Top 6 Saturday: 6 Outlandish Predictions for E3

With only a couple days left before E3 it seems that we may have gone off the deep end. Here are 6 crazy predictions for E3 that would be great to see, but will probably never happen.

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TripC501655d ago

Um I would buy a PS4 if it became available to run steam...heck ya.

DualWielding1654d ago

Sony announces it would be publishing Yakuza Ishin on the West only on PS4

KinjoTakemura1654d ago

Resident Evil 1 remastered?


SpiralTear1654d ago

Maybe on Gamecube Virtual Console, unless Capcom wants to HD the REmake for Wii U. Then again, Capcom sure does love re-releasing old good games instead of making new good games.