E3 2014: Top five wishful predictions that 'probably' won't come true

Gamezone: "Sit back and check out our team's wishful predictions, and be sure to comment below and let us know how crazy we are."

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Kal8531446d ago

Fallout 4 announcement.

--bienio--1446d ago

Gta 5 Pc and RDR remasted also on Pc..

breakpad1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Sony made Crash bandicoot exclusive for Ps4

SaintAlpha1011446d ago

Fallout 4 and Crash Bandicoot.

Two games I'm absolutely aching for, but probably wont happen.
If they suddenly pop up today at E3, I'll eat my hat.

SolidGear31446d ago

I got a friend that says he'll literally die if they announce Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls 6.

SaintAlpha1011446d ago

If either is announced, condolences to your friend who won't be able to experience them. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.