Swedish Gamereactor MGS4 review (9/10)


Delighful action, exciting moments, wonderful bosses, cool design, great sound, good tempo

A little too long cutscenes, 'lengthy' interruptions

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chaosatom3333578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

yeah i can see them having trouble finding faults in the game.

why not try for example
no sixaxis, install time, a ps3 exclusive, no spanish subtitle and other variety of things, that GTAiv does PERFECTLY. /sarcasm.

Jamie Foxx3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

faults that its a long game..are you serious

im glad its long i want to savour every minute and thank you kojima for giving me my MONEYS WORTH

Maverick_3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

This is Metal Gear Solid and its obviously game for the Hardcore fans. I can't imagine MGS without the long amazing cutscenes. This is without a doubt my favorite series...there is nothing even remotely close to MGS and its type of heroism, Epicness and storytelling.

I will have it on day one. :0

LenHart3578d ago

LOL is that the only fault you could find


Tmac3578d ago

Long Game? Are you... Pfft, not even gonna waste energy on it.

morganfell3578d ago

Here is the comment for every review site like that:

Euphrate3578d ago

People that play MGS play it for the cut-scenes, they are rewards for you endavours.

Looks like reviewers are just copying each other.

Journalism really has seen it's downfall :(

CumQuats3578d ago

Alot of people don't play MGS just for the cutscenes.
Myself included.

CumQuats3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

If God Of War can have great cutscenes that aren't 45+min long than so can MGS.
I bet around 40%-50% of all the people who have bought MGS1,MGS2,MGS3(& are gonna buy MGS4) are people who think this is a great series but think the cutscenes are a little too much.
"You don't deserve it"?
Sorry but if only the hardcore MGS fans were allowed to buy this game you bet your ass this game probably wouldn't even turn a profit.
So you can stick your hardcore MGS fan badge up your ass because this game wouldn't be as big as it's going to be w/out the average MGS fans.
Remember, they're are plenty of good movies out there that would've been considered great if only the editor &/or director would've cut out 20-30 minutes.
I'll still buy the game & probably enjoy it but am not going to get a hardon like many of you probably will. You guys are like a f_cking cult. You can't find any fault w/ this series or Kojima.

JVIDICAN3578d ago

for the bad: cut scenes are good
does that even make sense lol

THE_JUDGE3578d ago

makes sense though. Can't wait to play it!!

JVIDICAN3578d ago

might want to put your title in your actual comment people will attack you if the only read the main comment lol

THE_JUDGE3578d ago

the attacks of those who can't read so good.

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The story is too old to be commented.