Wii U eShop Down for Maintenance

Isn't the timing of this a little...peculiar?

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DryBoneKoopa851318d ago

My 3DS XL eShop was also down... I don't think its just the Wii U. Maybe Nintendo is planning something? Might be a new interface or way to navigate the eShop?

animegamingnerd1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

the eshop on my 3DS is working just fine though i do live on the west coast and i have the original aqua blue 3DS

EDIT also i check my Wii U and the eshop isn't down there though i might check later tonight

Spooney3231318d ago

I hope Hyrule warriors demo is coming !!!!!!!

AWBrawler1318d ago

gamecube games being added! called it now!

Fixay1318d ago

I hope so, but only if they are supported by the gamepad already.

If you have to use the adapter than I guess no VC games for a while :(

LOL_WUT1318d ago

Before N64 games? I hope your wrong. ;)

randomass1711317d ago

N64 games are already confirmed to be on the way, so why does it matter if GCN games come out first? You can already play N64 games through the Wii mode, but not GCN games. It would be far more convenient for everyone to do GCN as soon as possible.

thehobbyist1317d ago

N64 games already work on Wii U. You just have to download and play them through the systems Wii emulator.

MorbidPorpoise1318d ago

Hope some awesome freebies appear :D

DarkKaine1318d ago

Wii U eShop works fine here (Europe)

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