Deep Silver Reveals Dead Island 2

First Dead Island has a very dramatic trailer and now it’s nothing but a good time. So, which is it, Deep Silver? Do you want us to laugh or cry. Anyway, zombies are always fun to kill…again. But you can hear a familiar Kung Fu Panda speaking in the trailer.

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Palitera1412d ago

I'll buy it with my eyes closed.

miyamoto1412d ago

One of the highlights of Sony's E3 press con!
The trailer really made my day!

MrDreadnought1411d ago

The trailer was really well executed, but with all this zombie gaming, I really thought it was a CGI trailer of the "Dying Light" but it struggled in my thoughts since they already had one CGI trailer...

Now that you have Dying Light vs Dead Island 2, I am much more eager to see what Dying Light is bringing to the table than DI2 is... The last DI games were mediocre, fun but mediocre, they lack the story, and the mid and end game.

Hercules1891412d ago

Why does it seem that all the UE4 games coming out all have some sort of cartoony look to it, not that there's anything wrong with it but wheres the games that look like the 2 tech demos.

OT: I'll buy this just for Jack Black

Ozmoses1412d ago

I had the first one but never played Riptide..

I thought it was Dying Light at the beginning of the trailer but I was wrong.

The dude with the headphones looked like a prick.

djplonker1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Its made by the people who made spec ops the line a highly undrated game while deepsilver is working on dyinglight.

The reveal trailer made me chuckle a bit and is one that stands out in my mind despite there being no gameplay!

Wizard_King1412d ago

I have to say that spec ops the line was utter trash.

Very basic hallway shooter with a weak story.

xPhearR3dx1411d ago

Deepsilver is just the publisher and they have no connection to Dying Light. Warner is publishing Dying Light while the original creators of Dead Island (Techland) are making it. Dying Light and Dead Island 2 are in direct competition with each other.

Goro1412d ago

The trailer looks like Volition got their hands on Dead Island.

majiebeast1412d ago

Yager from Spec ops fame. So its in good hands.

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The story is too old to be commented.