PlayStation Beyond - Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

PlayStation Beyond' Darren Lee Taylor writes: A consensus born from brevity and disguise, a mythological deity that rules most of the governing genre in which it so desperately craves, an attitude that extends far beyond any recognised acceptance of how or why something should be completed, an absolute masterpiece of its jurisdiction. This analogy pretty much sums up most of what Hideo Kojima and his final swansong, Metal Gear Solid 4, is all about. The mechanised wrangling of a well-oiled machine, careering out of control towards an epic finale, a war torn battlefield strewn with the terrified memories of hundreds of thousands of fresh encounters and realistic sequences, a post-modern marker for many an action stealth title to come out of Eastern Japan since the first title of this series in the 1980's.

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Tmac3611d ago

The other person isn't updating. So I went ahead and updated it for him.

resistance1003611d ago

I will approve this one if the other person doesn't update within the next few minutes

thePatriot3611d ago

but since latest mgs4 reviews you dont even know if the guy even played the game or what the hell is going on. I dont care. game is comming out soon and Im going to play it.

SpecialSauce3611d ago

i dont really care what PS sites rate this game because of course it's gonna be a ten.

BulletToothtony3611d ago

So far we have realized that some web sites can't be trusted, even some playstation sites have not given them perfect scores, so i think that there is some hype but for the most part we can all agree that this game is bringing a lot of what we as gamers want to play..

As most reviews, the game should give us an immerse experience and plenty of gameplay..

But yeah i'm still waiting pretty much only for IGN (us) and to be honest i think that's about it... lol gamespot and 1up i don't think we can trust..

Jamegohanssj53611d ago

Imagine if IGN was a PS site. It would be so much idiocity going on, well it can't get any idiotic than it is.

The Genius has spoken.

Tmac3611d ago

Heh, IGNUK already scored it, however IGN US still needs to bring in their review as well.

Jamegohanssj53611d ago

I paid them to give it a 9.9 because I would have exposed a Europeans idiotic level if they didn't. Nah, I'm glad that it scored well on their side; I bet since our leader is so stupid Greg will give it about 2.0. I swear Greg is a retard. I want Jeremy to review it or Hilary.

The Genius has spoken.

LenHart3611d ago

keep them coming


June 12th FTW

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3611d ago


MGS4 10/10
PS3 10/10
PS3 Fans;) 10/10

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The story is too old to be commented.