Activision's E3 2014 lineup

Activision has made its E3 2014 lineup official.

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XiNarutoUzumaki1167d ago

Call of Duty: Recycled Warfare

Gh05t1167d ago

"Its not stupid, its ADVANCED." - The Tallest

venom061167d ago

you mean "Call of Duty: ThisReallyIsJustBlackOps2 Warfare"... c'mon CoD fanboys dont be sheep yet another year... Hold Activision's feet to the fire this time and make them make a true new CoD experience..

combolock1167d ago

IDK...I really enjoyed Black Ops 2 so if it really is like that game I would purchase it no doubt. Multiplayer never gets boring. Great experience and a good community.

ScottyHoss1167d ago

A good community of screaming twelve year olds -__- it looks different but I'll be holding off until I see how it's different

BattleReach1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

We haven't heard that one before..

I haven't played much Call of Duty last years and the last one I bought was Black Ops, but it looks like they're putting much effort in this Call of Duty.

The developers making AW have made some great games the past 10 years.

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XiSasukeUchiha1167d ago

Call of Duty: Advanced Recycled Warfare

BattleReach1167d ago

I wonder why you have 1 bubble.

Activemessiah1167d ago

@Battlereach He overused his sharingan...

ScottyHoss1167d ago

Oh man what a coincidence that there's a Xinarutouzumaki at the top of this page who said the exact same thing!

Rainbowcookie1167d ago

"Call of Duty: Recycled Warfare 2" :)

linkenski1167d ago

At this rate they really should've just called it "Call of Duty, NEXT!"

marloc_x1167d ago

I do have an interest in the alternative game mode they will come up with..

3-4-51167d ago

I skipped ghosts....watched the advance warfare campaign and the game looks solid.

I'm hoping the multiplayer, which is what I'd mostly play, is actually improved.

AJBACK2FRAG1166d ago

Activision finally turned COD into Halo. Congratulations. F*** you.

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modesign1167d ago

weak line up but im sure acti has dozens of shovelware that it doesnt want to show.

Summons751167d ago

Well they either only put out overhyped crappy games or low budget crappy games. Destiny is the only one that looks like it might break the trend. Call of Duty should of died years ago but they keep dragging it out, Skylanders seems to have lost the interest of the casuals since Disney Infinity was so much better and Nintendo has something bigger planned. everything else no one will care about.

Mrtemper1167d ago

COD multiplayer would be nice

danthegamerfiend1167d ago

Cant wait to see if they will bring anything truly innovative to COD. If not then its still to me a very well built game that runs smooth and provides the fast paced shooting experience I crave. If you dont want to 10 year kids playing it, go buy a next gen console for the game.

AJBACK2FRAG1166d ago

0 innovation. I think Perfect Dark on the N64 was way more ambitious, more innovative and added more to the genre itself than this turd burgular.

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