Will Watch Dog be the Best of E3 2014?

Will Watch Dog be the Best of E3 2014? Due to its few appealing features or some may say that there are lot of features for its success in the competition.

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CBOAT1626d ago

English, do you speak it?

Hellsvacancy1626d ago

Give the guy a break, it might not be his first language

It's not approvable though

ZodTheRipper1626d ago

Not only the grammar but the content as well. Watch Dogs is not relevant at this years E3 at all.

howtowindowsguide1626d ago

Ok, English is not my first language.
Important is that what people think about the Watch Dog regarding E3 2012 and so on.

Sketchy_Galore1626d ago

I'm not trying to be mean but if you don't actually speak English you might want to earn your living as something other than a writer of the English language.

King_of_Nothing1626d ago

Who cares about E3 from 2 years ago? Did they just get around to airing it your part of the world?

MrDreadnought1626d ago

Hmmm I wouldn't say Watch Dogs would be the best of E3, I think it will strugle to be the best game of this years quarter, due to the overall letdown it gave and the poor execution on the PC side.

I think the best of E3 will be a game that presents a demo that will result in an overhype and when tis fully released it will have the concept of the presented demonstration but not its full execution which everybody hopes for.

thegent1626d ago

There's most likely going to be Zelda, Halo and Uncharted. No one's going to pay attention to a game already released.

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The story is too old to be commented.