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Xbox One missteps may end up costing Microsoft $1 billion

$1 billion

That's how much Microsoft may lose in future sales of its Xbox One console thanks to missteps over pricing of the machine and curbs it tried to place on trading video games, according to Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities. (Michael Pachter, Xbox One)

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Robochobo  +   394d ago | Funny
"According to Michael Patcher."

So they really made $1 Billion?
UltimateMaster  +   394d ago
I wonder if he'll say the xbox is doomed after he kept saying the Wii u was doomed and yet it beat the Xbox One almost 2:1 last month.

"Sony's PlayStation 4, which has outsold the Xbox One by at least 2 million units."
Just 2 Million? You mean, more than double.
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kneon  +   394d ago
One month doesn't make for a trend. It will be a few months before we can see if there is a lasting and substantial improvement in Wii U sales.
thebigman  +   394d ago
It's easy to get confused by shipped vs. sold through numbers. Sony is closer to 10m sold where MS is still struggling to hit 5m
KNWS  +   394d ago
Bigman@ ten million lol Mostly likely 8 million and 5 million for Microsoft.
Necro_559  +   394d ago
The Wii U has been out of almost 2 years and the X1 has been out for almost a year. ANd the X1 has already caught up in sales at double the price. The Wii U is getting owned.
4Sh0w  +   394d ago
Yep its Pachter, and without 1 ounce of creditable info to back it up, so micro might as well start laughing all the way to the bank with yet another billion dollars stuffed in their huge trunk.

March 13, 2014
"Revenues for Microsoft's Devices and Consumer Hardware division for the quarter reached $1.97 billion -- a 41 percent year-on-year leap from the $1.4 billion it did in 2013."

April 24, 2014 at 1:07 PM
"For its fiscal third quarter, which ended March 31, Microsoft beat analysts’ expectations. The company posted earnings per share of 68 cents on revenue of $20.40 billion. It reported $5.66 billion in profit."
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mediate-this  +   394d ago
Ps4 sold alot but how much profit has sony made? They aremt making a killing if the system costs more then they are selling.
JokesOnYou  +   394d ago
Not much mediate-this:

"Not even PS4 success could stop Sony losing over $1 billion in the last year"

4Sh0w sony fans should worry more about this but they don't want to talk about sonys financials, its taboo on n4g

So what 'old Patch meant was sony loses a bill, while micro figures out what to do with another bill. lol
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Flames76  +   394d ago
The Xbox One has already passed the Wii U in sale sin america and will pass it worldwide by september 31 of this year.So i wouldnt get to pumped over may sales lol.When you have the X1 dropping to $399 in a couple of days.
tbone567  +   394d ago
It's a good thing MS makes 15 billion in pure profit each quarter.
sinspirit  +   394d ago
@ Everyone talking about Microsoft's revenue.. The XBox division is not profiting, at least it hasn't profited in years. So, stop posting Microsoft's company revenue and look at what the XBox division is doing.
Realplaya  +   394d ago
@ Necro_559 The Wii U is about to widen the gap on the XBon. The PS4 caught and passed it the Xbone has nothing going they dropped there draws oops price and still don't have games and recently 76% of 360 owners said there not even buying the thing at the cheaper price.
gaffyh  +   394d ago
@JOY - Yeah, Sony. Not PlayStation, which means the division is less likely to get culled.

@tbone - And that would have been $16 billion without Xbox, meaning the division is MORE likely to be culled.

Why don't fanboys understand these simple things...
360ICE  +   393d ago
Well, Wii U did beat Xbox One by 2:1 last month, but it was still outperformed by PS4, and still hasn't performed well over time.
avengers1978  +   393d ago
@jokesonyou. How did you get so many bubbles?
tokugawa  +   393d ago
that is why xbox is no longer part of the devices divison and is now part of operating systems.

operating systems will easily eat the loses that the xb1 will accrue this gen.

missteps... more like they completely fell on their arses
BG11579  +   393d ago
Patcher also told that MS was going to win.
That Sony was going to fail.
The only truth that came out from his mouth were the obvious things.
People are giving to much importance on what Patcher says. He's like the human vgchartz. His words shouldn't count for anything.
MysticStrummer  +   393d ago
XB fans don't seem to understand the difference between the overall company and a division within it. I don't think MS is ready to drop XB, or even close to it, but that's far more likely to happen than Sony dropping PS.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   394d ago
They F up one billion to be exact good day sir.
miyamoto  +   394d ago | Well said
Which leads me back to my other comment

"So how does having a Kinectless Xbox One "BETTER"?

How is a fragmented Xbox One installed base considered "BETTER"? Even if Xbox One sales take off without Kinect, how is it better for M$?

A Kinect-less Xbox One is in other words M$ is killing the Kinect.

This is practically ditching the million dollar investment they had with R&D, cable companies, TV networks, Kinect game developers, information and data farming partners, NSA, etc."

With all that said I believe M$ is loosing more than 1 billion $$$.

All you M$ extremist only think of sales figures.
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DragonKnight  +   394d ago
Kinectless Xbox One is better for consumers, but for early adopters it completely sucks as it shows that MS not only doesn't care about the early adopters (just like Cable and Phone companies who are always giving new customers better deals), but also that they had no real faith in the Kinect in the first place, or in their vision for the Xbox One.

So MS is screwed because of PR reasons and the cost put into their vision, and early adopters are screwed because they have a paperweight (and don't try to give me that 'oh it's useful for voice commands' garbage because a mic could suffice for that) that won't be supported, but everyone else gets a cheaper Xbox One that still won't measure up, technically, to the competition but can improve on itself with only the new customers seeing those benefits.
spacecat5050  +   393d ago
How does it completely suck for early adopters?

they have the full package, they can record, video skype and have the full xbox one experience? So how does it suck? Games from this point on wont be super powerful for kinectless Xbox's all of a sudden.

and a mic is not the same, thats like saying manually getting up off your couch and changing the channel on your tv is the same as using a remote sitting comfortably on your couch.

just stop with this false concern for the plight of the early xbox one adopters because the only thing they truly got robbed was paying 100 dollars extra. But then again that can be said with all early adopters as the price will come down for each console.
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Magicite  +   394d ago
Does anybody thinks that unbundling kinect will bring them profits?
They invested huge amounts of resources to develop newest kinect tech and now its not selling.
It almost reminds me PS3 fiasco, now MS will be losing cash on each X1 sold if kinect wont be selling at all.
bass4g  +   393d ago
Not necessarily. In terms of R&D money, they've already lost that money. The only ways they'd be losing money on each xbox sold are if either they were underselling it or they were still producing the kinect at the same rate they were before (meaning that for each xboxone there was an unsold kinect). I don't think either of those are happening. It kind of sucks for ms and ms fans who bought into the kinnect but right now this is probably a decent decision financially. They were selling xboxones at a loss with the kinect bundled. That would have meant that they wouldn't be able to recuperate those losses on R&D and wouldn't be able to make a profit. Now that the xbox no longer has the kinnect it'll most likely sell for a profit which means that they can start to make money on the system again.
Elzer  +   394d ago
Lol microsoft may be the only console maker that can afford to lose 1 billion $$$$$$
TheSaint  +   394d ago
You need to differentiate between MS and Xbox, they are ultimately separate divisions, Xbox could fail as a brand and MS wouldn't hesitate to pull the plug.

If you think otherwise then that's pretty naive of you.
MightyNoX  +   393d ago
Zune ended up costing Microsoft hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. But that's okay, I'm sure their infinite money has allowed them to support Zune till this day and----

*Zune discontinued*

alexkoepp  +   393d ago
Lol even though Zune didn't do well it was a better device than the ipods of the time. Same with the surface pro - way better than an iPad but doesn't do as well. Microsoft has a hard time being first to market with good products, and don't get the market share. But they continually make devices better than the competition.
SniperControl  +   393d ago

What? Lol, most of the stuff MS develops is copied from other manufacturers, there consoles, phones, tablets. Face it MS are not really tech savvy, always years late to the part.

MS have a history of not listening to the customer, look at Zune, X1, Windows 8, Surface. There Windows mobile OS is hardly making a dent in the mobile market dominated by iOS7 and Kit Kat.

MS most profitable item is there Office packages.
TekoIie  +   393d ago

kenshiro100  +   393d ago
Jokes and mediate, you guys are pure jokes. You mean to tell me you couldn't go by without mentioning Sony?
fr0sty  +   393d ago
Add that to the billion lost by RROD, and the 4 billion lost by the first Xbox, and you see why investors and execs are floating the idea of spinning off the Xbox brand.
Cupid_Viper_3  +   394d ago
Wow, one of the shortest articles I've read in a long time. That's it? That's all the information we get?

Literally just one paragraph.
NatureOfLogic_  +   394d ago
Admittedly, The article does seem rather short on the topic.
Christopher  +   394d ago
It's part of their "numbers of the week" bit, where they just announce some big numbers from the week in short review to link back to their other stuff posted during the week.
azshorty2003  +   394d ago
Better then some of the Tweets that get accepted on here counting as 'news stories'.
truefan1  +   394d ago
If this article passes that is just unfortunate. No calculations, methodology, nothing. Not even a quote.
Christopher  +   394d ago
They do cite Pachter as the source of the number. Better than most things we see on the site here. At least it's not an "anonymous" source :P
aerisbueller  +   393d ago
'Analyst Michael Pachter: Microsoft will win next-gen console war'

'Michael Pachter Predicts PS4 to "Win" Next-Gen Console War'
Codey47  +   394d ago
The only thing that's unfortunate Truefan is the fans blind loyalty.
No calculations, methodology...nothing more than pure unadulterated bullshit.

Fact= the bane of most overzealous Xbone owners existence, this generation.

The only way Microsoft will learn the errors of their ways...
By denting the MS wallet...my bad, I mean...The MS champagne fund.

I seriously doubt they'll be cracking any bottles open any time soon.
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SuperBlunt  +   394d ago
lol blind loyalty at its finest huh? oh well e3 will be fun
andibandit  +   393d ago
Blind loyalty huh?
Your 1 bubble aroused my suspicion, your comment history confirmed it.

Its like the blind leading the blind.
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Acadius  +   393d ago
And yet if Patcher was saying all of this about Playstation 4, you would be endorsing it. I am really starting to wonder if you are a special needs type of person. We really pity you and your ignorance.
ritsuka666  +   394d ago | Well said
Xbox One damage is irreversible so as to teach them a lesson on trying to benefit from their customer's loyalty/ marketshare.
URNightmare  +   394d ago
Well said!
mrpsychoticstalker  +   394d ago
9am Pacific Time.
aPerson  +   394d ago

Not really. Microsoft screwed up, but they seem to be moving forward in the right direction now. Time will tell.
karl  +   394d ago
how is retracting every decision they made in the past the right direction?

they have no idea how to save the xbox and MS just keeps reversing every decision that has negative response from the media..

thats not a direction by itself its all the opposite actually

they are not going anywhere =S

getting rid of all the reasons u wont buy an xbox wont make u buy it without any actual reason to own one...
LOGICWINS  +   394d ago
"how is retracting every decision they made in the past the right direction?"

The mainstream doesn't know these retractions occurred though. Most will never know how close gamers came to having basic privileges taken away(loaning a game to a friend, playing offline etc.) The XB1 we get after MS conference on Monday morning is the XB1 that 90% of consumers will know for the next 6-7 years.

Not everyone goes to sites like IGN and N4G to get gaming news. Most just buy what they see on commercials. In fact, a lot of people who buy these consoles are surprisingly clueless about them.

When I picked up my PS4 last December at Best Buy at 9am on a Sunday, one of the people in line with me at the guy at the register "Which one has better graphics? PS4 or Xbox One?"

This guy woke up early on a Sunday to drop nearly half a grand on a new system and he asks a dumbass question like that

Do you really believe these people are educated enough to know what DRM is? Much less, what reversals MS made?

What happened at E3 2013 won't even be a memory for most consumers, because to them it never happened.

The hardcore have been very vocal. The PS4 is without a doubt the current console of choice for hardcore gamers. But at this point, every hardcore gamer that wanted a PS4 already has one. Mid 2014 will mark the beginning Sony/MS marketing to the mainstream. We've seen the beginning of this with the Project Morpheus demo with Jimmy Fallon.

The playing field will begin to level now that both consoles will begin at $399 as of next week. The people who think the XB1 will continue to get its ass handed to it they way its been for the past several months is sorely mistaken.

By the end of this gen, these consoles will be neck and neck saleswise. Instead of praying for one console/company to fail and the other to "destroy" the competition, we should encourage others to either or them. The more support next-gen consoles get the quicker devs will stop making cross gen b.s and devote all their time to next-gen/portables.
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LOGICWINS  +   394d ago
*buy either of them
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NatureOfLogic_  +   394d ago
@ logic, "Not everyone goes to sites like IGN and N4G to get gaming news. Most just buy what they see on commercials. In fact, a lot of people who buy these consoles are surprisingly clueless about them."

You're underestimating word of mouth. Take that clueless guy you just mentioned asking the "dumbass question" for example. If he becomes informed at that moment that PS4 has better graphics. What console do think he'll recommend to anyone who ask which one to get? If graphics decides his purchase, he'd most likely buy the PS4 over Xbox One. Which in turn leads to him recommending PS4 to his friends(thus the cycle recommendations begin). Word of mouth is always underestimated imo. But I believe word of mouth can help even weaker consoles(see Wii and PS2). Unfortunately for Xbox One, word of mouth was mostly negative news spread from the original reveal, which imo still paints Xbox One in a negative light.
LOGICWINS  +   394d ago
"If he becomes informed at that moment that PS4 has better graphics."


No console has "better" graphics. Graphics are entirely dependent on developers and how they take advantage of the strengths of whatever system their working on.

How can you compare Sunset Overdrive to Infamous: Second Son? Or Halo 5 to Killzone: Shadowfall? You can't. We're talking about totally different art styles here.

Btw, we're assuming that graphics are everything to this guy. What if he recommends an XB1 to his friend instead of a PS4 simply because he's a huge Halo fan and he wants all his friends to play Halo with him?
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Concertoine  +   394d ago
So them getting rid of the things that made it a shit console is a bad thing? I dont care about DRM or kinect, i want a gaming machine and thats what they managed to turn it into in less than a year. I'll take that and give them props, not spin it like "now no one will support kinect" or "now it has no identity"...
ThanatosDMC  +   394d ago
They should have a smartphone. Heck, even little kids have smartphones and can easily google ps4 vs xbone.
BenqMagician  +   394d ago
If the X1 lifetime sales are less then the 360 lifetime sales then yes "Xbox One damage is irreversible". I actually own a X1 and I think MS is going too be smoked this gen. But MS learned a very important lesson from the 2 gens they have been around "you can spend millions on xbox only games or lose billions in hardware".
Godmars290  +   394d ago
I think more than anything, because of RRoD and various times they've banned modded consoles, 360 sales were inflated and brand in general isn't as popular as MS has presented.
HaveAsandwich  +   394d ago
If it keeps going the way it is, i imagine it'll end up more.
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True_Samurai  +   394d ago
I thought this was legit until I read "Michael Pachter"
shivvy24  +   394d ago
Haha you're not alone man
B1uBurneR  +   394d ago
MS LOSE 1 WEEK PAY would be a better titles but that would get less Clicks
BitbyDeath  +   394d ago
Business doesn't work that way. Each division is accountable for their own profits and losses and with Xbox already being billions of dollars in debt this news (if true) will not sit well with the companies stakeholders.
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n4rc  +   394d ago

Losing billions huh?
BitbyDeath  +   394d ago
Yes, losing billions.

"Microsoft is hiding billions in losses from its Xbox gaming business"


"All investors know is that the Xbox business is still several billion dollars in the red, primarily from the cost of originally entering the games business and for research & development for the Xbox One. And although it is now making a profit you can see from the graph that it’s a very negligible one compared to Microsoft’s other divisions."

n4rc  +   394d ago
What some analyst thought 7 months ago is kinda pointless after ms posted actual financial data..

And cmon.. Its reaching at best.. R&d costs are huge for everyone.. That's why they sell them for 5 or even 8+ years
BitbyDeath  +   394d ago
That financial data includes the android patent royalties.

It is not reaching it is common sense.
Xbox 1 lost a ton of money which is why they had to shut it down fast.

"The Xbox division in particular has lost Microsoft $4 billion in four years according to Forbes."


Then there was the RROD on the 360

"Microsoft owned up Thursday to the frequent hardware failures of its gaming console, saying it could incur costs as high as $1.15 billion during its fourth quarter to fix broken machines and extend gamers’ warranties from one year to three years."


And now this article.
It all adds up.
jetlian  +   394d ago
actually the graph shows xbox has been profitable since 2008! the debt came from rrod and that "debt" as you call it has been written off way back then.

now is it an ugly mark on the xbox brand yea but it has no bearing on xbox.

this 1 billion pachter talking about is probably from r&d of kinect 2.0. seeing as most new xbo will be kinect less they wont get their monies worth from its r&d
#7.1.5 (Edited 394d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report
BitbyDeath  +   394d ago
That graph only shows what occurred each year.
You need to add it up to see the final results which are massive losses.
rainslacker  +   394d ago

All companies write off costs like this. It's not really debt per se. Basically the costs goes into the quarter, or fiscal year, in which it is incurred. This can make one year look really bad, but make subsequent years look really good and profitable.

The reason for this is that this is how companies pay out dividends, and it makes the value of that company more in the years following the actual write off. It was no coincidence that MS wrote off that 1 billion for the warranty extension when they started it, instead of letting it incur as actual repairs came in.

To see if these divisions are actually turning an overall profit, you would have to look at the costs over a period of several years, throughout the life of the actual product, and then derive the information by finding out how much money was spent on R&D, and when marketing money was earmarked.

For both sides, neither the Xbox One or the PS4 have turned a profit due to the R&D costs. Profit will likely be seen 3-4 years into the consoles lifetime. But what both companies do get is revenues, which is what most investors look at.
jetlian  +   394d ago
i know it does and every year since 2008 has been positive. the lose in 07 has been written off already. It has no bearing on xbox devision anymore that was 7 years ago.

Even if it was a debt collector after 7 years they cant do anything and this isnt a case of debt collection.
T2  +   394d ago
Yes because ms just doesn't care about profit and will just sell xbox at 199 so they can "win"

HaveAsandwich  +   394d ago
loss is loss. look at sony.
JBSleek  +   394d ago
Umm....What? What is that backed up by though? What analysis has lead to a 1 billion in losses though?

Also it's way too early to determine that.
Petervincent19  +   394d ago
It is by far the oddest and most disjointed jump in console generations but not nearly as disjointed as the true purpose of this guys statements and predictions.
KNWS  +   394d ago
Is he saying Microsoft lost out on 1 billion for pricing their console at 500 dollars?

I don't get what he means by this

That's how much Microsoft may lose in future sales of its Xbox One console thanks to missteps over pricing of the machine

Why would they lose 1 billion in future sales, if they are selling units at a lower price now, with no kinect? There no lose when you remove hardware?

curbs it tried to place on trading video games. If he knew anything Sony and Microsoft and game developers gain nothing from this practice, it hurts them actually. Gamestop and places like this profit from trading games.
#10 (Edited 394d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Sharky231  +   394d ago
I'll tell you what hurt. Ms trying to block the fans that use trading games as a way to buy new ones.
BX81  +   394d ago
I bet a number of devs supported this idea at the time.
ThanatosDMC  +   394d ago
^Not devs but publishers
andibandit  +   393d ago
I couldnt imagine devs werent behind this as well, theyll never say it in public because they saw what happened to ms. Fact is that everytime you trade a game you lost a publisher/dev money. I dont have a problem with that, just dont expect publishers to risk money on new ips.
NatureOfLogic_  +   394d ago
Truth is, Xbox One is currently in last place behind WiiU and PS4. WiiU just released a highly anticipated game and sales have picked up. While Xbox One is coming off a very bad month in their primary market space. What makes people think WiiU will forfeit It's second place spot to a poor selling Xbox One? With WiiU picking up momentum, It's hard for Xbox One to get second place from WiiU atm. There's no need to mention catching PS4 atm.
B1uBurneR  +   394d ago
One month of Wii U sales boost does not make up for over 12 months of disappointing sale stats. Your comment is one that an Extremist would make.
SuperBlunt  +   394d ago
the fact that the wii u defeated the xbox at all speaks volumes.
Spotie  +   394d ago
And the XB1 has months of sharply declining sales, so its entirely possible that both consoles will languish, but the Wii U at a less tepid rate, so that it stays out in front of the XB1.

After all, history has shown Mario Kart to be a system seller with very long legs; the next such game for the XB1 will be Halo next year.

How big might the gap be by then?
ozstar  +   393d ago
11 months, Wii U had a great first month.
WizzroSupreme  +   394d ago
Oh, this is a Michael Pachter article. Now I get it. . .
No_Limit  +   394d ago
Good = Everything Pachter say ends up being the opposite. MS will be making 1 billion in no time. :-)

I remember this article by Pachter about Sony and man, he was called all sort of things by the fans that I can't mention here.

"Pachter: “Sony Is Not Big Enough” to Afford Paying Publishers for PlayStation Now like Netflix Does"
#13 (Edited 394d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Theyellowflash30  +   394d ago
modesign  +   394d ago
1 billion is spare change for micro
miacosa  +   394d ago
Dam, didn't xbox 360 cost Microsoft a billion or so for the red ring issue. Makes one think that the rumors of xbox being a money pit for Microsoft look true and gives credence to why stockholders want to spin it off.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   394d ago
Still less than the 4.7 Billion Sony lost on the PS3.

Also, Pachter, lol.
Goku781  +   394d ago
Whats a billion to MS. Theyll just get the consumers to pay for it in one way or another. They know how to make money.
RiPPn  +   394d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if the number is actually far greater.

How much do they stand to lose on sales royalties on multiplats because people see the PS4 as the go to multiplat machine?

How much will they lose in Xbox Live subs now that media apps are free?

How many people will not trust Microsoft again no matter what moves they make and will refuse to buy the system simply on that principal?

How many people did they lose to Sony for the blunders that had they had not had DRM and had stronger hardware at a cheaper price which would have Sony struggling to even match sales giving Microsoft the upper hand in sales and thus lowering the cost of exclusivity agreements etc.

So many factors make it nearly impossible to calculate, but I'm guessing it's going to haunt them the entire generation.
urwifeminder  +   394d ago
Chump change for MS Sony bleed this every minute ha.
Donjune  +   394d ago
Microsoft tips more money than we are talking about lol... I hate you FANGIRLS!!!
keegamer80  +   394d ago
When the games come so well the gamers. I got the Xbox One on launch day. Also got the Zelda 3da xl. Love my 3ds to death. I enjoy the Xbox one as well. Phil Spencer is doing a great job. I think Microsoft will have an awesome e3. Plus I'm sure they are hard at work at making it cheaper to manufacture the Xbox One. I don't see them losing that much anyways. How much are they losing selling it with Kinect? Seems like they would take a bigger hit with the original sku. It's a great time to be a gamer. Regardless of your preference.
mattgdrums  +   394d ago
if Microsoft felt threatened they could buy sony over 17 times, i don't think money is an issue to them
ozstar  +   394d ago
1 Billion until when? There's an ongoing fundamental trust issue that now exists between gamers and Microsoft.

They can bribe as much as they want (and they will!), but there was so much negative anti-consumer resentment in the last year i can't imagine things turning around in the next year or two.

Unless they have COD exclusivity, GTA exclusivity, Monster Hunter exclusivity, Final Fantasy exclusivity & Metal Gear exclusivity for the the life of the Xbone.
darkdomino  +   394d ago
As much as I like Sony right now, Microsoft didn't "lose" any money. They lost potential sales. Because in business if you miss out on sales, you're considered losing money. It's the same flawed logic when the MPAA says downloading torrents costs them money. No, they lost *potential* money... As much as anyone can lose something that hasn't happened yet.

Furthermore, Microsoft is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet and their Xbox division hasn't made a profit in years. Microsoft can take the losses and keep chugging along. That's only a fraction of the kind of wealth we're talking.

Sony on the other hand has been in dire straights ever since the PS3 and it's only because of the amazing PS4 launch that they're making any money at all.
pornflakes  +   394d ago
Sony makes losses since 5 years! The playstation division is only 11% of the money Sony is making. Last year Sony made a loss of 5 billion, their shareholders are starting to lose the trust to Sony, thats why they sold the Vaio division.

MS could even lose this 1 Bill and this is nothing compared to their 25-30 bill rev. each year!
larrysdirtydrawss  +   394d ago
more in the red for the xbox brand,,,i cant see another xbox system after this(xone) disaster fails to sell 60m ltd
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   394d ago
For reference how much did the RROD fiasco cost Microsoft?
My_Outer_Heaven  +   394d ago
Serves them right, after all the shit they pull... fake demos, RROD and the nail in the coffin by trying to screw gamer's over and having to resort to back tracking because Sony beat them into submission.
InTheZoneAC  +   393d ago
360 lost them over a billion due to the RRoD, and lack of support at the end of the 360's life.

Now the One is finding a new way to lose a billion over it's life, including the obvious lack of support that'll follow at the end of it's life like all previous xbox consoles.
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