World of Speed’s Moscow Track Hits the Blocks Before E3

With the E3 consumer electronics conference just two days away, more screenshots have hit the floor for World of Speed, allowing you an eyes-on with more of the Russian circuit in Moscow.

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Jacktrauma1353d ago

Every update makes this look better and better

ROQFrost1353d ago

I'm honestly pretty excited for this game. I wanna be the drifter!

JoeIsMad1353d ago

If you want to be the drifter, you've got some competition. Good luck in second place, buster.

Stevefantisy1353d ago

Why is this not out yet?!!

Skate-AK1353d ago

Never even heard if this.

GT671353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

I only hope it's not another clone of fast an the furious or clone of nfs or midnight club , burnout .