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Ashunderfire861647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

What was so downgrade about? Care to explain cause it looks the same to me from the first trailer. This looks really great on X1 too.

Yo Mama1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

It's not as sharp looking to me as the initial trailer. The enemies don't react realistically when getting shot. It's as if the first few bullets don't hurt them. I also didn't see them leaving any footprints in the snow. The footprints might have been pre-rendered.

Just my opinions. Don't get weird. I'll probably still get it.

Besides, it's possible it wasn't actually downgraded and this is just the way the Xbox One version looks.

jobboy1647d ago

a bit more of aliasing....anyway phenomenal :)

Mainman1647d ago

I am really happy this game isn't an FPS. Way too many FPS games out there man.

sevilha821647d ago

Get your eyes cheked,this looks fenomenal...

Dynasty20211647d ago

Only console fans will be adamant the downgrade hasn't happened.

My instant reaction was "Downgraded. Doesn't look as good as it did at E3 last year."

But hey, console idiots can't "tell the difference" between 900p and 1080p, and think anything higher than 30 FPS "ruins the aesthetic", literally the single, dumbest thing said ever.

starchild1647d ago

Nah, I'm a PC gamer and I do 85% of my gaming on a fairly high end rig so I'm used to great graphics. I think you are seeing what you want to see. You are overly negative about nearly everything judging by your comments.

Aside from a bit worse aliasing, which is expected on a console version, I think this demo looks every bit as impressive as the first demo did.

sevilha821647d ago

Gee i wonder why you only have one bubble,Douche.

NObody likes an elistit.

I´m bulding myself a rig,that dosen´t mean im going to start insulting people that dont have one,neither i´m going to start despizing everything console related when it´s build.

Gamers game,on any platform,and respect every platform users you spoiled brat.

Caffo011646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

you are an idiot, i'm primarily a ps4 gamer and i think it's been downgraded.

KTF261647d ago

I think this one will be different
first it's not Ubisoft Montreal
second it's new gen only
third new game engine for the new generation not modified last gen engine

Yukicore1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

While I agree. It doesn't add up completely.

On the first demo of Watch_Dogs (E3 2012), the game looked very impressive and very next-gen like, and at some points almost as good as The Division looks now. While the final game, even on max settings PC looks nothing like the demo.
It looks plain and simple, plays pretty much the same way too.

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high about it looking like this, I am expecting a downgrade, much like Watch Dogs had. But no doubt it will still be a looker, and the physics and A.I. seem really great and well mastered. Especially since it's from Tom Clancy's series.

Meltic1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Still its under developing. And the team is working pretty hard on this game. I live in sweden near malmo where the division team are. Ive seen many many many people working on this game here in malmo. Just wait until its 100% finished and i Think you will get more than satisfied with this game.

3-4-51647d ago

This game looks really good. Didn't know a ton about it before but I definitely want to play it now.

The graphics, lighting, animations , sound all looked really well done.

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JoGam1647d ago

Looks good but reminds me of Ghost Recon.

Khorneholio1647d ago

Which is a good thing in my book...

Phene1647d ago

This game*play* just renewed my need for gaming. Game looks awesome, I can only hope the graphics stay the same ..but even it gets dowgraded, game play looks fun as hell

mogwaii1647d ago

Seriously?! How old are you? Do people still do that shit? I feel sorry for who ever gets stuck playing with you.

Phene1647d ago

This game*play* just renewed my need for gaming. Game looks awesome, I can only hope the graphics stay the same ..but even it gets downgraded, game play looks fun as hell

Applejack1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

The voice acting in this video was waaay to casual and unrealistic. Hopefully that doesn't reflect the entire game.

Edit: Didn't know it was live commentary, sorry. That really messed up the immersion for me.

TheMapleNerd1647d ago

Voice acting?
Wasn't it "real players" (mind the quotes)

Detoxx1647d ago

It was people talking to each other..

SolidGear31647d ago

I'm watching the post show on IGN and they said it was scripted.

Phene1647d ago

lol yeh these were supposedly actual gamers ..but we both know real gamers wouldn't be so reserved ...I'd be screaming cursing and say things like "I'm gonna teabag this guy and then I'll be right there guys" lol

starchild1647d ago

Of course the dialogue was scripted, but who cares? We get the idea.

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cfc831647d ago

Yeah i was thinking of ghost recon. I don't mind down grades. If it's a good game i'll look to buy it. Nothing puts me off so far. Sometimes some people expect too much. In some cases they expect things that no platform will ever be capable of, even though we're less than a year into this new gen. Also it's cross platform, so you know what the deal is there.

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