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Gamesradar reviews MGS 4

Daniel Dawkins writes:

''Metal Gear Solid 4 is a masterpiece, arguably the best in the series and – though many will fiercely disagree – ever so slightly disappointing. About 40% through, our notepad was scarred with breathless superlatives like 'Genius', 'Amazing' and 'Wow!!!' but by the game's conclusion, they'd given way to considered criticism and stark cries of 'WTF?'. Will you enjoy it? Yes, definitely, but while most hardcore fans will adore it, a tiny minority may be left slightly deflated by the weight of their expectations, despite the game's unarguable quality.

First, a disclaimer: this isn't a 'standard' review. Kojima Productions are so obsessed with spoilers, there's a two page document outlining what we can't say, covering basic plot developments, plus a bullet-point list of forbidden items. Restrictive? Certainly, so excuse the lack of detail. There's also insufficient room, or merit, in explaining control nuances, or button presses. Note that we've finished MGS4 twice: once on 95% complete code in Japan, and again on retail code – trust us, no one's played it more.'' (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9/10

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chaosatom333  +   2585d ago
NEGATIVE: "Not as good as we hoped"
Gamesradar#1: "I was thinking of giving MGS4 a 20/10, but when i play it, it was only 15/10 :(, so we subtracted one point and gave it a 9/10."

Gameradar#2: "Yeah, i was thinking of giving Grid a 6/10, but it turned out to be pretty good, so we gave it a 9/10."
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Jamie Foxx  +   2585d ago
even if it got 4/10 across the board this is the 1st time no review could ever stop me declaring that

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Fishy Fingers  +   2585d ago
Hideo would probably give it an 8 with a "could do better" for measure.

That's the kind of guy he is.
morganfell  +   2585d ago
someone has played the game more - rob smith the editor of playstation magazine. not to mention quite a few sony, konami, and kp personnel.
deeznuts  +   2585d ago
Fishy Fingers, Itagaki would give his own game a 10, and say "nobody could do it better" cuz that's the type of guy he is!
PSMonster21  +   2585d ago
9 is the second highest score they could rate this game since all their scores have to be whole numbers.

Its as close to perfection as it can get.
popup  +   2585d ago
Let's face it. There are alot of so called game fans on this site that only play on one piece of hardware - thus limiting the choice of games available. Everyone can appreciate that not everyone can afford all the hardware required but surely we can appreciate that there is quality on all platforms and if we could own all systems, we would!

If movies were split across two platforms like HD-DVD and Bluray were for a while, would you snub a fantastic film at the cinema because it was not coming to your disc based format? I hope not. So let us remove the jealous, fanboy pretenders and look at this product as a universally available one. Either you buy into the story, gameplay mechanics and visuals or you don't. If you do, the reviews so far easily confirm that you cannot go wrong with this title. If it really does not interest you (like a chick flick can) then 10/10 or 0/10 will make no difference.

The 'politics' of the game journalist's world can be both petty and geeky at times but reviews can only really help provide conformation of a purchase based on your preferences and expectations and nothing more. What is deserved and what is attained are rarely the on the same planet anyway for many reasons!
JimmyHACK  +   2585d ago
Reviewers confused show validity
Just shows you how so many of "confused" these "professionals" (sarcasm) reviewing are no better than you,I, or a bum on the street.. Not even caring what game this is for, if you just read the review, they clearly make no sense... and also the negatives are kinda funny... but whatever, everyone is most likely getting the game anyway.. it's just funny to see several confused reviewers reviewing this game already..
computer  +   2585d ago
Honestly, I don't care what score this game gets... all I know is I want it in my hands. Now.
Lyan  +   2585d ago
Really, the ppl above should read the review.

Quotes you should pay attention to...

"Truth is, if we've reduced your expectations, if not made you a little sad about MGS4: good. No game could survive such a hideous weight of expectation. MGS4's final judgement won't – or rather, can't – be passed today, by knee-jerk critics or fans, but by history."

"As MGS's biggest fans, if we owe the series anything, it's unburdening it from the weight of expectation and our own hype."

Taking a realistic point of view on what to expect will allow you to love the game that much more. Don't let your expectations disrupt you from enjoying what your given.

Though the review is opinionated, it balances well the magnificence of the game while acknowledging its faults.

"It's at once forward-looking and nostalgic."

Loved that quote in the review.
morganfell  +   2585d ago
well fingers there is nothing like arriving late to the game. hideo has stated he is no longer employing that method. thickheaded westerners fail to see the nuance of humility.
Lifendz  +   2585d ago
Jamie's right
I'm buying this title regardless.
INehalemEXI  +   2585d ago
The story was always confusing at some points everytime I played a MGS. I like the confusion though its leaves me something to piece together while I sneak around.

Never played a MGS I was not totally impressed with. MGS4 w/MGO starter pack its crazy that were so close to being able to own such a game.

I am full of jealous rage at those who got a Gunmetal Gear Solid ps3. I will get over it. Grrrrrr.
Euphrate  +   2585d ago

I'm starting to not care anymore, playing the game is all I wanted anyway. Nice score, good site.
Surfman  +   2585d ago
Yeah anyway we're starting to know that reviewers will continue their conspiration against the PS3. So i guess 9/10 means a 10/10.
Fishy Fingers  +   2585d ago
Everyone's against the PS3 huh (sarcasm... obviously)

Dude, a 9/10 means 9/10.
jackdoe  +   2585d ago
Lol. Since when has a 9/10 been a bad score?
Maverick_  +   2585d ago
It's pretty obvious everyone's got an idea for "how Snake should go out" or if he should even go out at all. MGS4 is a game for the fans, te hardcore the true followers and the ending which I've heard mixed feelings on... is probably the only way he would want to see Snake leave us.

I don't think Snake is going to go down fighting anymore....maybe something much less epic for that last 90 minutes. I get a feeling he might actually just complete his mission...save and do his job and we actually see him move on or something to that effect... and maybe die later on. Its obvious this game is absolutely massive and its not going to have that "Snake on his knees fighting it out until he dies" last ending. -The game will have that... but I think Kojima already had his mind made up with the way Snake's story would have to end and it's going to be something much less subtle than orignally thought.

When you actually build up such a strong hearted and loved character in any medium to such an Epic proportion... its gets to the point where its just not good enough... I mean I'm sure the ending will do all Metal Gear fans justice and end gfood or happy but maybe Snake just retires and we see his body stop aging and he lives a happy last few years or maybe he dies a slow and peaceful death.

''Metal Gear Solid 4 is a masterpiece". Either wasy this will be one of the greatest of all time... this is with out a doubt my favorite gaming series of all time and I just hope in the end Snake doesn't just lose it all... he HAS too find some satisfaction for all he's battled for!!!
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lonestarmt  +   2585d ago
since when is gamesrader the be all and end all of game reviews? seriously I hate fanboys on both sides do this. The game got many perfect scores and even a 9.9 from ign uk. The game has also gotten an 8. Its like lets find the score or the review that fits what I want to be the be rated then everything else is baised or has been paid. Like only the reviewer who gives a game the lowest score out of all the others is the true reviewer and telling it like it is. Everyone doesn't have the same tastes. Face it people this is a fantastic game and must buy. A game that if you ever liked MGS you should buy a ps3 for. If you haven't like it then stay way. This isn't complicated. lol
Gun_Senshi  +   2585d ago
Apparently they did not understand the ending :D
LenHart  +   2585d ago
But still
It is a must buy and it is teh best game of 2008

PSW gave it 10/10

It would be getting 10/10 from most websites anyway

review scans would be posted soon
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Veryangryxbot  +   2585d ago
Apparently they are too stupid to understand their own reasoning.
So they expected it to be a 20/10, but it ended up a 15/10. Which of course, is still twice the game worth over a 10.

And they ended up giving the game a 9?

LOL nice reasoning. Its totally flunked.

15/10 means that even a 10 is not worth this game. It means that SDF was right and you should award this game higher than a 10.

But they ended up giving it a 9? LOL
PSMonster21  +   2585d ago
Of course it is a must buy, you don't need review scores to tell you that.
pimpstation  +   2585d ago
I've yet to see one good reason for deducting points from any site that hasn't given it a perfect score. Look at this review. They're criticisms are:

Huge Cutscenes - Well if you can't handle them, skip them. If they are bad or don't enhance the experience, then say that. But don't take off because of their length. Unless the cutscenes are just wasting time, you can't criticize their length or frequency. They're as much a part of the MGS experience as the gameplay.

Isn't as good as we thought - The game can't be blamed if your expectations were unreasonable. If they were reasonable, then there must be another, more specific reason for deducting points.

The conclusion is indulgent - Alright now we're getting into pure bull$hit. What does this mean? Allow me to answer for you. Nothing. This is pure rhetoric. Indulgent? What a joke.

Well Gamesradar successfully continues their tradition of wasting everyone's time and not making sense. Good job.
Euphrate  +   2585d ago
"Nothing, nothing, would make us happier than being told we're wrong – in fact, we're resenting our gut reaction as we type, and keen to finish it again despite all our minor grievances – but either way, it's a journey we implore every gamer to take, regardless of their feelings for the series – because while the destination won't be to everyone's taste, the route is paved with gold. Damn. Now we're sad."

They clearly state that this is only their opinion ( looks like someone learned from others' mistakes)
Condoleezza Rice  +   2585d ago
Hideo Kojima
We shall be together at last on the 12th.
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CViper  +   2585d ago
Oh christ... HIDE here comes the sony fanboys!!!!
LoL... I'm calling 100 responses in under 15 minutes?

Everyone is just happy MGS4 is due out, and its getting great reviews.

I am one of these people.
rucky  +   2585d ago
Now it's 99
Kyur4ThePain  +   2585d ago
Why would you expect fanboys to jump on this?

Anyway, it has been so long since I spent time with Snake that I am now replaying MGS 1, 2 and 3. I have MGS4 pre-ordered, but I will (try to) not open it until I am done with the other 3.
v1c1ous  +   2585d ago
"Why would you expect fanboys to jump on this?"

dude, have you not seen the past 10 mgs4 review articles on this site?
darkpower  +   2585d ago
""Why would you expect fanboys to jump on this?"

dude, have you not seen the past 10 mgs4 review articles on this site?"

Yeah, and all of them have people like you going about saying that the every single review was biased except those that gave it an 8 because somehow Konami's "list" includes those that REAL reviewers would actually LOOK for. You're comment reeks of double standard.

Basically put, you're the ones STARTING the crap because you don't like that a PS3 exclusive is getting unanimously high scores and being called a masterpiece by those that you thought were on Microsoft's side.
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THE_JUDGE  +   2585d ago
I hope that my expectations are that inflated
I mean I want to play this game more than any game this year or pretty much ever. I hope thats not setting the bar too high.
Tmac  +   2585d ago
I really don't care about reviews anymore.
crimsonfox  +   2585d ago
yeah i remember when 9
was good enough for most people i know this game is made for people like me that have followed the series since day one.I know i wont be disappointed and no ass clown from any site regardless of his or her "professionalism" can tell me otherwise.

EDIT: who ever dissed le souteneur is a derf.i have not played mgs4 but i can guarantee you that it will be a better game over all i have played assassins creed and that game is no where close to a 10 at all and if it makes you feel better you can wear alter's costume.
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Veryangryxbot  +   2585d ago
It stopped being good when inferior games whos names I will not name,
received perfect 10s when they did not deserve it.

Thats what you get for pocket filling practises. You done this to yourselves.
LeSouteneur  +   2585d ago
Assassin's Creed
received a 10 from them. Lamers
CViper  +   2585d ago
Veryangryxbot hit it on the head.
Assassins Creed... 10..

I mean we look at reviews as WORTH of a title right. If you dive in such shallow waters in the first place..

9 was good when it was a rare score. But you can see where people have problems seeing a 9 as a good score, when lesser problematic crap fests get 10.
vickers500  +   2585d ago
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Expy  +   2585d ago
Can't wait for this game. This is one storyline that normal gamers can't even begin to comprehend.
bluecapone  +   2585d ago
Hmm..MGS4 is getting cheated out of its perfect score
v1c1ous  +   2585d ago
i know!
you and have already beaten it and know it deserves nothing less...oh wai-
Veryangryxbot  +   2585d ago
You can tell by its reasoning that its being cheated out of perfect 10.
When the reviewer (not gamesradar) says "best game you will ever play"
and than somehow the game gets a 9, you know something is not right.

When a reviewer (not gamesradar) says "you will not play anything like this and starts to praise the game to the heavens which of course even games like Halo, GTA4 or GOW did not get, but somehow the score ends up lower, you know something is fishy.

When Gamesradar says the game exceeds even a 10 and is actually worth 15/10 but ends up giving it a 9, you know the game is cheated out of a perfect 10.

Perhaps you need your eyes checked for a minute. A 15/10 is twice the game a perfect 10 is worth. BUT they say they expected a 20/10 which of course is retarded since how many games actually achieve that status, they somehow rated it a 9?

So a 15/10 is worth a 9? And what game is actually reviewed against a 20/10 standards? Why does MGS4 need to fulfill twice as good as any other game. Mario Galaxy received 10s and reviewers did not ask how much better the game would have been. Halo was not measured against 20/10 standards. And Assassins Creed got a 10 out of these idiots. Dont ever forget that. So unless you think MGS4 is a lesser game than Assassins Creed, this score is a BS score.

MGS4 needs to fullfil not just perfect 10. It needs to fulfill perfect TWENTY to be awarded a 10? Retarded fanboyism at its worst.

Last time I checked, if a game is worth 15/10, its awarded perfect 10 for OVERDELIVERING. Not underdelivering.
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jackdoe  +   2585d ago
Good score.

-edit- Lol. Got a disagree. Since when has 9/10 been a bad score? Jeez.
-edit2- Up to 3 disagrees. Wow, I smell some fanboys prowling.
-edit3- Wow, 6. Why don't some of you disagreers post why you disagree? Would make a great read!
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Xakep  +   2585d ago
So according to Gamesradar. ..MGS4 is in the same league as Quake Wars. ..hmm.
jackdoe  +   2585d ago
Not really; but Gamesradar seriously gave a 9 to the console versions of Quake Wars? Something is wrong there.
Xakep  +   2585d ago
Yeah, the PS3 version no less.
niall77  +   2585d ago
a 9 out of 10?
oh noes the ps3 is screwed now.

or maybe after the secound coming of Jesus that was GTA4 and the army of 10s some of your ideas of good reviews has been warped.

Just read the review "Still, with a game this exceptional, it feels like criticising the Venus de Milo for having no arms" sound good to me.

"The most anticipated game in history isn't perfect. It isn't even as good as we hoped. But... we wanted it to be the Best Game Ever, and anything less was always going to be a comedown".

So MGS4 isnt the Best game ever, Ok I can live with that.
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Harry190  +   2585d ago
People expect so much of this game and it actually delivers.But as they said in the review and according to the policy,they have to review for the heathen hordes too,the casual gamers,the inexperienced ones,the budding gamers.Imagine what it would be to enter the world of serious gaming with MGS4:fantastic.This might explain the not-perfect 10 score,because they actually have to review for people who are not acquainted to the background of this masterpiece.Anyway,that's not going to prevent anyone from reaching gaming nirvana.My oh my,I am so excited my words make no sense.
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sinncross  +   2585d ago
Well to be fair, this is a PSM3 UK review.. gamesradar have different publications working under them.

regardless, i liked this review...
Jim Crowslaw  +   2585d ago
the only review that im waiting for 9not like itll make a differnce,i just like readin others ppl takes on games) is IGN's US score.
menel4  +   2585d ago
If perfect scores means that game will be as ""good"" and ""perfect"" ; as GTA4 than I will be happy if MGS4 ends with average of 1
JokesOnYou  +   2585d ago
Good score...
and nice review, ha ha I like how they throw in the "disclaimer", lol either way looks like MGS4 is a great game.

Vino  +   2585d ago
To honest I don't buy games based off reviews, I usually go to the video store to rent a game if it's a new IP to see if I want to buy the game or not, MGS4 is one the many games. I'll be getting it when I buy a ps3 and other games namely Metroid prime 3 for the wii.
LevDog  +   2585d ago
Why do they nit pick with Ps3 exclusives?? They didnt nit pick on GTA4 which was stupidly over rated and super flawed..

I dont understand, people want games that are like movies.. Something that keeps you interested and has good story telling.. Now MGS4 is getting marked down cause its telling the final chapter in one of the most popular characters in Gaming History..

I dont care if the cut scenes are an hour long.. At least I know im getting my moneys worth.. Horrible reason to mark down a game.. Just goes to show you..That maybe Ps3 games are being held to a higher standard.. They are actually Searching for reasons to mark it down

jackdoe  +   2585d ago
I am an MGS fan, but I can admit that long cutscenes can be a turn off for some people. Now whether a game is marked down for them depends on how the reviewer feels about the cutscenes and whether they are a fan of MGS or not. Which is why reviews are subjective and not objective, even on professional sites.
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LevDog  +   2585d ago
I can see that.. But I mean I super enjoyed Uncharted.. One reason because of the story telling.. They really brought you in and made you feel like you were apart of the story.. If the cut scenes are a lil longer then normal soo be it.. Your puting an end to an ICON.. I would hope it was a lil longer than Normal..

I mean if you dont like story and you want a crappy ending.. Go play Halo3

True that is me, but it seems everyone complains when a game doesnt have a proper story or ended to a series.. So why not go a lil over the top, just to make sure you make everyone happy..

Equalibrium was a tight underground movie no one knew about

Truth is they shouldnt mark it down cause the cutscenes are too long.. thats just ignorant.. What next you gonna mark down a game because it takes too long to get to the title screen after you put the game in
#22.2 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jackdoe  +   2585d ago
Yes, but you are talking about YOU. What YOU feel isn't what everyone else feels. I feel the same way as you but even I can admit that not everyone would feel the same way about cutscenes as me. Not everyone thinks the same way. If they did, we'd be in one of the future dystopic stories like Equilibrium.
#22.3 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ErcsYou  +   2585d ago
I think the nit picking has to do with Game Expectations.... Sony is a monster and every one expects above and beyond from them.... MGS4 is one of the most hyped and anticipated titles of this gen of gaming and every one wants perfection..

As for the 10's for GTA4....What a joke. It got 10's because it is what it is ... A gta game.. What more could you expect... I think i deserved more like a 7.5.. Ill put it this way... I played GTA4 for 5 days and was so disappointed by what was not in the game that every other GTA had that ill probably never play it again.. It's so downgraded it's ridiculous..

I am also expecting a lot from MGS4 and MGO but no review will ever make me think twice about buying a game that i'm excited about... I even bought HAZE.. Played for 3 days and it is also a new dust collector
iHEARTboobs  +   2585d ago
I thought
it was a good review. It kind of brings me back to reality because I was expecting perfect which it probably wont be. I'm not saying it wont be great or the greatest game i've played so far, i'm just saying it probably wont be perfect. Thinking so might set you up for a bit of disappointment. Anyhow, i just don't want to be let down one bit so i'm trying not to get overly hyped. The game is still going to OWN my ass though.

jackdoe  +   2585d ago
No game is perfect.
LevDog  +   2585d ago
If no game is perfect.. Why did the Not even close to perfect GTA4 get soo many Perfect scores?
jackdoe  +   2585d ago
10/10 doesn't mean perfect on a number of sites.
Drekken  +   2585d ago
10/10 means nice gift basket!
iHEARTboobs  +   2585d ago
And who doesn't love a nice gift basket!?
Tmac  +   2585d ago
The best part about the review is the when they said they expected 20/10 and they only got 15/10 so they gave it a 9. Lol, I'm not even gonna question why.
Diugu  +   2585d ago
Yeah dude...
That part of the review drove me crazy... I mean... how can you reply to that?

It is just stupid. I will wait to score it myself (just for me) that is what counts.
ErcsYou  +   2585d ago
My Fav......
"Another, like us, was mumbling about giving the game a perfect '10' for two days, but was so incensed by the final act, he wanted to slash the score and" physically confront Kojima."...

I love when games do that. I wanted to physically confront Square after i beat FF7 for killing off one off my characters... I took me years to get over that..lol
#24.2 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Captain Tuttle  +   2585d ago
Ahh, forget it.
Alcohog  +   2585d ago
Great score, I expect no less.
Diugu  +   2585d ago
Well... I wish those reviews came after I played it.
because than I could call them off. But since I havent played it I will have to hold myself but the reasons they gave for thaking away points are as lame as it gets.

Also... I just finished GTAIV, hence my absense from forums, and it is a 7,5/10 in my book.
Will-UK  +   2585d ago
9/10 is still a good score
Fishy Fingers  +   2585d ago
9/10 is a f***ing great score. People seem to have forgot that, partly due to GTA.

Forget the other games, 9/10 is good with me, nothing is perfect... including GTA (as I think we all know).
Tronad0r  +   2585d ago
Super Smash Bros Brawl, Halo 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Super Mario Galaxy, lol, all those games scored 10 in Games Radar. Hell, MGS IV is not even as good as Assassins Creed. LMFAO
jackdoe  +   2585d ago
The review didn't come from Gamesradar, came from PSM3.
-edit- Sigh. If you disagreed, you obviously either lack reading skills or didn't read the review. Fool.
-edit2- For the literally challenged, here are the words under the headline of the review:
Words: Daniel Dawkins, PSM3 UK
So the review came from PSM3.
#28.1 (Edited 2585d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Tronad0r  +   2585d ago
You'll hate
" Not as good as we hoped "

So this game is indeed a dissappointment. Well, still looks like a solid title for fans only.
Fishy Fingers  +   2585d ago
I wont hate it not being as good as THEY hoped for. As long as it's as good as >I< hope for.
kevanio09  +   2585d ago
Interesting, so metal gear solid 4 is not the perfect game, it does have some flaws. To be fair i think they have learn from the whole gta4 experience and wont rate many more games perfect unless they are in fact, perfect.
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