Mystical PlayStation painting showed

A unique PlayStation painting is being drawn in front of the Los Angeles Convention Center, which is called"Are you The Greatest?".

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user14394141651d ago

Playstation are always pushing the boundaries. I LOVE YOU S0NY XoXoXo

AntsPai1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I'm pretty sure that's Scorpion at the back and maybe Delsin at the front(?) Could be a bunch of characters on a ship I guess, not really sure, looks good so far though.


[EDIT] Looks like Kratos is behind the front guy also :O


Antnee5341651d ago

Still falling into that pit

DialgaMarine1651d ago

I'm 99% sure that it's something to do with Uncharted 4

Kavorklestein1651d ago

Unless uncharted 4 is supposed to somehow intertwine with George Washington... On A Boat (or a mock-up similar to the classic painting of G.W. and army on a boat) then I'd say swing and a miss on that one

Randostar1651d ago

Lol, maybe its for the order 1886?

Chuk51651d ago

It's all coming together.

Whxian1651d ago

ps allstars battleroyal 2!! maybe... either way if its sony related then we are going to have to wait a number of hours to know.