AMD Users Watch: Nvidia and Ubisoft Partnership Extensions

Nvidia and Ubisoft are working together to bring realism in the world of virtual games.

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MousenJoypad691d ago

Again choices are being taken away from gamers, you either have to go with Nvidia or have a bad gaming experience

RedDeadLB691d ago

Absolutely no choices are being taken away from AMD users.

AMD optimizes games the same way Nvidia does and AMD has partnerships with developers as well. It's just Nvidia is better at their job than AMD. They optimize drivers faster, more regularly and offer additional solutions such as Physx.

You can't really blame Nvidia for anything because they are giving MORE to games, not taking away from them.

I recently switched from a HD7850 to a GTX 760 and the 760 is a much better product both in the software and hardware department, hands down.

TheMadCow691d ago

I agree, but Ubisoft and AMD shouldn't just ignore their relationship if they aren't partners. After this, the gamers get crushed.

ChickeyCantor691d ago (Edited 691d ago )

My GTX 460 died so I got a MSI GTX 760 ( wanted the 770 but that was practically 100 bucks more T_T). It's so deliciously quiet.

And yes Nvidia does a good job with drivers.

I don't think AMD users will have a worse experience compared to Nvidia users. There are just some tweaks here and there that make better use of Nvidia cards. This doesn't mean AMD users will suffer. In fact they probably wouldn't even notice anything.

Guwapo77690d ago

Yes I blame Nvidia - they were the first to start these partnerships. TWIMTBP project...

OpenGL690d ago

If Nvidia was pushing OpenCL or other hardware agnostic standards I'd agree with you, but they're not.

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zme-ul691d ago (Edited 691d ago )

here's another take on this: I will ignore Ubi's games
vote with your wallets people, and stop pre-ordering
wait for the game to get released and see the the benchmarks before buying the game

I do not know the exact numbers, but AMD and nVidia GPU market share is quite close
UBi is fucking with a lot of people

DoctorJones690d ago

Nvidia have around 65% of the pc market share. A bit more than half.

zme-ul690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

even so, 45% is not something to ignore

take for example Skyrim - it sold globally aprox 1.8mil units
45% of that is ~800k units; at 60$ (original) price, that's 48mil USD

DoctorJones690d ago (Edited 690d ago )

35% zme-ul, although yes it's not something to ignore. But to say the market share is close is far from true.

SilentNegotiator690d ago


That's 35%, but I still agree.

zme-ul690d ago

*35%, sorry, my mistake
was doing some other shit on my laptop at the same time

zme-ul690d ago

PS to my original comment:
one of most staggering facts that is ignored - both consoles run on ATi GPUs, but somehow UBi partners with nVidia for PC!? how? why?

the only reason is money, nVidia payed them; not performance, not graphical fidelity .. nothing of that - pure simple greed

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TheMadCow691d ago

This just means lower sales of the games. Why would AMD users buy it if they know it'll not work well?

ChickeyCantor691d ago

You are under the assumption that it won't work well. No one claimed it won't work well.

Guwapo77690d ago

@ chickey - History has proven itself in the past. MadCow is correct.

farazfarooqui94691d ago

Uhg, Im starting to hate Ubisoft for this. I was really excited for the Division

palaeomerus691d ago

Yeah well, on the shitpile with it. I'm not going to follow Ubi into stupidity.

Frisky691d ago

Ubisoft and Nvidia partnering up is a good sign for PC gamers. I hope the upcoming Assassin's Creed title brings more optimizations for PC users rocking Nvidia cards.

Frisky691d ago

Well AMD needs to straighten up somethings that it messed up pretty bad! Its Nvidia and Ubisoft so of course Gameworks will only favour those who rock N cards. For AMD users; I feel the pain bros.

CallOfDutyFan691d ago

That's why I use a Nvidia card myself!

Guwapo77690d ago

@ CODF - I've been an AMD supporter since their Thunderbird CPUs when you used a lead pencil to overclock them. I recently changed to the Nvidia camp because of these partnerships and programs. AMD/ATi offered the best bang for the buck and sometimes still do. But it means nothing if the games you play aren't optimized to run on your system. I got tired of seeing lesser nvidia systems crushing mine...

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