Star Ocean Developer Tri-Ace Trademarks “Judas Code”

Star Ocean developer Tri-Ace is currently at work on Phantasy Star Nova, but other than that they’ve been quite silent on their future plans. Today a new trademark filed by the developer with the Japan Patent Office has emerged for the words “Judas Code”

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Pancit_Canton1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Star Ocean 2 Remake or Valkyrie Profile 3

*Shut up and take my money*

FinalomegaS1474d ago

"take my money"? hahahaha, no you have it wrong sir, take my CC number for full pre-order~

SO2... remake... drool..

OK stop putting up my hopes!

XiNarutoUzumaki1474d ago

Star Ocean Series has the best RPG gameplay of all RPG games.

I wish this series would have continued. The Last Hope was disappointing compared to the glorious Till The End of Time.

styferion1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Yeah, the battle in The Last Hope feels somewhat wrong compared to Till The End of Time.
and that Lymle girl creeps me out, she looks like she came straight out of horror movie.

other than that Star Ocean and Tales of series have the funnest battle in JRPG.

Eonjay1474d ago

Agreed. I have put more time into End of Time than any other RPG. Alot of it was powering up to take on Freya... I desperately want a Star Ocean for current gen.

XiSasukeUchiha1474d ago

I agree somewhat Naruto Star Ocean was good don't get me wrong or anything but I think Dragon Quest 7 for the PS2 was the best!

superherox71474d ago

Dude you need help, we can tell your xinarutouzamaki. Stop responding to yourself.

Grown Folks Talk1474d ago

I loved Last Hope. I prefer real time battles to turn based.

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FinalomegaS1474d ago


I must buy all SO serie games!

nnnneeeeddddddd it..... Tri ACE WHY!!!! I was doing so good, I can do without FF, or DQ... But SO... ahhhhhh chain spells... fusion skills... Don't care which system... must buy!

chikane1474d ago

after the garbge that was SO4 hope is not another SO Game

L-DOT-_REAPER_1474d ago

mybe there making a online jrpg like a phantasy star copy(aaahhh noooo) :(

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