MachineGames Should Take Over The Doom Franchise

After Machine Games' excellent debut and revival of the Wolfenstein franchise, one B-TEN editor explains why he would like to see them take on id Software's other legendary shooter.

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DevilishSix1623d ago

With their quality vision I think yes. Lets face it Id is a shell of its former self. I think Id may close doors after Doom4. J Carmack is no longer there to make engines for them anymore, so they wont have that business going forward.

MasterD9191623d ago

If the rumors are true, Doom 4 is barely in the hands of iD as-is...

gamer11381623d ago

Yes...but...Doom 4 has already gone back to the drawing board once before. I doubt Id would be willing to do that again. Perhaps for Doom 5.

Artista 1623d ago

Nawh. Let machinesGames do their own thing. I don't want another quality dev become slaves to one particular IP. The New Order is proof they can make a quality game, yes. Throw new IPs in the mix if you're gonna make more sequels.

Systemshock21622d ago

bten editor got idea from neogaf thread

DoctorJones1622d ago

I'm sure a lot of people who played Wolfenstein thought the same thing though. They did such a good job I thought the same thing myself, and I never visit neogaf.

Systemshock21622d ago

Me too thought same , Machinegames can give life to Quake too. Thing is timing of the article is too much for a coincidence.

porkChop1622d ago

Or maybe they played Wolfenstein and, just like everyone else, realized how talented MachineGames really is? A lot of people think MachineGames should take over other id franchises including Doom and Quake.

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The story is too old to be commented.