E3 2014: Microsoft’s New Approach Paid Off Big

Whether you have an Xbox One or not, Microsoft’s strong showing this year can be only a be a good thing for this industry, and hopefully their new games oriented focus continues in the future.

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Killzoner991648d ago

Strong showing? Did this guy watch the same show? M$ blew it big time at E3 . Fact

tinynuggins1648d ago

That's crazy talk. MS had a strong showing especially for 2014. Can't wait to see Sony's. Here's hoping they knock it out of the park.

kickerz1648d ago

Everyone's saying MS had quite a good show except the Sony guys on this site..

MasterCornholio1648d ago

They had a good showing however Phill overhyped the conference in my opinion.

mediate-this1648d ago

Micro had a awesome showing, give credit where its due, you may not the games but tk say it was efficient and streamlined, which in my op is good.

But to say they blew it is just immature. They did good, dlc, multi, n exclusives. Was great

pompombrum1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I think strong showing is a matter of opinon. Gamers wanted games, Microsoft gave them games. Whether it's a strong showing or not depends on whether you like the games they've shown.

MysticStrummer1648d ago


Opinion's calling card.

I thought MS didn't blow it, but it also wasn't what I'd call strong either. It was good but not great. A solid B.

brich2331648d ago

Shouldnt you be playing Killzone?

xx4xx1648d ago

Hahaha nobody plays that sh*t.

Funantic11648d ago

He's bored to death of Killzone. Fact

system221648d ago

said the guy naming himself after... killzone?? yeah...

CODallday1648d ago

Nuff Said. Go play your dying game.

Pogmathoin1648d ago

This was about games and nothing else.... MS are damned if they do, damned if they don't...... Great showing.... Also, anyone using $ should get a ban..... Same way your not supposed to use SDF....... Its provocative....

Rockyrob1648d ago

Oh come now fellow gamers. This is just an immature kid. Probably bed time for Killzoner99 about now. Nighty there Killer.

xx4xx1648d ago

If you gave some supporting arguments your comment would not be viewed as the low class, immature statement a 10 year old fanboy troll would make.


3-4-51648d ago

MS did a solid job.

I think Sony's Conference was much better, but I really enjoyed what Microsoft showed.

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mrpsychoticstalker1648d ago

GAMES GAMES GAMES that was the focus . and they certainly delivered.

RiPPn1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Conference was meh, I don't think it hurt or helped them. No surprises, mainly 3rd party games which will be better on the PS4 and CG trailers.

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mhunterjr1648d ago

The only reason there may have been a lack of surprises is because the leaks were accurate...

Either way, it was a great showing...

soljah1648d ago

great conference if you like multi plat games.
for xbox big time exclusives not so much.

thehitman1648d ago

I give MS conference a B-. Thats a grade higher than I ever thought they did in the past. I think focusing on games only helped them a shit ton by putting Kinect in the rear end, but on the other hand they didnt show anything really new or exciting. Surprisingly no Halo gameplay and where was Quantic Break? Quantic Break was MS chance to show something new and different in action that was fail on MS part for missing that chance. Also no Gears teaser at all means its probably another 1-2 years away. MS conference was just filled with 3rd party games that are on both platforms like usual...

Just glad I didnt have to sit through half of apps/kinect..

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The story is too old to be commented.