E3 2014: ‘The Sims 4′ Character Footage

Analog Addiction writes, "E3 2014: EA showcased what we can expect to see from The Sims 4. The walk-through took us through the character customization, the community aspects within your neighborhood and the personal life of your created character. It also showed some of the online aspects in terms of sharing your charcters with others."

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iamnsuperman1625d ago

The Sims doesn't seem to have upgraded that much since the last.

Off topic but who the hell screamed at Sims 4. It sounded like she had one a million pounds

Mikey322301625d ago

Well sims 3 has been out forever.. Since 2009. thats 5-6 years

iamnsuperman1625d ago

Wow that long ago.....It doesn't seem that long ago

modesign1625d ago

im sure your character will nag and bug you to "throw a party", "go to the gym", or do random stuff.

MysticStrummer1625d ago

Any word on this coming to PS4/XB1/WiiU?

Milesprowers1625d ago

I never played a Sims games.