E3 2014 Rumor: Microsoft Giving Away Xbox One at Event

Rumor: Attendees of the Microsoft E3 2014 media event may receive a free Xbox One after the event.

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JoGam1529d ago

Lete see if uts true. What time does it starts?

Pixel_Enemy1529d ago

This way they can count them as sold in their NDP numbers. Way to pad those digits ;)

3-4-51529d ago

Better not be a key chain.

LOL_WUT1529d ago

Great way to promote your console I like when companies do stuff like this keep it going Microsoft! :)

Shadow Man1529d ago

They better don't count those xbones as sold bcs that would be cheating.

AceBlazer131529d ago

Lol not cheating, but really, really low. But hey dirty or clean, business is business I

Tony-A1529d ago

They will.

I think its an awesome idea and great for attendees, but it doesn't really tell people that you're confident that your product will sell on its own.

Fireseed1529d ago

In the game of millions sold, do you honestly think a few hundred matter?

Kayant1529d ago

Not surprised tbh. Nice gesture.

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The story is too old to be commented.