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Idea Factory/Compile Heart's Monster Monpiece makes players feel dirty for enjoying the game.

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Spotie1055d ago

Sometimes, feeling dirty is good. This is one of those times.

sanosukegtr1231054d ago

Should be normal plus its all fantasy

nope1111055d ago

Hmmm... maybe i should play this game... uh, for research of course.. Yeah.. research.


Inception1055d ago

Yeah i will play this game for a research too, especially for 'life and hometown'. It's a very important research that will decided if we human can survive for another century :p

chris887551055d ago

So kiddy porn is allowed on this site? Why am I not surprised :(

KonsoruMasuta1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

It's actually not porn. No genitalia is shown and there is no intercourse.

Inception1055d ago

Just like KonsoruMasuta said, this is not porn or hentai because there's no genitalia, nipples, or intercourse shown in here. Heck, this even more safe than The Witcher or God of War who shown nipples, a bit of genitalia, and sex scenes with detailed 3D graphics.

Bimkoblerutso1055d ago

Jesus. There is nothing sexual about looking at a bunch of scantily clad, seemingly underaged girls posing provocatively for our enjoyment.

Why would your mind even go there!?

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1055d ago
Syakinta1055d ago

This game showing what Japanese Sony fanboys are.