Source: Sony won’t show The Last Guardian at E3 this week

The Last Guardian has been a hot topic these last 24 hours and we’ve just heard from a source that it’ll skip E3 2014.

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user74029311472d ago

I call b.s. trying to get hits before e3. Why not say it a week earlier?

user14394141472d ago

E3 will have a lot of good games to show and I think The Last Guardian could be one of the games. XoXoXo

Vitalogy1472d ago


Also what's with the "at e3 this week" title? Will there be an e3 next week too? /s

andibandit1472d ago

I think with TLG, the actual year of the E3, where it will be presented, is relevant

JoGam1472d ago

I "hope" it will be shown but I'm prepared not to be upset if it doesn't. Prepare yourself people.

Anarki1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )


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Rainbowcookie1472d ago

agrees ! so close to e3 the super level 100 trolls tend to come out under their bridges. Doesn't help that gamers are click happy for any new info and the odd opportunist is click farming. Unless my source is a boothbabe I know I would think twice before believing anybody in the next 2 days lol

Chris0921472d ago

I don't believe anything untill Sony is the one showing The Last Guardian this E3.

morganfell1472d ago

I actually expect to see a single live clip with the words Full Reveal and Stage Demo at TGS.

Hellsvacancy1472d ago

Well my source said it will be

Bnet3431472d ago

Maybe they are shifting development to PS4 or it might have gotten canned if they do not show it this year. It's been a while. I'm sure they'll comment on it.

BABY-JEDI1472d ago

It's the same scenario as Ico.
Ico Too ambitious for PS1 shifted to PS2.
TLG too ambitious for PS3 shifted to PS4.
Hopefully we will see new footage with a LoL tag for IGN
; )

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The story is too old to be commented.