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Submitted by nabeelfarooqui98 614d ago | article

AMD Users Watch: Nvidia and Ubisoft Partnership Extensions

Nvidia and Ubisoft are working together to bring realism in the world of virtual games. (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

MousenJoypad  +   614d ago
Again choices are being taken away from gamers, you either have to go with Nvidia or have a bad gaming experience
RedDeadLB  +   614d ago
Absolutely no choices are being taken away from AMD users.

AMD optimizes games the same way Nvidia does and AMD has partnerships with developers as well. It's just Nvidia is better at their job than AMD. They optimize drivers faster, more regularly and offer additional solutions such as Physx.

You can't really blame Nvidia for anything because they are giving MORE to games, not taking away from them.

I recently switched from a HD7850 to a GTX 760 and the 760 is a much better product both in the software and hardware department, hands down.
TheMadCow  +   614d ago
I agree, but Ubisoft and AMD shouldn't just ignore their relationship if they aren't partners. After this, the gamers get crushed.
ChickeyCantor  +   614d ago
My GTX 460 died so I got a MSI GTX 760 ( wanted the 770 but that was practically 100 bucks more T_T). It's so deliciously quiet.

And yes Nvidia does a good job with drivers.

I don't think AMD users will have a worse experience compared to Nvidia users. There are just some tweaks here and there that make better use of Nvidia cards. This doesn't mean AMD users will suffer. In fact they probably wouldn't even notice anything.
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Guwapo77  +   614d ago
Yes I blame Nvidia - they were the first to start these partnerships. TWIMTBP project...
OpenGL  +   614d ago
If Nvidia was pushing OpenCL or other hardware agnostic standards I'd agree with you, but they're not.
zme-ul  +   614d ago
here's another take on this: I will ignore Ubi's games
vote with your wallets people, and stop pre-ordering
wait for the game to get released and see the the benchmarks before buying the game

I do not know the exact numbers, but AMD and nVidia GPU market share is quite close
UBi is fucking with a lot of people
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DoctorJones  +   614d ago
Nvidia have around 65% of the pc market share. A bit more than half.
zme-ul  +   614d ago
even so, 45% is not something to ignore

take for example Skyrim - it sold globally aprox 1.8mil units
45% of that is ~800k units; at 60$ (original) price, that's 48mil USD
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DoctorJones  +   614d ago
35% zme-ul, although yes it's not something to ignore. But to say the market share is close is far from true.
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SilentNegotiator  +   614d ago

That's 35%, but I still agree.
zme-ul  +   614d ago
*35%, sorry, my mistake
was doing some other shit on my laptop at the same time
zme-ul  +   614d ago
PS to my original comment:
one of most staggering facts that is ignored - both consoles run on ATi GPUs, but somehow UBi partners with nVidia for PC!? how? why?

the only reason is money, nVidia payed them; not performance, not graphical fidelity .. nothing of that - pure simple greed
TheMadCow  +   614d ago
This just means lower sales of the games. Why would AMD users buy it if they know it'll not work well?
ChickeyCantor  +   614d ago
You are under the assumption that it won't work well. No one claimed it won't work well.
Guwapo77  +   614d ago
@ chickey - History has proven itself in the past. MadCow is correct.
farazfarooqui94  +   614d ago
Uhg, Im starting to hate Ubisoft for this. I was really excited for the Division
palaeomerus  +   614d ago
Yeah well, on the shitpile with it. I'm not going to follow Ubi into stupidity.
Frisky  +   614d ago
Ubisoft and Nvidia partnering up is a good sign for PC gamers. I hope the upcoming Assassin's Creed title brings more optimizations for PC users rocking Nvidia cards.
nabeelfarooqui98  +   614d ago
What about AMD card? :o
Frisky  +   614d ago
Well AMD needs to straighten up somethings that it messed up pretty bad! Its Nvidia and Ubisoft so of course Gameworks will only favour those who rock N cards. For AMD users; I feel the pain bros.
CallOfDutyFan  +   614d ago
That's why I use a Nvidia card myself!
Guwapo77  +   614d ago
@ CODF - I've been an AMD supporter since their Thunderbird CPUs when you used a lead pencil to overclock them. I recently changed to the Nvidia camp because of these partnerships and programs. AMD/ATi offered the best bang for the buck and sometimes still do. But it means nothing if the games you play aren't optimized to run on your system. I got tired of seeing lesser nvidia systems crushing mine...
trickman888  +   614d ago
Good. Wouldn't get a crappy AMD card in the first place.
TheMadCow  +   614d ago
Unless, you're mining :3

Why can't we do both ?
farazfarooqui94  +   614d ago
Pick one :3
Either Mine and poor games
Or Great games, no mining :)

Anyway sane person would pick Gaming, or both. Never just AMD.
mixelon  +   614d ago
I have a feeling games won't look bad on decent AMD cards. Until we see the results and comparisons it seems like not so big of a deal. Usually when one party adds new bits then they rapidly get standardised and wrapped up into the standards.
palaeomerus  +   614d ago
Well, U-play, late ports to PC, and favoring Nividia all add up. It might be time to "EA" your ass Ubi. Which is to say not buy much of your stuff because thy hassle and the disrespect to your customers makes your products unattractive and less desirable.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   614d ago
Don't you see my fellow PC gamer brothers evil Ubisoft is trying to divide us in 2 camps and create a civil war between AMD and Nvidia users. We must not let this evil triumph.
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TheDragonBalls2  +   614d ago
Lol, I totally agree. Add in the Illuminati. And NSA. This is gonna be a great conspiracy.
steve30x  +   614d ago
The only reason I dont have an AMD GPU is because they run too hot and they use a lot more electricity to run slower than an Nvidia GPU.
iistuii  +   614d ago
Agree totally. I listened to the hype & purchased an R9 290. It ran so hot my tower felt it was on fire, even the desk it sits in got hot & my games just didn't see to be as smooth as the GTX680 I had in there before. I ended up swapping it in the store for a GTX780 paying the extra after complaining of driver issues. So glad I did.
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Guwapo77  +   614d ago
@iistuii - top of the cards from both camps run hot as hell under load. My 580 SLi run hot as hell but that's to be expected under a load. One camp might run slightly cooler from time to time but it ain't enough to swap over...
iistuii  +   614d ago
Honestly, I've had Nvidia for years & switched to AMD like I said. Now my 780 is no way in the same heat/noise level as that R290 was. I may have had a dodgy card, but I'm telling you it was as hot as hell. My 780 is nothing like that. But I'm happy I had a go, but even more satisfied I returned pretty quick to Nvidia.
zme-ul  +   614d ago
few years back ATi users used to say the exact same thing about nVidia's GPUs ;)
steve30x  +   614d ago
@ Guwapo77 : The Nvidia GTX 500 and GTX 400 series cards were known to run as hot as hell and use lots of electricity. I had two GTX470s in SLI before and they turned my case into an oven and also were very very loud. I have a GTX680 and it never goes above 70Celcius even though I have it overclocked to 1185MHz with the stock cooler. Its also dead silent. The R9290X cards run over 85Celcius when gaming and they dont cool down after gaming for a very long time. Also the R9290X uses a lot more electricity with less performance than the GTX780Ti.
farazfarooqui94  +   614d ago
IGNORE COMMENT. Accidentally did this
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Lon3wolf  +   614d ago
I use AMD and this is no different to gaming evolved partnerships. AMD are getting really slow/slack with their drivers, they need to up their game in that Dept. and sooner rather than later.
Obamanationn  +   614d ago
bad for the gaming community
--bienio--  +   614d ago
I enjoy it, Nvidia plus Ubi's great, let's add to this CdProject Red good future awaits us, it also will force AMD to work harder. Players only benefit from this:)
fingazblank  +   614d ago
These aint the days of ATi, AMD have upped there game in the Drivers department, if a new game comes out you bet there will be a driver to match, at least in some form of a beta.

Nvidia optimized games run just fine on my XFX HD 7970GHZ edition, you must remember BF4 was optimized for AMD, farcry 3 and blood dragon, tomb raider also. Everyone gets some candy.

Mantle needs to come onto games more though.
Truehellfire  +   614d ago
Yeah I don't know why everyone is freaking out. It just means nVidia optimized. AMD cards will run nVidia optimized games just fine, and vice versa. I have a 780 and play all AMD optimized games just fine. I am sure your 7970 plays nVidia titles more than fine too.
Watch Dogs is a poor example. That game runs horrible on all cards.
KTF26  +   614d ago
AMD fanboys don't care how it run on nvidia cards
AMD said bad things about GameWorks and they ignore all facts to believe AMD
Lon3wolf  +   614d ago
Sadly the new Beta's for watchdogs introduce bad texture issues (not only in watchdogs Van Helsing 2 has texture issues too) along with the performance increrase on my 7870's.
KTF26  +   614d ago
AMD shut up

watch dogs isn't optimized for nvidia cards
shadow and texture flickering every where with low frame rate

TotalBiscuit with his 2xTITAN can't reach stable 60 frame on 1080p ultra even with the latest driver
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karlowma  +   614d ago
Because SLI is/was broken... even with all this Gameworks shit.
KTF26  +   614d ago
may be
I didn't tried multi GPU ever and I don't want to

but even single nvidia card don't do well
I have same v-sync issue in AC IV
texture and shadow flickering every where

the game isn't optimized for nvidia cards
but AMD want to keep saying the same BS
and AMD fans want to ignore this fact and believe AMD's BS
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ARESWARLORD  +   614d ago
Relax AMD cards will run the games fine
J0Scorpionake  +   614d ago
I think so too
brainfart  +   614d ago
I think its kind of f@cked up when Amd brings new tech like tressfx and share it with nvidia on tomb raider for example.Im not switching to nvidia because they have exclusive deals with ubi.Im going to stick with amd forsure now.I guess I will keep my money in my pocket when it comes to ubi games, until Amd can get tech advantage like nvida on ubi games.I just dont understand how that is possible when xbox1/ps4 have amd cpu/gpu in their systems wouldnt ubi cripple those two consoles as well.Ubi should let both amd/nvidia get inside scoop to help better optimize their gpus.The only winner are the gamers!TO UBISOFT IF YOU WANT MY MONEY LET AMD IN!!!
Ermac_Wins  +   614d ago
Well nothing new here. Ubisoft has been declining into the same Publisher tier as EA, now they are the same. AMD and Nvidia just need to quit fighting and acting like 12 year olds and just share. AMD has better hardware they just have worse drivers than Nvidia.
kingduqc  +   614d ago
People act like this is a big deal. The difference is maybe 10%. I mean, AMD cards offer great bang for the buck and are the best price/performance choice. I prefer Nvidia because of shadowplay and G sync but you can't go wrong with either of those.

Altho, nvidia practice is getting quite tiresome
Roccetarius  +   613d ago
It's pretty funny how Nvidia is being seen as the greater evil, just because they're better at what they do. I used to run ATI / AMD cards as well, but then i switched to a GTX 680 and i've never had a better experience.

Witcher 3 is going to make me upgrade again.

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