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Grand Theft Auto V -- Coming for PlayStation4, Xbox One and PC this Fall

R* -

Today we're proud to announce that the critically-acclaimed and record-breaking Grand Theft Auto V is coming this fall to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Grand Theft Auto V will take full advantage of the power of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with across-the-board graphical and technical improvements to deliver a stunning new level of detail. Increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic, and enhanced resolutions all work together to bring new life to the cities, towns, deserts and oceans of Rockstar North’s epic reimagining of Southern California. (Grand Theft Auto V, PC, PS4, Rockstar Games, Xbox One)

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Future_2015  +   535d ago
OMG pc version FINALLY, Good news after a rather disappointing E3 from microsoft and sony
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DxTrixterz  +   535d ago
Finally I can die happy.
Tony-A  +   535d ago
Same here, that was literally the only announcement I was hoping for. Everything else that was announced was just icing on the cake.

Can't wait to pick up my PS4!
BattleAxe  +   535d ago
"Same here, that was literally the only announcement I was hoping for. Everything else that was announced was just icing on the cake."

What I think you meant to say was "Everything else just doesn't matter anymore" ;)
rodiabloalmeida  +   535d ago
PC version, finaly! Already finished on ps3. Gonna replay it on PC in it's full glory.
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aquamala  +   535d ago
starchild  +   535d ago
I like Watch Dogs, but I have to say that this version of GTA5 is going to blow Watch Dogs away (from a visual perspective). Both great games in my opinion.
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Oner  +   535d ago
I called it back when it first released when I came across this in game ~


I even posted it in the old N4G Forums but nobody listened ;P
Iceball2000  +   535d ago
that actually looks like the PS4 dev kit lol
Oner  +   535d ago
@ Iceball2000 ~ LoL it does right?!

@ those few disagrees ~ I guess the time stamp is too hard to read or something?

11:48 PM - 16 Oct 2013
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ado908  +   534d ago
People are disagreeing because you aren't the only ome that "called" it. It was pretty blantly obvious this game was gonna release for next gen and pretty much everyone had the assumption it will. So you didn't technically "call" anything nor does it make you seem smart.
Oner  +   534d ago
I wish the old N4G Forums were still up just to prove you wrong by showing that people WERE saying it's not going to happen, and that what I found wasn't an Easter egg as I thought.

Oh and I wasn't trying to be smart. It was simply an observation that NOBODY else caught and I brought attention too. You're probably just sour you didn't notice it and have to try and be a smart @$$ for no damned good reason other than to be one.
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waltercross  +   534d ago
@ Oner

Actually some said It wouldn't but many said it would...there were even Articles that claimed it was in the source code and proved it. Also R* always brings their family jewels to other platforms...It's their biggest seller and they even said GTA online would be around for a very long time...so why Limit GTA V and GTA Online to dated current generation?

You are not the only one predicting this.
Oner  +   533d ago
See that's the thing, I am not saying I was the only one predicting anything. Just that I was the only one to came across something no one else had noticed that was really early on (even before the source code find I believe) of which was interesting and possibly something to add to the whole idea of it coming to next gen.
user1439414  +   535d ago
GTA V amazing :) I only played the game for a month on X360 before buying a PS4 and XBOX one and I look forward to going back and playing the ONLINE MP. XoXoXoXo Hopefully the Hiests are working and good by then.
OwnageDC650  +   535d ago
Sony and Microsoft had a nice showing. Nothing that blew me away but good nonetheless. With that said, I'll be buying GTA V for my PC.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   535d ago
Peasants are literally out of arguments.
mkis007  +   535d ago
I'm not you. Pretty decent argument no?

I apologize. I don't know if I fit your "peasant" title qualifications. I have a gaming pc with a gtx 680..I just find that whole master race thing to be a joke.
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bigboirock  +   535d ago
true my laptop has dual gtx 880m bring on the 4k i hope lol
paul-p1988  +   535d ago
We all know PC Gamers will just end up stealing it because Rockstar didn't get it to PC quick enough though :P

(i was kidding, just in case i need to make that obvious lol)
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SaturdayNightBeaver  +   535d ago
@mkis007 of course it's a joke , kinda...
bohemian 23  +   535d ago
Nov. 2014, GTA next gen. It will happen. #1.1.14
271d ago by bohemian 23 | View comment

Did I call it or what?
bohemian 23  +   534d ago
Disagree all you want idiots!
Tetsujin  +   534d ago
I'm gonna go to the midnight release for this game like I did the PS3 version, however I'm not playing the current gen anymore so I don't get burnout.
AD705  +   535d ago
Remakes! that is all E3 was about!
DanteVFenris666  +   535d ago
Lbp3 was the biggest suprise, super stoked for that. I don't own a xbone but the game I thought would be a huge dissapointment, sunset overdrive, turned to be the best and only interesting game from microsofts conference. Sunset overdrive looks really unique and fun.

There weren't that many remakes.
neogeo  +   535d ago
wtf? Batman? did you miss that and Uncharted 4?
Destiny1080  +   535d ago
Im glad it wasn't a sony exclusive, pc gamers might just drop dead
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ScamperCamper  +   535d ago
Heh, I just saw the first story and it was PS4 and I was thinking noooooo it can't be. So natural for this game on PC, can't wait. New rig ready to go. I am completely juiced. Any way to confirm if these are cheats confirmed for the PC version? http://www.grandtheftautofo...
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   535d ago
I just hope rockstar don't pull a ubisoft and make it so 2 780ti classys with 3 GB of v ram + 4770K @ 4.5GHZ + 16gb of system
Memory @ 2400Mhz can't run ultra settings. If I wanted my pc to depend on unified memory architecture I'd buy amd or turn on my ps4. #ubisoftdeservespiracy #RockstarMakeMyPcShinePlease
FlyingFoxy  +   535d ago
Should run great on even mid range cards if it's optimized well enough this time.

Will be building a new Haswell-e rig this year more than likely, might get a 780 or 2 in SLi or wait for the next cards to come out to run the new engines butter smooth. Gotta have that 60/120fps @ 1080p
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HollowedSoul14  +   535d ago
@flyingfoxy if i was you, with all this unified console memory shannighans that ubisoft is pulling on pc id think hard about getting a titan black 6gb gpu or i guess a 780 with 6gb's of ram might work.if the money is there..seems like this gens consoles might make 3gb's of vram a joke. :( im already beginning to regret having 3gb of vram considering alot of devs like to spit on sli optimization.
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BallsEye  +   534d ago
I don't think even MS with all their billions could ever afford exclusivity for GTA. No need to fear.
waltercross  +   534d ago
He said "Sony" not MS...but yeah Neither could get GTA as exclusive not even timed.
M-M  +   535d ago
I'm so glad this was announced, but mostly because it was revealed for the PC guys. Now we won't get random articles stating that these random retailers leaked the release date.
ScamperCamper  +   535d ago
Agreed. I was getting SICK of it. It's the Rockstar way. They make the waits so damn painful. Seriously. If they didn't come out with this news at E3 I would have held a serious grudge against these guys. My gaming rig is aging and I better be able to smoke this game on highest settings or ELSE!!
ArtificiallyYours  +   535d ago
Well now we know just how pointless expecting Heists were.

Nonetheless interesting.
Starbucks_Fan  +   535d ago
WOW!!! Putting my 360 on eBay soon. This and Halo are why I still have it.
gamerfan0909  +   535d ago
People actually thought this was Sony exclusive. Hopefully my saves from PS3 cross over to my next gen console when I get it.
Kane22  +   535d ago
if you have an 360 or ps3 version. you can transfer everything over to the ps4 version only.
gamerfan0909  +   535d ago
I believe that's online profiles only.
xPhearR3dx  +   534d ago
Wrong. You can transfer your stuff to PS4, Xbone, or PC.

"In addition, the current community of players will have the ability to transfer their Grand Theft Auto Online characters and progression to their choice of PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC"

SoulSercher620  +   535d ago
I think they said only stuff from GTA Online
waltercross  +   534d ago
You can transfer only Online progress over to PS4, xbone and PC.
Eyesoftheraven  +   535d ago
NotoriousJae  +   535d ago
September 17th release again :()
Truehellfire  +   535d ago
Yes! Finally. Been waiting for this to come out on PC and it is finally coming.
crazychris4124  +   535d ago
So about those heists we were promised???
HumanAfterAll  +   535d ago
It's cool that PC is finally getting it.

As for me I'm going to pass. I haven't touched it since I beat the story in November of last year.

I guess it's because I like using cheats and the cheats aren't very well done and it's impossible to earn large amounts of money after the story ends. I did love the story though.

I'm glad this rumor is finally squashed though and many can pick it up THIS year and not next.
FlyingFoxy  +   535d ago
PC 64+ Player online please, hope it's like SA-MP so we can have huge Cops n Robbers type servers.

Great year for gaming this year, lots of FPS's, Killing Floor 2, Unreal Engine 4 games coming out, GTA IV, potential Source engine 2 news/release?.
Fun year indeed.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   535d ago
tee_bag242  +   535d ago
Wahhh Killing Floor 2 FTW!
waltercross  +   534d ago
PS4 might see more than 16 players per server to!...hope so and hope there are Animals in online and no Vacant streets!
Imalwaysright  +   535d ago
Already played it on the PS3 but I'm getting the PC version for the mods.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   535d ago
hehehehehehehehehehehehehe... *15 minutes later* told ya :D
quinten488  +   535d ago
PC gamers can finally stop crying.
user5669510  +   535d ago
so we had to wait till fall 2014 so next gen versions to finish. i happy it finally confirmed but this console over pc stuff is getting out of hand, even when they are where theyre at because of us they treat us like second rate citizens.

devs be wondering why we dont buy yall games. its a reason people pirate $h!t when you treat them like $h!t.
ocelot07  +   535d ago
I see where your coming from. But maybe Rockstar treat us PC gamers like shit because some bad apples in the PC crowed rather steal there games rather than pay for them.

I remember when GTA IV game out on PC. The ammount of people who said there going to download it illegally because of Rockstar Social club and games for windows live was pretty bad.

Same with I think was Max Payne. PC players again complaining about social club so downloaded the game illegally instead.
HollowedSoul14  +   534d ago
funny story gta 4 for pc was an absolute disaster port so you cant blame gamers for being smart and not wasting their money on a sketchy game. if nobody pirated it wouldnt of mattered people with high end gaming rigs still wouldnt of been able to play the game. so in the long runs only ones to blame are rockstar for spitting in the faces of pc gamers.

and social club is stupid just more bloatware, running off steam is enough. and windows live for games is dead so what does that say . i d say it justifies pc gamers getting upset with rockstars crappy anti consumer choices.
Copen  +   535d ago
YOU PC schmucks would rather steal than pay for things it's no wonder companies and developers treat you different ya'll are different you're thieves for the most part. Stealing games and ruining them with your hacks, glitches, aim bots etc. Stop your Co planing and be thankful you get anything at all
steve30x  +   535d ago
Wrong. I bought GTA IV standard edition on PC and PS3 when it came out then I bought GTA IV Liberty City stories on PC when that came out too. You cant say all PC gamers pirate their games. Its like saying all console players Pirated GTA V. Also dont be so blind. GTA V was pirated on consoles over a week before its official retail release.
Rik_Mayall  +   528d ago
Says console gamers who don't steal directly but take money away from developers in the form of used games, not even half a bees dick goes to publishers and/or devs in the used game market, it just lines the pockets of the middle man, now which is more immoral, taking a game for nothing like a cheapo or lining the pockets of the dealer?

BTW, PC game revenue out paces console, but that's a dirty little secret.

If anything PC gamers are more gullible and will buy the same game 2 or 3 times when its on sale, just to get a few more pieces of DLC or a trading card.
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Cobra951  +   535d ago
No, it makes perfect sense to delay the PC version until after they made a $billion or two on the console versions. That way, the rampant PC piracy won't eat a big chunk out of the paying market. From now on, it's all gravy. They've already made their nut (and then much more).
cyril sneer  +   534d ago
Lol rapant pc piracy funny how how you ingnore the fact it was on torrent sites for console pirates a week before it released just like many other games on console.
ocelot07  +   535d ago
I wonder what FPS and Res this will be on consoles? My guess 900p/1080p PS4 30fps. 720p/900p XB1 30fps. PC well am guessing you will need a pretty beefy card to run at max settings. My guess GTX 770/R9 280 recommended.
steve30x  +   535d ago
Im guessing a GTX780 with 6GB or an ATI Equivelant of VRam if its anything like watchdogs that eats up Vram. I can see my GTX680 struggling a little.
HollowedSoul14  +   534d ago
i hear yah man, my 780ti's cant run watchdogs on ultra without stuttering like jimmy off of south park. pretty brutal. ubisoft = the destroyers of 1000 dollar 3gb graphic cards and the usefulness of sli....
bocajbee  +   534d ago
If it's anything like Max Payne 3, I doubt it.

My 660ti Handles Watch Dogs fine on High Settings at 1080p. And if GTA V is as good of a port as Max Payne 3, my 660ti could handle this fine too. If an Xbox One can handle it after all...
SoulSercher620  +   535d ago
So glad I waited now to play the definitive version in the fall and watch it sell 10 million more units.
Ozmoses  +   535d ago
PS3 and Xbox360 character data transfers to PS4 version of GTA V....

hahahaha, literally giving people the opportunity to switch consoles based on one game.
Plagasx  +   535d ago
I'm soooo happy I haven't played this game yet.
finito82  +   535d ago
eh not worth it if you already played it unless they offer all free dlc like last of us is doing
OWWO  +   535d ago
--bienio--  +   535d ago
The only thing that pleases me is that I will have a lot of time for Completion Watch Dogs. So the truth by saying somehow I did not welcome this news, maybe some year ago but now it is so? Watch Dogs filled the emptiness that the lack of this type of game for Pc.
#24 (Edited 535d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
philm87  +   535d ago
Am I the only one one who thinks Watch_dogs still looks better graphically?
x800  +   535d ago
Knew it was coming.


told you.
chaox_90  +   535d ago
I was waiting for this day to come.
sameerhusain  +   535d ago
let the master race commence
Judge_Rez   534d ago | Spam
scotmacb  +   534d ago
I hope the min spec is a titan or something just to take the smile off alot of pc gamers lol
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