Is There a Need for all The Spectacle at E3

Endlessbacklog shares their thoughts on the over done spectacle that is an E3 conference.

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Lowsnamebrand1173d ago

Is there a need for these kind of articles?

uth111172d ago

haha, I was going to ask the same thing

HonestDragon1172d ago

I know right? These articles have been popping up everywhere now. If all they are going to do is complain instead of offer something insightful, then what is the point? Oh, click traffic, that's right.

Mr Marvel1172d ago


Couldn't agree more.

I always get so excited for E3 every year.
A few days of gaming announcements all under one roof... it's a beautiful thing!

wonderfulmonkeyman1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

A need?
Well, now that the internet is such a huge place of info and the conferences are press-only[meaning the reactions are decidedly smaller than they used to be; you'll get bigger reactions out of a group of viewers on Twitch...], it's reasonably debatable as to whether or not we need the conferences themselves.

But the show floors with all the kiosks and stuff are definitely a must, as is renting out space in the Nokia theater for stuff.
The media needs some place to try out all of this new stuff, after all...

Mr Pumblechook1172d ago

"Is There a Need for all The Spectacle at E3?"

YES! There is a vast amount of hype about new products which gets gamers excited which translates into sales and benefits the whole industry.

Spooney3231173d ago

Booth babes need I say more ?

HurstDarkStar1173d ago

Wow these articles are popping up everywhere. Do they hate large events that they're not invited too?

hennessey861172d ago (Edited 1172d ago )

I always look forward to E3 and I have waited up until the wee hours of the morning quite a few times to watch the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo presentations. Long may it continue, I don't even own a console at the moment and I am still very exited.

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