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Alexious1654d ago

Not sure why anyone would disagree with that. Mirror's Edge has an amazing visual style and I can't wait how good it will look in Frostbite 3!

Aurenar1654d ago

We all hope for the best, about this game.

tigertron1654d ago

Please don't mess this up EA, please I beg you!

incendy351654d ago

Looks amazing! Definitely high on my most anticipated list.

SpiralTear1654d ago

I dunno...this concept art looks a bit less striking to me.

One of my favorite parts of the first Mirror's Edge was the contrast of bright white and brilliant red. It popped and looked awesome. The concept art looks duller and more washed out, like it's trying to look more realistic with its lighting, and losing its creative art design in the process.

However, this is just still art, so my opinion could definitely change whenever we see it in motion. Still very excited for this. :)

Agent20091654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Why people constantly keep saying Mirror's Edge "2" is beyond me. Is it so hard to understand for so many, that it's a reboot?

More on the topic: the concept art is gorgeous, of course! The idea of roaming this city freely in the open-world convention... this could be something good :-).

MidnytRain1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Most IPs don't get rebooted after one game.

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The story is too old to be commented.