What We Don’t Want to See at E3 2014

OnlySP: Last week Adam brought you what he’d LIKE to see at E3 2014. This week, the opposite. Here’s what Adam doesn’t want to see from E3 2014 and we think most you will probably agree with what he’s outlined here.

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nabeelfarooqui981231d ago

i just want HL3 and GTA V for PC :p

Bodge1231d ago


GT671231d ago

don't need to see lot of first person shooter open world gaming that's for damn sure . 2006-2013 was enough . more VARIETY plz!!!!

PockyKing1231d ago

I was pulling my hair out during that 10-15 min presentation of Wonder Book. Never again please.

Lord_Sloth1231d ago

A new Champions of Norrath.

GT671231d ago

@ lord_SLOTH ..................... now that be Krazy cool up-to-date ps4 version of Champion of Norrath , Gaunlet any 2 player game .

Vegamyster1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

The Witcher 3, The Division, Zelda, X, possibly Dishonored 2 and whatever new IP's for me.

nevin11231d ago

So you don't want to see those games?

Vegamyster1231d ago

Nah those are the ones I'm most excited to see and everything else is either a bonus or I'm not interested, should have clarified better ;p

nevin11231d ago

A section on upcoming HD remix/remake, indies and ports.

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The story is too old to be commented.