Battlefield: Hardline Beta Live Now for PS4 and PC, runs at 1080p/60 FPS

Battlefield: Hardline goes live today for Playstation 4 and PC, Electronic Arts has just confirmed at their on-going E3 2014 press conference. It runs at 1080p/60 FPS on PS4.


The size of Battlefield: Hardline beta is 6.7GB.

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LOL_WUT1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Wont let me highlight the game WTH anyone know how to do it or download it? ;)

Edit: PS4 version.

Kayant1625d ago

It's getting hammered on both loool might be a while for you if you get in.

user14394141625d ago

PS4 servers are running amazing :D The XBOX servers are DOWN and NO BETA. XoXoXo

Eonjay1625d ago

LOL exactly. You can't have millions of people try to get into a first come first serve and not expect almost instant server. It live NOW! GO! *servers get jumped by a pack of dogs*

BISHOP-BRASIL1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Just got it, downloading right now. But fair warning to anyone still trying, the message on the highlight readed "0.21% of codes remaining" or something like it... So I'm assuming it will deplete in the next minutes.

EDIT: I got the PS4 version, just to clarify, that's the one about to deplete/depleted.

Dolf0451625d ago

God damn. Got through the site but got a "We'll email you if you're successful" mail. This could have made the summer drought easier to handle! On the plus side Amazon just sent Destiny beta code

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daggertoes831625d ago

I can't highlight any of my games.

styferion1625d ago

lol the servers are down.

No beta for XB1?

HeWhoWalks1625d ago

No beta for X1. During the show, EA and Sony both called it console exclusive.

majiebeast1625d ago

The unprecedented partnership with Microsoft lasted less then a year.

DevilOgreFish1625d ago

I'm surprised to see how many really want to play a timed exclusive DLC. sounds like hypocrisy to me.

hkgamer1625d ago

The partnership died once ms cancelled the drm plans.


Hypocrisy? Nah, there's no such thing as hypocrisy for fanboys. Basically an exclusive game sucks or is average if it's exclusive on the opposing console until it goes multiplat. As well as exclusive games on chosen console is the nest until it goes multiplat.

Logic works for studios aseell, like the amazing insomniac games. I mean that chappy studio that's going downhill. =P

DevilOgreFish1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

"Hypocrisy? Nah, there's no such thing as hypocrisy for fanboys. Basically an exclusive game sucks or is average if it's exclusive on the opposing console until it goes multiplat. "

with the amount of PS fanatics down playing ms for 3 games with exclusive dlcs on the forums (ignoring 5 new IPs) while signing up to play a DLC map for a muliplatform game; is down right laughable.

I can play this DLC map on my PC at ultra settings, yet i'm willing to give Microsoft credit for showing a few new titles.

Copen1625d ago

Low X1 install base explains it. EA wised up after losing millions on Titanfall. Losing money has a way of changing your perspective.

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Utalkin2me1625d ago

I'm quarter of the way done downloading now =)


Looool same here, the whole PSN is down for me now!

I want that beta now!!

generic-user-name1625d ago

It doesn't appear in my drop down menu.

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CaEsAr-1625d ago

Your avatar is legendary

AngelicIceDiamond1625d ago

Its great news but I don't know if its mega ton worthy. At least EA is taking liberty to server stress so that's great.

matt1391625d ago

Successfully got in but cant download it yet though due to traffic. Just keep trying!!

HaveAsandwich1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

oh snap....can't get in, but oh snap anyways...