EA’s Lamest, Coolest and Most Surprising E3 Moments

I’ll just dive straight into this and say that EA hasn’t learned anything from its past E3 conferences. Yes, it had some cool and surprising moments, but oh God… it had so many weak points. I’ll try to choose just a few, but trust me that there were a lot more.

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iamnsuperman1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

EA's weird moment: Crazy drunk lady who just wouldn't stop wailing.

Starbucks_Fan1626d ago

somebody should have slapped her

tanookisuit1625d ago

There were a few times she kept cheering, but the stage speaker was trying to talk. People near her are looking at her, like "WTF!?" lol.

Number-Nine1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

It's going to be hard to top this. EA had one of the worst pressers I've seen. Highly antipated games were reduced to a crappy, documentary styled "teaser" "trailers". Everything else were there yearly garbage sport games.

You can laugh your self in the new Sims game. You can also die of boredum from EA's presser.

Grade: F!!

iamnsuperman1626d ago

It wasn't bad because of technical difficulties or bad because it was awkward (which is what usually defines a bad press conference at E3). It was bad for what you just said. It made very little sense. Instead of showing what is coming soon they showed stuff well into the future.

majiebeast1626d ago

Im still pissed that that Battlefront teaser. Adam Boyes strutting on stage for Hardline was pretty boss.

EA the concept conference i thought they would put Amy Hennig on stage who would show concept art on a napkin.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1626d ago

Pretty much. I didn't even sit through the whole thing. Apparently, I missed them talking about the new mass effect game.

I did like the concept of the new criterion game though.

Starbucks_Fan1626d ago

All teasers. I really wanted to see more and I'm disappointed.

Will get Hardline, but not a launch, as I need to see how online runs first.

pompombrum1626d ago

I only tuned into it from the Sim 4 dying from laughing bit and honestly should have known I'd have been better off turning it off then. Very very poor, nothing really new and exciting just the same franchises. Hopefully Ubi can show them how it's done later.

barb_wire1626d ago

That ending with the all the smoke?.. yeah, felt like adults trying to act as kids.

Awful conference too IMO, MS was lackluster but at least they showed more than just CONCEPTS..

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