Top 10 Neglected Nintendo Franchises

"Nintendo boasts one of the most robust rosters of intellectual properties and franchises in all of gaming. No doubt, this is helped by the company’s long history (the big N celebrates is 125th birthday this September, but entered the gaming scene in the 1970s). " |

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Relientk771649d ago

Super Mario RPG

The 10th Rider1649d ago

I've always viewed the Paper Mario games and the Mario and Luigi games as semi-successors to Super Mario RPG.

thorstein1649d ago

I also believe Dragon Quest should have been on their consoles rather than just the DS, 3DS, and 2DS.

I still haven't seen anything about DQX coming stateside.

EcoSos31649d ago


That you will have to take it up to Square Enix, they are the one who owns DQ.

Ck1x1649d ago

I agree with Kid Icarus, F-Zero, StarFox, Eternal Darkness and Sin and Punishment. The other franchises I think Nintendo has done other recent games that are similar. But Nintendo could have a small team "WWHD" Kid Icarus Uprising onto WiiU with modified dual analog support and online multiplayer battles with some additional battle arenas and this game would be perfect...

Sin and Punishment was a on rail shooter, but I think the game mechanics could be modified to a RE4 style 3rd person cover shooting game. Eternal Darkness was so ahead of its time that it could just receive prettier HD visuals as well and be an amazing experience on WiiU. StarFox and F-Zero need a little more care and direction to bring them to today's gamers tastes. It's either the games just focus on what they do best and they could have major online multiplayer aspects while being eShop games. Or they really try and reinvent both franchises and do something radically different. Some people want StarFox to stick to space shooter element, but people say that StarFox is Nintendo's Star Wars essentially. If that's the case, aren't they selling the franchise short then? What if Nintendo partnered with a 3rd party company to bring a new StarFox that was equally part MassEffect and Rogue Squadron in one universe! Pure epic meltdown.

Retroman1649d ago

rather be playing Gradius,Contra,R-type,Einhande r, Battle arena toshiden .

Skate-AK1649d ago

Eternal Darkness for sure. Was such a creepy game.

BlackIceJoe1649d ago

I would gladly welcome another Startropics. The two games that came out were really great and I'd love a third one.