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Submitted by LeSouteneur 2810d ago | review

Swedish Gamereactor MGS4 review (9/10)


Delighful action, exciting moments, wonderful bosses, cool design, great sound, good tempo

A little too long cutscenes, 'lengthy' interruptions (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9/10

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chaosatom333  +   2810d ago
Good cutscenes for a long, long game
yeah i can see them having trouble finding faults in the game.

why not try for example
no sixaxis, install time, a ps3 exclusive, no spanish subtitle and other variety of things, that GTAiv does PERFECTLY. /sarcasm.
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Jamie Foxx  +   2810d ago
faults that its a long game..are you serious

im glad its long i want to savour every minute and thank you kojima for giving me my MONEYS WORTH
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Maverick_  +   2810d ago
This is Metal Gear Solid and its obviously game for the Hardcore fans. I can't imagine MGS without the long amazing cutscenes. This is without a doubt my favorite series...there is nothing even remotely close to MGS and its type of heroism, Epicness and storytelling.

I will have it on day one. :0
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LenHart  +   2810d ago
cut scenes ................long time
LOL is that the only fault you could find

Tmac  +   2810d ago
Long Game? Are you... Pfft, not even gonna waste energy on it.
morganfell  +   2810d ago
Here is the comment for every review site like that:
Euphrate  +   2810d ago
How the hell are cut-scenes bad?
People that play MGS play it for the cut-scenes, they are rewards for you endavours.

Looks like reviewers are just copying each other.

Journalism really has seen it's downfall :(
CumQuats  +   2810d ago
Speak for yourself
Alot of people don't play MGS just for the cutscenes.
Myself included.
Euphrate  +   2809d ago
Then you don't deserve it
CumQuats  +   2809d ago
If God Of War can have great cutscenes that aren't 45+min long than so can MGS.
I bet around 40%-50% of all the people who have bought MGS1,MGS2,MGS3(& are gonna buy MGS4) are people who think this is a great series but think the cutscenes are a little too much.
"You don't deserve it"?
Sorry but if only the hardcore MGS fans were allowed to buy this game you bet your ass this game probably wouldn't even turn a profit.
So you can stick your hardcore MGS fan badge up your ass because this game wouldn't be as big as it's going to be w/out the average MGS fans.
Remember, they're are plenty of good movies out there that would've been considered great if only the editor &/or director would've cut out 20-30 minutes.
I'll still buy the game & probably enjoy it but am not going to get a hardon like many of you probably will. You guys are like a f_cking cult. You can't find any fault w/ this series or Kojima.
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JVIDICAN  +   2810d ago
for the bad: cut scenes are good
does that even make sense lol
THE_JUDGE  +   2810d ago
makes sense though. Can't wait to play it!!
JVIDICAN  +   2810d ago
@ the judge
might want to put your title in your actual comment people will attack you if the only read the main comment lol
THE_JUDGE  +   2810d ago
I don't fear
the attacks of those who can't read so good.
Vojkan  +   2810d ago
It is bad translation.
original text"Minus:Väl långa mellansekvenser, långa spelavbrott "/ actually they say very long and LONG pauses in between play time. I dont know how better to translate it. In short they think cut scenes are way to long and it takes you out of the experience for far to long.
Diugu  +   2810d ago
Long Game?
Really?!?! Long game??!


That is a minus??! Really??!

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THE_JUDGE  +   2810d ago
I can see where a long
interupting cut scene could take you out of the flow of the game. Not that I have ever felt that way while playing the MGS series. I can see it being a possiblity but the emotion and story of MGS is so rich that I it all just icing on the cake.
ban fans  +   2810d ago
Long games are bad?
Wow, I want to read their review of any of the Final Fantasy games. They must really suck by those standards!
PSMonster21  +   2810d ago
If the only problem with this game is the long cutscenes, then I am going to have a helluva time with this game.
PirateThom  +   2810d ago
It's a Google translation, it's probably saying something like "Large number of cut scenes, even though it is a long game"
moveteam  +   2809d ago
I'm Danish and it says: To long cutscenes, and to many interruptions.

[EDIT:] Swede was faster!
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Tronad0r   2810d ago | Spam
crimsonfox  +   2810d ago
if long games
are bad i wonder, what score did gears get?

these sites are aggravating the crap out of me for taking away points for being to good a game


i officially hate reviews...for life
moveteam  +   2809d ago
But dude they still love the game, 9 is an AWESOME score. Gamereactor gave Gears of War 10 BTW.
Tronad0r  +   2810d ago
That's why it has a 9.5 meta score right

Metascore based on reviews 70% of playstation magazines, 25% of unknown sites and 5% of legit reviewers (8 from Edge, 8 from Eurogamer)?

Fantastic metascore!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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jackdoe  +   2810d ago
Wow, so IGN is no longer legit? What the hell have you been smoking?
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Fishy Fingers   2810d ago | Spam
Tmac  +   2810d ago
Really Tronad0r, the only person making you look like an idiot is yourself.
Bazookajoe_83  +   2810d ago
Jealous very much?

Seriously some games you just dont rip on, that goes for both xbox and sony fans...
Gun_Senshi  +   2810d ago
I think its bad translation.
MrSwede  +   2810d ago
Believe me, it's bad ;)
PoSTedUP  +   2810d ago
you can skip the cut scenes and they show you a flash back to sum it up for you. its brilliant, i personally am going to sit down wit some popcorn and watch the cut scenes though, but you DONT have to watch them and still know whats going on.
CRIMS0N_W0LF   2810d ago | Off topic | show
Tronad0r   2810d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
bioshock  +   2810d ago
since when long cutscene becomes a con...boy o boy, this game is for fans and fans knw mgs is full of long cutscences and codecs talk..but still they score it low coz of tht. thts cheap man......which MGS fan consider it con...disagree me...
Whoooop  +   2810d ago
Reviewers are looking more and more like women...

They always find something to nag about and they are impossible to please.
crimsonfox  +   2810d ago
perfect way to put it.
good job.

RAF-TECH  +   2810d ago
Anyone from Toronto here?
I know a place that sells 80gig 300 flat.

holla at me
Tmac  +   2810d ago
Ugh.. I'm ashamed you're Canadian.
MrSwede  +   2810d ago
The minus is supposed to be: "A little too long cutscenes, 'lengthy' interruptions". A mod/admin could prolly fix this.
belal  +   2810d ago
just wait for the norwiegan
review of the game :) im sure they are either gonna give it 9 or 10.

i think that we can expect the review tommorow or the day after.
Cat  +   2810d ago
*waves magic wand* it is done!

If Konami thinks there's a need for movie-length cut-scenes, then I look forward to finding out why.

edit: since morganfell misunderstood I'll clarify: long cutscenes? then they likely have good reason for it.
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MrSwede  +   2810d ago
And again you prove your awesomeness :)
heyheyhey  +   2810d ago
"the cutsenes are too long"

well it's nice to know that the only con is a pro for fans :)
Bazookajoe_83  +   2810d ago
I like gamereactor
It´s free =P
Bazookajoe_83  +   2810d ago
I should have been 9.5
Graphics: 9
Spelbarhet (gameplay): 10
Ljud (Audio): 10
Hållbarhet: Sustainability: 9

I guess they dont give halfpoints..
Tmac  +   2810d ago
Gameplay is a 10 and they ranked it down to a 9? What the?
Bazookajoe_83  +   2810d ago
Yea, it´s only the most important part of a game
And since it´s two 10 and two 9 it should atleast have been a 9.5, especially since the gameplay was one of the 10.
morganfell  +   2810d ago
@ catastrophe

because it was made for mgs fans, not non mgs fans. despite all the items that make the game more approachable it remains a game for the metal gear fans as kojima has stated many times.

ng2 is a niche game and should have been reviewed by someone that better understands it's appeal. not a game reviewer. not just a game reviewer that likes fighting games but by a reviewer that likes ninja gaiden. mgs4 is no different. it is another specialized niche game, not cod4 (thankfully).

here is one of the main points I have repeatedly tried to make about reviews. how would gta4 have scored had it been reviewed by someone not a fan of that genre, say a military realism strategy gamer? i don't think many sites have such people but there is the question.

would it be right to have that person review gta4? why not? that is exactly what these sites are doing with a niche game called MGS4. and make no mistake, it is a niche game. you either get it or you do not. so in all fairness to get a score where a title is given equal footing it requires a certain reviewer that loves that genre and niche.

as i stated on here before, you can always tell a metal gear true fan. when someone says, "the cut scenes are really long. like 90 minutes." the metal gear fan says "cool!"
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jackdoe  +   2810d ago
I completely agree. You can see the difference in reviews: for example, Eurogamers gave the MGS4 review to someone who detests the series while PSW gave it to someone who loved the series. The results are clear; Eurogamer gave it the lowest score it has recieved thus far while PSW wrote an incredibly enthusiastic review, albeit without a number. However, this doesn't always hold true. The PTOM review was written by Rob Smith, a man who admittedly only played MGS2 on the PC, and he ended up loving the game and giving it a 10/10. It ultimately may boil down to how willing the reviewer is to give the game a chance.
kb24  +   2810d ago
agree,my taught exactly
Cat  +   2810d ago
hmm, I think you misunderstood my comment. It was intended as "long cutscenes? then they have good reason for it."
morganfell  +   2810d ago
:) rgr on that catastrophe.
kb24  +   2810d ago
so this tornad0r guy think that mgs4 will be a disappointment for ps3 fans? yep ,good luck with that xboy!!!!!!!!
yanikins111  +   2810d ago
Its official.

PS3 games are now ranked on a scale of 1 to 9.

Aww its too long.... RETARDS....
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