10 Most Awkward Moments in Video games

iHowtoDo: Here are the 10 Most Awkward Moments in Video games.

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Sclavius1204d ago

I immediately thought of the laughing scene from final fantasy x. That's the kind of scene where you're just silently begging that the scene ends before someone walks in.

djplonker1204d ago

I was in the middle of explaining to my girlfriend why she should give it a go when suddenly I had to mute my vita because "I thought I heard someone knock on the door" she has played it since but has not got that far yet cant wait to hear her reaction XD

rdgneoz31204d ago

As for awkward, how about an article where the video for the #1 of the top 10 doesn't work.

renerak1204d ago

I think most of us who play jrpgs or japanese games in general (but not all, there are well written ones also) go through this more than the others. Here are few examples, resident evil, final fantasy all except 9 3 4 and 6, dmc, dead or alive, kingdom hearts etc..