Grand Theft Auto V -- Coming for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC this Fall

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Today we're proud to announce that the critically-acclaimed and record-breaking Grand Theft Auto V is coming this fall to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Grand Theft Auto V will take full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with across-the-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail. Increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions all work together to bring new life to the cities, towns, deserts and oceans of Rockstar North’s epic reimagining of Southern California.

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Future_20151054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

OMG pc version FINALLY, Good news after a rather disappointing E3 from microsoft and sony

DxTrixterz1054d ago

Finally I can die happy.

Tony-A1054d ago

Same here, that was literally the only announcement I was hoping for. Everything else that was announced was just icing on the cake.

Can't wait to pick up my PS4!

BattleAxe1054d ago

"Same here, that was literally the only announcement I was hoping for. Everything else that was announced was just icing on the cake."

What I think you meant to say was "Everything else just doesn't matter anymore" ;)

rodiabloalmeida1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

PC version, finaly! Already finished on ps3. Gonna replay it on PC in it's full glory.

starchild1054d ago

I like Watch Dogs, but I have to say that this version of GTA5 is going to blow Watch Dogs away (from a visual perspective). Both great games in my opinion.

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Oner1054d ago

I called it back when it first released when I came across this in game ~

I even posted it in the old N4G Forums but nobody listened ;P

Iceball20001054d ago

that actually looks like the PS4 dev kit lol

Oner1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

@ Iceball2000 ~ LoL it does right?!

@ those few disagrees ~ I guess the time stamp is too hard to read or something?

11:48 PM - 16 Oct 2013

ado9081053d ago

People are disagreeing because you aren't the only ome that "called" it. It was pretty blantly obvious this game was gonna release for next gen and pretty much everyone had the assumption it will. So you didn't technically "call" anything nor does it make you seem smart.

Oner1053d ago (Edited 1053d ago )

I wish the old N4G Forums were still up just to prove you wrong by showing that people WERE saying it's not going to happen, and that what I found wasn't an Easter egg as I thought.

Oh and I wasn't trying to be smart. It was simply an observation that NOBODY else caught and I brought attention too. You're probably just sour you didn't notice it and have to try and be a smart @$$ for no damned good reason other than to be one.

waltercross1053d ago

@ Oner

Actually some said It wouldn't but many said it would...there were even Articles that claimed it was in the source code and proved it. Also R* always brings their family jewels to other platforms...It's their biggest seller and they even said GTA online would be around for a very long why Limit GTA V and GTA Online to dated current generation?

You are not the only one predicting this.

Oner1052d ago

See that's the thing, I am not saying I was the only one predicting anything. Just that I was the only one to came across something no one else had noticed that was really early on (even before the source code find I believe) of which was interesting and possibly something to add to the whole idea of it coming to next gen.

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user14394141054d ago

GTA V amazing :) I only played the game for a month on X360 before buying a PS4 and XBOX one and I look forward to going back and playing the ONLINE MP. XoXoXoXo Hopefully the Hiests are working and good by then.

OwnageDC6501054d ago

Sony and Microsoft had a nice showing. Nothing that blew me away but good nonetheless. With that said, I'll be buying GTA V for my PC.

SaturdayNightBeaver1054d ago

Peasants are literally out of arguments.

mkis0071054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

I'm not you. Pretty decent argument no?

I apologize. I don't know if I fit your "peasant" title qualifications. I have a gaming pc with a gtx 680..I just find that whole master race thing to be a joke.

bigboirock1054d ago

true my laptop has dual gtx 880m bring on the 4k i hope lol

paul-p19881054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

We all know PC Gamers will just end up stealing it because Rockstar didn't get it to PC quick enough though :P

(i was kidding, just in case i need to make that obvious lol)

bohemian 231054d ago

Nov. 2014, GTA next gen. It will happen. #1.1.14
271d ago by bohemian 23 | View comment

Did I call it or what?

bohemian 231053d ago

Disagree all you want idiots!

Tetsujin1053d ago

I'm gonna go to the midnight release for this game like I did the PS3 version, however I'm not playing the current gen anymore so I don't get burnout.

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AD7051054d ago

Remakes! that is all E3 was about!

DanteVFenris6661054d ago

Lbp3 was the biggest suprise, super stoked for that. I don't own a xbone but the game I thought would be a huge dissapointment, sunset overdrive, turned to be the best and only interesting game from microsofts conference. Sunset overdrive looks really unique and fun.

There weren't that many remakes.

neogeo1054d ago

wtf? Batman? did you miss that and Uncharted 4?

Destiny10801054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Im glad it wasn't a sony exclusive, pc gamers might just drop dead

ScamperCamper1054d ago

Heh, I just saw the first story and it was PS4 and I was thinking noooooo it can't be. So natural for this game on PC, can't wait. New rig ready to go. I am completely juiced. Any way to confirm if these are cheats confirmed for the PC version? http://www.grandtheftautofo...

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891054d ago

I just hope rockstar don't pull a ubisoft and make it so 2 780ti classys with 3 GB of v ram + 4770K @ 4.5GHZ + 16gb of system
Memory @ 2400Mhz can't run ultra settings. If I wanted my pc to depend on unified memory architecture I'd buy amd or turn on my ps4. #ubisoftdeservespiracy #RockstarMakeMyPcShinePlease

FlyingFoxy1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Should run great on even mid range cards if it's optimized well enough this time.

Will be building a new Haswell-e rig this year more than likely, might get a 780 or 2 in SLi or wait for the next cards to come out to run the new engines butter smooth. Gotta have that 60/120fps @ 1080p

HollowedSoul141054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

@flyingfoxy if i was you, with all this unified console memory shannighans that ubisoft is pulling on pc id think hard about getting a titan black 6gb gpu or i guess a 780 with 6gb's of ram might work.if the money is there..seems like this gens consoles might make 3gb's of vram a joke. :( im already beginning to regret having 3gb of vram considering alot of devs like to spit on sli optimization.

BallsEye1053d ago

I don't think even MS with all their billions could ever afford exclusivity for GTA. No need to fear.

waltercross1053d ago

He said "Sony" not MS...but yeah Neither could get GTA as exclusive not even timed.

M-M1054d ago

I'm so glad this was announced, but mostly because it was revealed for the PC guys. Now we won't get random articles stating that these random retailers leaked the release date.

ScamperCamper1054d ago

Agreed. I was getting SICK of it. It's the Rockstar way. They make the waits so damn painful. Seriously. If they didn't come out with this news at E3 I would have held a serious grudge against these guys. My gaming rig is aging and I better be able to smoke this game on highest settings or ELSE!!

ArtificiallyYours1054d ago

Well now we know just how pointless expecting Heists were.

Nonetheless interesting.