Forza 5 Racing Game of the Year Edition - Is it worth it?

Is the Forza 5 Race Game Of The Year Edition a worthwhile purchase or a strange unneeded money maker? TXH take a look.

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Naga778d ago

Well, if you 1) have an Xbox One, 2) enjoy racing games, and 3) don't have the game yet... then yes.

steve30x778d ago

If it had all the DLC it would be but it doesnt so no

Askanison4778d ago

I love Forza but this definitely falls short

oKidUKo778d ago

Sounds like a ploy to get people to pay over the odds. Not for me this one.

SideNote778d ago

As much as love Forza, Forza 5 felt very bare bones after 4. Lets hope Horizon 2 amps it.

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