Mario Kart 8 Might just help Nintendo Win E3 2014

There is no secret that Nintendo has been suffering just a little bit when it comes to the whole next-gen battle going on in the gaming industry. While it is true that Nintendo needed to step up their game before the big show the company has shown us just that with the recent release of Mario Kart 8.

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TheSuperior 1443d ago

Mari t 8 is an amazing game. Maybe saying win E3 is a stretch but help Nintendo make a bigger impact on gamers, sure! im proud of them for doing so well on Mario kart 8 as a Nintendo fan I could not be happier.

Abash1443d ago

Two words - Smash. Bros.

Depending on the new fighters they reveal and cool new features for the Wii U version, that could very much make them steal the show at E3.

Mario Kart 8 is already out, I'm not sure how much impact it could do for E3 which is all about future releases

Slade231443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Idk if i'm right about this. But if Nintendo can fix the battle mode by putting in arenas and by adding more Mario Kart 8 race tracks as DLC. Maybe that could help them win E3 or a mario kart 8 themed stage for Smash bros.

But if not both of those ideas, you're right. Idk what would mario kart 8 would do for E3 when it's already out.

Concertoine1442d ago

I think its release is at a perfect time to sort of "condition" people and remind them the fun of nintendo games. That would only make the e3 that much more appealing.

Like last year Nintendo's e3 reveals were great, but we had nothing but months of doom and gloom and seeing "2014" as a date for everything was discouraging.

Sp1tfireXM1443d ago

picked up my wii u Mario kart 8 bundle today! My next gen console collection is now complete. Excellent game, and loving the gamepad!

The 10th Rider1442d ago

I think the idea is that it's giving them a lot of momentum leading into E3. They have much more attention than they had last year. If they can drop some major bombshells they can keep that momentum going.

ats19921443d ago

I agree that mario kart 8 is awesome and has helped the wii u sells a lot but a game that has already been released cant help you win E3.

thehobbyist1443d ago

No, but as the Last of Us has shown, it sure helps.

evilkillerk1443d ago

wait how would it help Nintendo win E3 since it already came out?

LOL_WUT1442d ago

Oh you mean that free Mercedes DLC yea like that'll win E3... ;)

tinkypop1442d ago

Nintendo have a buzz going into E3.
Mario kart8 has lifted the spirit and started to show Nintendo can once again market a game.

welly3001443d ago

Wii u is the best next gen system just needs better variety of games.

randomass1711443d ago

Thing is Mario Kart 8 is out. Nintendo should continue to market it of course, but not to forget games like Smash Bros. That game will be huge for Wii U.

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The story is too old to be commented.