E3 2014: EA SPORTS Releases Gorgeous NHL 15 Trailer

GoodGameBro writes, "Over the life of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, one of the most well-done sports title was the NHL series from EA SPORTS. While Madden, FIFA & NBA Live made an appearance on the Xbox One & PS4, the NHL series was taking more time to get the series right on the new technology."

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Ninver1533d ago

never really played any of these games but will just this one out. hope it plays great

Fishermenofwar1533d ago

They actually get Hockey "right"...Its worth a shot

3-4-51533d ago

Yea EA has done Hockey right for a while. Looks good though.

Thefreeman0121533d ago

This looks great.. But can they grow playoff beards!

Fishermenofwar1533d ago

That would be an awesome feature!!!!!!

Never thought of that....

johny51533d ago

Wonder if they used any of the gameplay mechanics from UFC for the fighting? lol

Kivespussi1533d ago

As much as I hate them for copy-pasting sports games... I'm definitely going to buy this one. Haven't bought a NHL game since '10. Probably a huge leap from there.

TyBREAKR1533d ago

Anyone notice that the trailer included a play from last nights rangers v kings game. Where there should have been interference. Pretty cool. Very excited!