The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt looks great in motion

CD Projekt Red took the stage during this year's Microsoft E3 Media Briefing to show off some new gameplay for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game's producers showed off some the game's combat, while showing off more of the gorgeous world.

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NovusTerminus1626d ago

And in still frame.

That was the best showing at the MS presser for me!

3-4-51625d ago

Never played a witcher game before but I really want to play this one now.

MonkeyOne1626d ago

Was it running on the One or an uber-PC rig?

Neonridr1626d ago

well there is debates that the footage shown was actually the PS4 version because on screen there was what looked to be a triangle symbol. Not sure if that is a button indication or just a graphic representing something else..

Convas1626d ago

If the idiots that came up with that dumb story played a Witcher title before and weren't just looking to stir up s*** ...

... they'd have know the triangle was AARD, one of Geralt's witcher powers.

LOL @ NerdBurglars.

Neonridr1626d ago

@Convas - cool, thanks for clearing that up. I mentioned that in another post. Having never played a Witcher game before, I wasn't sure what was meant by the triangle.

Aussiebeachbabe1625d ago

Ps4 version with a xbox one controller in the guy's hand. Whatever. Pc, ps4 or xbox one I can tell you that this game will not disappoint.

GamePeace1626d ago

Project Beast (PS4 exclusive) Looks better in motion...
Walking, combat animation ecc.

megalonagyix1626d ago

But The Witcher 3 is 8 times as big.

GamePeace1626d ago

Well, this means nothing. Skyrim was ten times bigger than Demon's Souls on my ps3, but the Quality of demon's Souls was like 20 times bigger than a big boring world with uninspired creature design and lame animations.

Agent20091626d ago

Since when world size is more important than anything else?

megalonagyix1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

It takes a lot more power to render a larger scenery. I'm talking about graphics here. I don't know about the animations, but the character models and the scenery looks amazing to me.

On another note: larger map and (hopefully) longer playtime, better graphics (I still think that TW2 has some of the best graphics ever), more freedom (no invisible walls), more variety, returning characters, horseback riding, improved combat over the second part. holy god!

sungin1626d ago

this was running on pc

kcuthbertson1626d ago

How in the heck is this game not getting more attention. CDPR has OUTDONE themselves yet again. Can't wait for the collectors edition to come up for preorder.

starchild1625d ago

I agree. Everything they have shown of the game has looked absolutely stunning.