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Why Wii U is Better than you Think

The Wii U has faced harsh criticism for it's lack of power and mature content compared to its competition. It makes up for its flaws with innovative gameplay and a solid lineup of current and upcoming first-party titles. It sets itself apart from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by offering backwards compatibility and putting strong emphasis on local multiplayer. Its a console that dares to be different and refuses to follow the pack, offering a truly unique gaming experience. (Wii U)

BattleN  +   536d ago
WiiU is good, more games are needed is all! :)
Orbilator  +   536d ago
Amen to that. More games for sure and a decent original Zelda game
KonsoruMasuta  +   536d ago
What I want is a Pokémon: Coliseum and Pokémon: XD Gale of Darkness HD collection.
Add in online and sell it for $40 to $50.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   536d ago
Toss in a new Pokemon Snap sequel to really make use of that gamepad, and we'd have one hell of a Poke-party going on!
BoneBone  +   536d ago
Has loads to play already. It's the top console to buy in 2014 as most X1 & PS4 games have been pushed back to 2015.
sungin  +   536d ago
I’m a lot more impressed with the graphical quality of Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World than I am with Watch Dogs.thats true
SnakePlissken  +   536d ago
Same here! That's why those 2 games are part of my collection and watch dogs has been put up on eBay already! That was a complete waste of my $60.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   536d ago
Different art styles do make quite the difference when you're used to grayed-out gritty realism, that's for sure.
thehobbyist  +   536d ago
HD 1GB GPUs are in the PS4/XBONE. What do they use it for?
Getting the most shades of gray they can out of them.
randomass171  +   535d ago
And it's worth noting that cartoony art styles tend to age much better than realistic ones. That's why when you go back to Crash Bandicoot or Spyro, you gotta love the look of it as oppose to more realistic looking games at the time.
kwandar  +   536d ago
Watch Dogs on Wii U should be great actually with the gamepad. Maybe even better graphics.
Geekman  +   536d ago
Watch Dogs looks pretty good, but I don't know. Something about Super Mario games in HD....
ChickeyCantor  +   536d ago
I did wish Nintendo would use some AA. On the gamepad it looks very pretty. But on my 52' tv the jaggies are obviously present.

It's not a big deal but it would give people with bigger screens an ease on the eyes.

Super Mario 3D World looked fine though, I think it's more noticable in MK8 because of displacement speed of scenery and the complexity of geometry.
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GotHDGame  +   535d ago
Hmmm, I don't see "jaggies" in fact it looks super smooth. That is on my 60" T.V. So its not the size of the TV.
Summons75  +   536d ago
Never doubted it for a minute! Lots of great games and more on the way :)
Spooney323  +   536d ago
My Wii U is just fine. Games are gonna propel this system to new heights and we'll find out just how high when E3 comes around next week. My fingers are crossed are yours ?
BattleN  +   536d ago
My toes are! I also eat lucky charms just in case!
randomass171  +   536d ago
Can't get much luckier than that! :P
Joey_Leone  +   536d ago
You Nintendo fans are way too fruity lol.
randomass171  +   535d ago
Fruity? Son, I'll be taking some grapes and melons with my punch. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to have some kool-aid whilst I play some Dark Souls.
player002  +   536d ago
Just got one yesterday it's very good does lots of different things very well .MK 8 is the reason I got one what a game multiplayer is awesome with game pad
No_Limit  +   536d ago
Haters will hate but I have been playing the Wii U nonstop since last Friday. Really enjoying Mario Kart and Windwaker HD.
BattleN  +   536d ago
Nintendo customer service is fantastic so if your WiiU does overheat they got you covered! :)
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ChickeyCantor  +   536d ago
It overheats? what?
thehobbyist  +   536d ago
No Chickey, it does not over heat. BattleN here is just saying that if it does Nintendo has great customer service that'll help you out. I mean seriously, takes less than 5 minutes to get a human being on the phone.
randomass171  +   535d ago
@ChickeyCantor The console generates less electricity than the original Wii. I wouldn't worry about too many units overheating lol. But yes, Nintendo's customer service is super helpful. I called them and the lady on the line was super sweet and helped walk me through transferring all my Wii games to the Wii U. Stayed on the line right up until I booted up to the main screen for the first time.
tinkypop  +   536d ago
try wonderful101 and zombiu love both games..
joel_c17  +   536d ago
I was sceptical of the wiiu however I bought it last week in a moment of weaknessxso happy I did its a great system! Having more fun with it than my ps4!
claud3  +   536d ago
it always was and always will be, it sticks to what it knows best and never gets involved in a foolish competition
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videgamenext1  +   536d ago
WiiU is great and the software is coming. May not get every third party game but it is getting tons of timeless games from its 1st party studios.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   535d ago
I agree but the Wii U is an indie sweetheart and alot of these independent developers are learning how to develop video game software the "Nintendo way". In five years some of these indies could turn out to be major video game software developers! Right in time for Nintendo's attack on smart phones and similar smart devices!!!
GotHDGame  +   535d ago
Hell, all these new Wii U owners have a TON of software they have not played yet. They have a backlog of at least 10 exclusive must play Wii U games to catch up on.

WWHD, Pikmin 3, NSMBU, Nintendoland, Zombi U, Lego City Undercover, Wonderful 101, SM3DWorld, Tropical Freeze, Monster Hunter, Sonic LW,...
Ol_Boy  +   536d ago
Wii U is awesome. I have MK8, The wonderful 101, pikmin 3, zelda wind waker hd, wii party u, super mario/ luigi bros u. They're all great games. Just waiting for super smash bros 4 and what ever other games will be announced come E3.
McScroggz  +   536d ago
If you like Nintendo games, the Wii U is good. You can say that about probably every Nintendo console. If, for whatever reason is pertinent to you, you need more than the expected Nintendo series, then the Wii U is pretty bad.

There really isn't much middle ground honestly.
Sincere0121  +   536d ago
There is nothing honest about your comment. Your very mis informed if u think there are only Nintendo games on any Nintendo console, u clearly must be just a casual gamer to even think that.

Non Nintendo games... Bayonetta, Monster Hunter, wonderful 101, zombie U, X, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed, Cod, Deus Ex, Rayman, Need for Speed, Tekken, sonic boom, sonic all-star racing, sonic lost world, batman, justice league, spider man... and that's justs of the top of my head, if u googled it then they'd be a lot more not even going to mention all the Indies to.

A lot of the 3rd party games play better on the Wii U to as most of them have made use of the gamepad, the gameplay is better. I prefer gameplay over graphics, I'm happy with the Wii U graphics all the games have looked nice so far ahnd will no doubt get even better as time goes on.
McScroggz  +   536d ago
Sadly, I think it is you who are misinformed.

For one, in your list of "Non-Nintendo games" you list the Wonderful 101 which very much falls in line with the types of games people expect from Nintendo, plus you mention X which is made by a Nintendo owned studio.

Second, games like Sonic very clearly are of the same DNA as Nintendo games. Sure, Sonic is owned by SEGA, but a cute/colorful mascot platformer and offshoots of that franchise sounds pretty much exactly like what Nintendo offers, doesn't it?

Third, you mention third party games which, quite frankly, is what really shows me that you aren't very objective in all of this. Sure, a few third party games that were released a year or more before the Wii U took advantage of the GamePad well enough that if you hadn't already played those games on an Xbox 360 or PS3 then it would be the best version. But don't assert that third party games are better on the Wii U than the PS4/Xbox One because other than the occasional game (like Rayman, which is very much like what Nintendo normally offers), the Wii U version will not be as good as the other current gen versions.

Plus, let's also not act like the Wii U will continue to get third party support. It's barely getting any now, but in a couple years it simply won't be able to run most multiplatform games. Sure, I suppose you could point out every third party game that will come to the Wii U, even though many of them will be cross-generation games or games like Rayman or the LEGO series. But what about the swathes of other AAA multiplatform games the Wii U won't see?

Plus there is that stigma, which seems to be true, that Nintendo fans only buy Nintendo games on a Nintendo console.

Look man, I wasn't saying the Wii U is useless. I was saying what I thought was pretty obvious. If you buy the Wii U knowing that you are basically only buying Nintendo games (*or Nintendo-esque games such as Sonic), then it's a good console. The Wii U could be your only home console, but if all you care about is Nintendo games on your console all the third party and other exclusives don't matter.

If you buy the Wii U and already have a gaming PC or another current gen console to play all the third party games you want and you are fine with the idea that all you will buy for your Wii U is basically Nintendo games (*or Nintendo-esque games such as Sonic), then the Wii U is a good console.

If just buying Nintendo games (*or Nintendo-esque games such as Sonic) isn't enough reason to buy a Wii U, then the console isn't very good. It doesn't have third party support and it doesn't excel at other multimedia functions enough to possibly mitigate the other issues. Whether Nintendo games aren't enough because you can only afford one current gen console, or because you have whatever number of personal reasons, the fact remains that Nintendo games are basically the only reason to buy a Nintendo home console.

I thought that was pretty clear, but your highly defensive response shows maybe you just don't want to listen to even the vaguest slight of Nintendo.
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ChickeyCantor  +   536d ago
"For one, in your list of "Non-Nintendo games" you list the Wonderful 101 which very much falls in line with the types of games people expect from Nintendo, plus you mention X which is made by a Nintendo owned studio. "

So wait, if a third party developer creates a colorful game it doesn't count. But when NINTENDO makes a game that has more of a mature flavor, it doesn't count either?

You're pretty much contradicting yourself there.

I have a PC to accompany my Wii U with. I'm not missing out.

You are also implying that All Nintendo games are all colorful like Mario games are. X for one isn't and neither is Metroid. As soon wii U starts picking up more steam you can bet on it that third party developers will have a change of heart. So if we have to believe they make Nintendo like games, I don't think it's going to be a problem.
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Concertoine  +   536d ago
"For one, in your list of "Non-Nintendo games" you list the Wonderful 101 which very much falls in line with the types of games people expect from Nintendo, plus you mention X which is made by a Nintendo owned studio."

Wow, you didnt play W101 and clearly assumed it was a kid's game. Nice one, bro.

wonderfulmonkeyman  +   536d ago
Try again when you stop trying to list Sonic Lost World as a "Nintendo game" just because it's got an art style you see a lot on the system.

It's not a Nintendo game.
It's an exclusive from Sega, a third party.
You're trying too hard to spin it to prove a point that doesn't make any logical sense outside of aesthetics.

As for Nintendo not having, or losing, third party support?
Indies count as third party support, and they love the damn thing.
It's not going to lose indies in a couple of years, and the only big-name third party games it likely won't be capable of running is the really super graphically-intensive ones that use realistic art styles as their base.
It'll still get its fair share of really good select third party multiplats even if they're fewer in number.

I don't know about you, but the stigma is bullshit as far as I'm concerned, and as far as quite a few others are concerned as well; every single person I know that owns a Wii U[which is a considerably healthy number given my location far away from other gamers my age] owns quite a few games outside of first party games or "Nintendo-esque" games on the system.

It's not just for Nintendo games anymore, unless the person doing the purchasing is exceptionally narrow-minded about the games they select to play on the system.
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McScroggz  +   535d ago
Apparently there are a lot of people trying to play the semantics game with my statements. For instance, when I say "Nintendo game" I mean the types of games and franchises you basically expect on a Nintendo home console (ranges from Mario to Metroid) or those that have fundamental similarities to common Nintendo games.

The Wonderful 101 is a game with a colorful, cartoony aesthetic that focuses on gameplay. That is literally what I and most people think of when they think of Nintendo - gameplay and family friendly. I find the incredulity of lumping it in with the "normal and expected" Nintendo experiences very odd. But not as odd as...

Sonic. I mean, obviously it's a third party game. But I mean, I thought I made it very clear as to exactly why it is in the same category as Nintendo games. It's a colorful, cartoony mascot platformer that has spawned several franchises and offshoots. Even more so than the W101, Sonic is a game that is right at home on a Nintendo console. People may not like the whole, "Nintendo gamers only buy Nintendo games" statement, but with each Nintendo home console release sans Wii the core of Nintendo's install base has become compromised mainly of Nintendo fans and younger gamers. So, games that appeal to those two demographics have a decent chance of selling well on a Nintendo platform - and if I hadn't made it clear enough I'm talking about games like Mario as well as Sonic, because the latter has the same type of appeal as the former if just not as much.

I don't know why people are having such a difficult time parsing my words. I never said Nintendo only offers Mario games. I said Nintendo games. And while there are some franchises and third party exclusives that don't fit into the same Mario and Donkey Kong vibe (Metroid, X, Bayonetta, etc.), I do find it humorous that some try to act like the majority of exclusive games aren't the family friendly types of games such as Mario and Donkey Kong. But regardless, there is a definite expectation from Nintendo consoles defined by traditional franchises and games similar to what Nintendo offers.

And people, I really don't want to make a list of literally every "somewhat" big retail, third party game the Wii U hasn't gotten and won't get. That people feel they must equate some third party support early in the life cycle to anything that compares to the PS4/Xbox One is a farce.

If you like Nintendo games and have the means to play the big third party games you won't see on the Wii U, then the Wii U can be all about Nintendo games (RANGING FROM CUTSY MARIO TO SERIOUS METROID AND 'X') as the types of games that are similar to Nintendo games that are exclusive (SUCH AS SONIC).

To put it even MORE bluntly, if you for whatever reason can only have one current gaming platform and you want to be able to play all of the major third party games, then the Wii U is not a good console unless you love Nintendo's output over what you would be missing by not being able to play big third party games.

I feel like people think I'm attacking Nintendo. I'm not. It's basically me saying go to Chick-a-fila if all you want is a chicken sandwich because they are really good there, but if you want a burger or at least the choice between a chicken sandwich or a burger then Chick-a-fila is not the choice for you.

Of course, I expect the same people who lashed out at me to not want to listen to simple logic and reason. I'm open for discussion, but some people just want to justify their persecution complex.
thehobbyist  +   536d ago
"If you like Nintendo games"
Then why are the majority of my Wii U games third party?
Zombi U
Resident Evil: Revelations
Need for Speed Most Wanted U
Wonderful 101
Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director's Cut
My Nintendo games:
Mario Kart 8
Pikmin 3
Wind Waker HD
Fixay  +   536d ago
Can't wait for smash and most likely going to pick pikmin up.

Just before MK8 launched I was pretty much playing FF: Realm Reborn everyday on my PS4 but the WiiU has kept me occupied. Pleased with the amount of use I've had out of it so far
lonelyplayer  +   536d ago
I have a wii u but I'm a little disappointed
DualWielding  +   536d ago
N no third party support, no account system, no region free, price difference not as a big as power difference, games are overpriced and never go on sale... As much as I like 2D platformers and the Wii U undoubtedly has the best ones, I can't justify buying one
marloc_x  +   536d ago
Er..just bought 2 for 1, got a $10 credit and 200 points for club N. If you want the best software on the planet? WiiU all day long..absolutely recommend this console.
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tinkypop  +   536d ago
bored so thought i reply
1st my own wii u games. with no 3nd party support!!
Assassin creed3,
call of duty. black op2,
deus ex,
mass effect,
mario3d world,
scribblenauts unlimited,
zombiu u,
mario kart,
sniper elite2,
plus way too many indie games.

Have a Nintendo id to log in to my account with. anything breaks speak to Nintendo to get all my account games back. not best way but hey.

region free never going to happen

power difference so far is nothing from what i seen.

countless sales on eshop, think few on now.
£39 is most i have had to pay for game. £8 for mass effect 3.

but hey..
Sathur  +   536d ago
Once people buy the WiiU they realise the machine is great. Those looking in from the outside come with all the negative posts. Buy the machine and then you will see.
I love the WiiU and the games. I play it more often than my PS4 right now. The Gamepad features in most games are brilliant. I am looking forward to Watch Dogs WiiU because of that. And with the delay it may have some DLC on the disc like Mass Effect 3 had.
I have not been disappointed with WiiU at all.
Artista  +   536d ago
I got mine to play games that the Xbox PS and PC don't offer. Sometimes I don't want a serious tone, or movie like experiences. If I want straight up gameplay experiences. The Wii U has me covered.

I have tropical freeze, metroid fusion, monster hunter 3 ultimate and Zelda wind waker. Those are keeping me busy while I'm waiting to buy my Xbox One too.
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Realplaya  +   535d ago
I wanted to chime in before I get back to Mario Kart 8.
One thing I can say about Nintendo systems is that we build a hate love relationship. I have owned my Wii U since day 1 and the system is in perfect condition. I have supported the indie scene and bought a 1 TB External hard drive with for about 59.99 black in color and it runs flawless.
I work in a customer service as a team lead also have to work from home and I don't have much time for games, But I love the fact that this system has provided tons of enjoyment. My employers keeps the employees engaged by doing different things, we had a Wii U bowl off to which I lost but was so much fun. We had a Mario kart 64 competition and soon a smash brothers tournament. So I am bringing fun to work with the upcoming smash and MK8.

The reason for this story is to let people know there are a ton of things Nintendo doesn't do right by today's standards but name one system out there other than a Nintendo system where your employer cab use it to host fun activities like this. Hopefully we get smash before Christmas so I can have my co workers play this year.

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