Man spends £20,000 turning bedroom into 1980s games arcade, loses his fiancé

A cautionary tale of love, obsession and video games.

Chris Kooluris used to be like any other 30-something New Yorker. He had a successful career in PR, a great apartment in Manhattan and a loving girlfriend.

That was until he turned his tasteful, grown-up bedroom into a 1980s-style arcade.

It all started when Chris moved in with his girlfriend. They were engaged and he was planning to sell his apartment; everything was going in the right direction.

But then three things happened: Chris started to feel claustrophobic, his apartment didn’t sell and he started reading Ready Player One, a book about 1980s gaming culture.

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Hellsvacancy1227d ago

Win win, now he can game in peace

zeal0us1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Girlfriend/fiance-less isn't a win for a man in his 30's. From the sound of the article, it seems he regret losing his fiance over the room.

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chrissx1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Now this is a game freak...I'm proud of u

SpideySpeakz1227d ago

That's 20,000 well spent than on some pointless wedding. Women come and go, but your childhood memories last forever. There's no benefits in being tied down by these hags. Do'em and dump'em, but game on forever.

cpayne931227d ago god i hope you're not serious.

KING851227d ago

LOL! I think he just may be.