PlayDead's next game, Inside, debuts on Xbox

Playdead, the creators of Limbo, will be releasing their next title, Inside, on Xbox first.

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modesign1648d ago

inside will make its way to the ps4

majiebeast1648d ago

6 months or sooner and it will be on PS4.

AutoCad1648d ago

After the xbox one release

kodiak404_1648d ago

I hope. This games looks gorgeous. It's like a more ambitious, atmospheric, and darker limbo.

Lucas221648d ago

it said first on xbox one right? so ps4 will get it eventually?

LightDiego1648d ago

That was a great announcement.

maniacmayhem1648d ago

Wow, I love Limbo and this is the game that really did it for me. This and the snippet of that indie game that looked liked a cartoon from the 30's.

Inside looks just as creepy and surreal as Limbo did. Good to see these guys keeping that same quality from Limbo over to this.

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