EA Announces New Multiplayer Game “Mech” With Trailer And Screenshots

GG3 writes: "There was a lot of chatter on the E3 2014 press conference from EA, but apparently it ran out of time to talk about Mech, an ambitious-looking mobile game, built on Unreal Engine 3."

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NiteX1625d ago

Woot a Mech mobile game! 2 people are going to be really hyped for this!

Azmatik1625d ago

honest question is this seriously a joke? looks like a ps2 game and I watched it in 1080p on my pc....

Axecution1625d ago

its a phone/tablet game

Azmatik1625d ago

oooo ok im sorry I missed that, thank you for clearing it up plz excuse my comment.

pompombrum1625d ago

Was getting hyped until I read it was a mobile game.