/on) no matter how incredible ac unity will look it will still run like garbage on pc and ubi wonder's why we pirate their games, because whats the point of paying for a game that i wont be able to finish or possibly run. such a shame id gladly pay if i didnt think ubi were trash pc devs. ac4 is the last ubi game i buy until i see some effort on the pc platform. pirated watch dogs and what do you know just like ac4 stuttering mess cant play on ultra @1080p with a 5000 dollar farcry 4 will have crap sli like farcry 3 as well.

so at valkilmer i can really tell you're not much of a pc gamer when it comes to ubi because if you were you'd be just as bitter as me right now.

bixxel1168d ago

AC Unity almost looks better than the Order 1886.By the way,does anyone know if God Of War 5 is coming or not????

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miyamoto1168d ago

Funny, Farcry 4 looked fantastic but it felt like an Uncharted 2 Among Thieves in first person view in the Nepal levels!

Which leads me to say that Uncharted 4's graphics made it official that next gen has really come upon us!

RonRico1168d ago

I know what you mean. I thought it was Tomb Raider in first person for a second.

Swiggins1168d ago

Funny thing about setting games in similar locales, they look a little bit alike.

Have you ever noticed that all the movies set in New York City look alike?


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Clown_Syndr0me1168d ago

Rainbow 6 stole the whole show for me. Nothing else kept me glued to the screen.

lyvon1168d ago

Agreed. AC Unity is yet another Assassins Creed game I am going to buy and love. But the R6 was amazing.

Clown_Syndr0me1168d ago

Unity looked great, should be feeling fresh with co op.
But my greatest memories from online FPS still come from RB6 Vegas. That casino map I used to play over and over again...

airshiraz1168d ago

assassin unity is truly first next gen title
is farcry4 open world?it seemed it had giant levels like battlefield badcompany 2 and crysis 1

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