Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Mocks The Last Guardian Cancellation Rumor’s Internal Sources

As probably most of the internet already knows, between today and yesterday a few media outlets reported the alleged cancellation of Tean ICO’s The Last Guardian, citing internal Sony source as the origin of the rumor, and even going as far as mentioning that it was “officially” canceled.

Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann has been under fire by this kind of internal sources in the past, and his reaction was understandably not too chartiable.

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pwnsause_returns1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

knowing who he is, he probably got a sneak peak at TLGs development. So for him to mock IGN like this just means, he knows something that we dont.

jc485731171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

You know, I really want to see how far they've gone with The Last Guardian if Neil is going this far to defend the game.

0P-Tigrex1171d ago

I'm just extremely curious as to how the gameplay will work.. will it be a platformer with a strong narrative? will it have any type of combat system? Will it just be an "adventure" game with your griffon friend... all these questions are dying to be answered.

dodgemoose1171d ago

'if Neil is going this far to defend the game.'

Er, what? All he did was speak out about journalists and their inability to do their job properly…

jmac531171d ago

IGN is just getting their comeuppance for slandering Neil in the first place.

alexkoepp1171d ago Show
ShinMaster1171d ago

My guess is that IGN heard that The Last Guardian for the PS3 was cancelled.
But the game is still in development for the PS4.

Bimkoblerutso1171d ago

My guess is that IGN is nothing but a big, fat, journalistic joke at this point.

Keep it classy, IGN.

andibandit1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

"Neil is going this far to defend the game"

Yeah 29 words is like literally hours of hard work.

As already mentioned in the article, Neil has personal experience with being on the bad end of bad journalism. I believe it's more a critique of the IGN, rather than defending the game.

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Thatguy-3101171d ago

Honestly feel that the are going to show it this year. Maybe this was all just a decoy and a set up to create hype for the unveiling. Following the gaming news is like watching a soap opera of some sort. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!!!

abc12331171d ago

Not really, he has no connection to SCE Japan, his only responsibility is ND. For him to mock IGN like this just means that he is still pissed off at them running a false story on him pushing Amy Hennig out.

morganfell1171d ago

No but he is officially part of Sony. He has likely sat in some high level meetings as they discuss target launch windows which are often set up like movies - who is launching on what day so we do not clash with them. He likely knows the status of the game. Maybe not much else but I would think he is privy to the right info.

Yahdaree1171d ago

I agree with you abc he is definitely still pissed and I think he has a right to be...

abc12331171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

@morganfell: Why would he need to be at those meetings, they're not his concern. His focus is on whatever games ND are developing, the people in charge of Sony WWS in general can simply receive his input on how far along the next ND game he is working on is and adjust launch windows accordingly. There is nothing to suggest that he is or isn't privy to this information, unlike for people like Yoshida who probably are.

@Yahdaree: Of course he has a right to be, I'm sure anyone would react the same way as he is reacting now. I find it strange that people are jumping to the assumption that he knows something we don't based on these tweets rather than the much more likely scenario that he just wants to get a bit of his own back.

k3rn3ll1171d ago

Yea but until Amy says that wasnt the case , i still believe igns original story

Sevir1171d ago

He's apart of WWS, and if you pay any sort of attention each and every one of those studios in WWS share a common engine by virtue of ICE team within Naughty_Dog. So they all talk to each other and share code , that's been the case since 2008, so Neil would be in a position to know what other studios with the Sony WWS family are working on and whether or not something major happens.

He's very much disgruntled at the Shoddy Reporting by media outlets but this is clearly a jab at the proliferation of the news regarding The Last Guardian's "Cancellation". Gotta hand it to IGN, they've really striking out these days and I gotta laugh since their journalistic integrity is coming under serious scrutiny. I'd fire the person who broke that story without confirming the validity. But hey, They raked in a Ton of network traffic, their bills got paid. So as a giant media game outlet they don't give 2 shits.

garrettbobbyferguson1170d ago


Oh, because you know everyone that works under Sony is filled in on all the secret juicy information that may be going on with their gaming divisions. Everyone knows that that company is a tight close knit group.

morganfell1170d ago

As a lead who has to manage time windows on teams. He absolutely would sit in those meetings. I don't think you understand how game development works and more specifically I do not believe you comprehend how Naughty Dog fucntions as a studio.

abc12331170d ago

@Sevir: Thank you for the patronising tone but I have actually been paying attention. Is Neil Druckmann part of the ICE team? If not then I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to get at.

@Morganfell: Unless if you feel like actually providing proof that you're a development lead in a studio and hence have greater knowledge of how game development works, claiming to be in a position to know these things and talking down to someone else isn't going to be doing much for you.

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KwietStorm1171d ago

I think it goes without saying that he knows something we don't.

callahan091170d ago

It's funny because the headline is shorted and cut off in the Top 5 Hottest Stories at the top of the main page, and it looks like it is just:

"Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann Mocks The Last Guardian"

I click on it, and it's totally, totally different of a story than this would imply haha.

showtimefolks1170d ago

E3 2014 baby it will be shown

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Butters3601171d ago

And rightfully so. IGN and Steve Butts deserve to be slut shamed for these two incidents.

XiSasukeUchiha1171d ago

I Sasuke Uchiha shall punish them for their crimes against gaming hmm Sharingan.

LightDiego1171d ago

So much professionalism of some "journalists".
Come on Sony, show tomorrow The Last Guardian and you will win a Nobel Prize.

0P-Tigrex1171d ago

They will win more than a prize if they slot a 2014 release date.

Gardenia1170d ago

This is good advertisement though. The Last Guardian is now the talk of the week in the game media

Bzone241171d ago

If they don't show it this year, they should just announce it's cancelled. And then re-announce the game when they are closer to release.

iamnsuperman1171d ago

What would that achieve. They will get bad press for cancelling a long awaited title. Then people would be dubious when they do announce the game. What is funny is Sony never talks about the game. Every E3 we get websites saying it will appear. They are the ones bringing it up. Sony has answered very few questions on it. They have already taken that approach without publically saying the game is cancelled (they have even said they will do a relaunch for it)

Bzone241171d ago

A game that seems in limbo gets so much better press. A game in development for 7 years gets really good press.

Sony never talking about the game is part of the problem. That would be ok for a game announced last year, but not a game announced 5 years ago and in development for 7. If they would just say something. The only thing we know is it wasn't cancelled.

creatchee1171d ago

We have to face some cold hard facts:

1. Ueda is gone. Sure, he's still a "consultant", but in terms of day to day design of the game, he's not heading it up anymore. Is the magic still there?

2. It's been in development for 7 years. Hell - it's was announced five years ago on an entirely different console. Has this ever been a recipe for success in general in the past?

3. Shadow of the Colossus set an insanely high bar. If expectations are set so high and for such a long time, especially following one of the greatest games ever made, how can we not be precariously set up for disappointment?

I'm not saying TLG won't be a good game or even that it will never come out. I'm just saying that, based on the story concerning this game over the course of many years, I can't get excited over the prospect of another vague announcement anymore.

sjaakiejj1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )


1. If the design was complete, all they really need is a consultant. It's the next game that they might run into trouble with.

2. ICO was originally in development for PS1.

3. Can't argue with that. But you never know - the game might just match the expectations. They're clearly putting a lot of work into it. Though I suppose this is also the reason we never see Valve releasing anything that ends on a "3".