Battlefield Hardline Gets a Non-Leaked New Teaser Trailer Just Before E3

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games released a brand new teaser trailer of the upcoming hard bolied cop and robbers shooter Battlefield Hardline.

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THE-COMMANDER1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Awesome, not too long to see the gameplay at E3

20 hours : 58 minutes and 10 seconds!

Well here is a better countdown:

BattleAxe1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

My projected rate of Battlefield releases:

- Battlefield 2 release date: June 2005

- Battlefield: Bad Company release date: June 2008

- Battlefield 1943 release date: July 2009

- Battlefield Bad Company 2 release date: March 2010

- Battlefield 3 release date: October 2011

- Battlefield 4 release date: October 2013

- Battlefield Hardline release date: October 2014

- Battlefield 5 release date: October 2015

- Battlefield Hardline 2 release date: October 2016

- Battlefield 6 release date: October 2017

- Battlefield Bad Company 3 release date: October 2018

- Battlefield 7 release date: October 2019

- Battlefield Bad Company 4 release date: October 2020

Say hello to the new Call of Duty everyone! :D

chizzy2011356d ago

What the actual f**k haha

Jughead34161356d ago

BattleAxe - I guess you got the inside scoop huh? lol.

BattleAxe1356d ago

Yearly releases all around!

noctis_lumia1356d ago

at least battlefield improve
bf3-bf hardline 3 years gap i can see HUGE impovements

CoD 2004 - CoD ghost 2013 changes ? none

thank you.

HappyWithOneBubble1356d ago

Since you know the future, what's next weeks Powerball numbers?

Patrick_pk441356d ago

Why would he tell you? He would want the money to himself

dcj05241356d ago

You excluded Battlefield 2142, Vietnam and 1942 so you have no validity.

Matt6661356d ago

and yet it still better then COD

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angelsx1356d ago

Do you think Battlefield 5 will use Morpheus.Can you imagine :)

SolidDuck1356d ago

Trailers with no gameplay do nothing for me. Maybe it's just me.

Neixus1356d ago

that's good it ain't a trailer then ;)

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