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E3 2014: What to expect from Sony’s Press Conference

FanBolt writes: "Last year, Sony came out guns blazing during their press conference at E3 2013. It seemed like they were just one step ahead of their main competitor, which got the crowd – and the web – fired up in a way that we honestly haven’t seen from Sony in a long time. They came baring a new console and a firm vision for the future of PlayStation, setting the tone for what would be a spectacular launch for the PlayStation 4." (E3, PS3, PS4)

jakmckratos  +   422d ago
Disappointed by the confirmed lack of the Media Molecule and Guerilla Games being there...Tearaway was one of my favorite games last year and I am extremely titillated by the rumors of GG new IP...
DigitalRaptor  +   421d ago
I don't believe that both studios announcing that they won't be showing anything at E3 just days before E3 is coincidence. It sounds planned cause there's no way Sony would allow their top studios to announce such things that cause a loss of hype before the big show, unless it was strategic.

I think it's classic bait and switch. Dave Jaffe did the same thing at E3 with Twisted Metal. At the very least, they'll show teaser trailers.
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BattleAxe  +   422d ago
I would expect:

- Uncharted trailer
- The Order 1886 gameplay demo
- Driveclub gameplay demo
- Morpheus news
- H1Z1 news
- Some Vita news
- Maybe a new God of War announcement
- Destiny gameplay

Who knows, there could be one or two surprises. I think Microsoft will surprise more than Sony this time around.
LOGICWINS  +   421d ago
Don't forget Sony needs to spend some time demoing PS Now as well. That'll play a huge role in Vita's success going forward.
TheEternalGamer  +   421d ago
yes because Halo and Gears is such a BIG surprise. *Rolls Eyes*
BattleAxe  +   421d ago
I think some of the surprises from Microsoft will include news for PC and possibly Steam.
yokokoroma  +   421d ago
SONY inviting gamers out to movie theaters to view their conference, must mean they have something (or a few things) very big to show. I mean, if those gamers who went out to see SONY's E3 conference didn't see anything mind blowing, I'm certain they would be irate, even though the tickets were free. It still took time, gas, effort, etc...to get to said event.
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Soldierone  +   421d ago
They are getting free stuff (probably shirts at the least) so I think they will be fine lol
memots  +   421d ago
"It still took time, gas, effort, etc...to get to said event."

If you don't want to make the effort of getting there why even go? Just watch it at home and don't cry about it.
DigitalRaptor  +   421d ago
At least 2 megatons.

Classic franchises back with a bang. Handled by some of Sony's second party studios or perhaps collaborations with third parties.

Lots and lots of games. PlayStation Now. New IPs. Some last gen remasters.

The Last of Us Remastered releases on Friday but is playable on the show floor.

The Last Guardian is announced for PS4 - "winter 2014".

Indie games on the stage. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. RiME. Shadow of the Beast. Games that show Indies can flex like the big AAAs.

Uncharted 4 will melt eyeballs.

Sony Bend will cause "panic" with their open-world horror game.

Project Beast starts an all new kind of hype train.

God knows what else..
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