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Submitted by Kemo_Spear 608d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One vs. PS4: Microsoft Loses Bad in May

Sony has been going hard to make its reign over the battlefield of current-gen consoles known, and it’s not stopping. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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admiralvic  +   608d ago
I don't know why the author thought the "even to the Wii U" was needed in the title. I mean, what did you expect to happen with Mario Kart released?
aceitman  +   608d ago
So everyone knows xbox one numbers where at those low numbers weeks before kinectless xbox was announced.
admiralvic  +   608d ago
"those low numbers"

Ignoring the fact that VGchartz isn't the most reliable source of information, your comment screams ignorance. For starters (note, all info is pulled off the same source as the article), every week besides the last week (where the Xbox One sold 52,XXX) the Xbox One has sold something in the 40,000 range with the Wii U only falling 10,000 - 20,000 short. The last week of May, which is also the week Mario Kart 8 released, Wii U numbers went up 489%, which despite the Xbox One seeing a 27% increase, was not enough to bridge the gap that one week in sales gave the Wii U.

So the data is saying that the Xbox One sales aren't low, but the Wii U sales are high (so high that the Wii U probably would have outsold the months total of Xbox One's in the last week of May if Mario Kart released on Tuesday instead of Friday), which is why the reference is unimportant. Just pointless flamebait meant to make the Xbox One look bad, instead of making the Wii U look good (I rather see the title "Mario Kart increases Wii U sales by nearly 500%," but sadly sites want to perpetuate the console war / hate).
UltimateMaster  +   608d ago | Interesting
"In March, The PS4 outsold the Xbox One and Wii U combined, with 655,518 consoles sold to Microsoft’s 433,940 and Nintendo’s 154,227 — that’s over 50 percent more than the Xbox One."

"It outsold both combined once more in April, with 579,850 PS4 units sold to Microsoft’s 335,101 Xbox Ones and 120,568 Wii U consoles."

"In May the PS4 sold 577,092 consoles to top the Xbox One’s 178,481 sales by 223 percent and the Wii U’s 276,396 sales by 108 percent"

So the Wii U outsold the Xbox One in May by more than 100k units.
Since Mario Kart 8 was release in the 31th of May. It'll be interesting to see the sales for the Wii U post-release.
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UltimateMaster  +   608d ago | Well said
With all the "Wii U is DDDOOOOOMMMEDDD!" and "The Vita Is DEEEEAAAAADD"
I wonder if it won't the Xbox's turn to suffer the same treatment as pro-xbox sites have been bashing both the Wii U and the Vita.
Fair. is. fair.
morganfell  +   608d ago | Well said
Those that think a Kinectless SKU is going to generate massive X1 sales and are excusing low May sales on the basis of those persons being in hold mode until said Kinectless SKU launches are in for a rough June.
Pogmathoin  +   608d ago
I guess then if MS numbers jump, some usual trolls here will be in for a rough June, or else will be the usual, thats cool, I once owned a 360..... BS we hear from some......
4Sh0w  +   608d ago
vgchartz is fine for ballpark predictions but taking them as gospel to write concrete statements for hits is just poor journalism, but its obvious the author was aiming for a thought provoking professional newspiece.

Also why wouldn't it be a fair statement to assume announcing a new sku with a lower price point will lower sales somewhat prior to the month in which that sku will be released. That's common sense, something in fact I heard many times last gen when sony offered a new lower priced ps3. I mean ps4 has been outselling X1 by a slim margin in the US and I'm guessing a bigger margin only in April, although I don't recall any official numbers for sony from any reputable site, all we know was that ps4 sold more but maybe I missed the official numbers.

Now again for the month of May I think naturally it will be at least a bit lower for X1 but looking at the actual official numbers X1 sales thus far the console says are good, as micro themselves note they are still better than 360 was in the same timeframe, it just ps4 is selling so well that some want that to mean the X1 is doomed, lol that's just the way fanboys think.

That said I've commented before that I don't believe removing Kinect is going to bring a massive sales boost some think it will help but I see over the next year as many more transition for last gen consoles to next gen that will really help the X1 sales over the longterm and will bring it neck and neck with ps4 in the US when its all said and done. When X1 does eventually outsell ps4 in the US and the headlines are reversed I wonder if much of this same type of "news" will be approved over and over again? I see a few of those silly blog-quality random negative ps4 news stories are quickly reported here, lol and the mods do a good job of failing them, some deleted altogether, but that's n4g so I say keep it coming. karma
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morganfell  +   608d ago | Well said
"...some usual trolls here..." says the guy that just wrote this:
alexkoepp  +   608d ago
Xbox One again won the battle of my living room in May. That's now 4 months the PS4 has been sitting in my closet gathering dust, using the X1 right now as I type this.
BX81  +   608d ago
I hear that. My ps4 has been collecting dust as well, until 3 days ago. I just got bound by flames. I'm having fun so far with 4 hrs in. You should give it a try.
@ ultimate master
MS's turn? Where have you been since xb1's announcement? I say the last month to 2 months the xb1 has had a steady stream of positive articles here. Before that was the doom and gloom. The vita seems kinda lost in the sauce at the moment, the focus for the vita seems to be more as a secondary screen. As for the wii u I said a while ago that a couple of games could turn things around for nin. MK being one of them and if they announce a new Zelda... Wel I'm sure u know.
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amiga-man  +   608d ago
alexkoepp, I seriously doubt you even own a PS4, your comment history confirms that, but even if it were true you can't ignore the battle for the living room in the majority of homes is being won by the PS4

Back to the story, the xone couldn't have got off to a worse start, MS were so far off with their ideas for next gen they have had to backtrack on pretty much everything they built it around, even kinect.

the machine has no identity with weaker specs and it's showing in poor sales, what were MS thinking?
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gaffyh  +   608d ago
Is this supposed to be worldwide data? Because VGC has proven to be quite unreliable at times when the NPD is released. Not that I don't think PS4 came top though, because this is the month MS announced the diskinect.
larrysdirtydrawss  +   608d ago
kinectless xone is a worse value than the 450$ titanfall bundle... ppl just had it with its bad graphics and no games and are going over to the ps4 and even(lol) Nintendo,a kids console
Azzanation  +   608d ago
People tend to forget (Not that Sales means anything to gamers) XB1 is only sold in a small fraction of the world and it has been announced that theres a cheaper model on the way.

XB1 could only sell 20 million total sales in its life span. At the end of the day there just sales. That system is going to have some of the best games on it like Halo 5 and the next big Rare Title.

This sales race honestly has gone down to the immature kids of gaming claiming (If one system sells better then the other then its a superior gaming platform with better games) No I found the 360 a better console then the Wii (My opinion) because it had the better games i liked, yet the Wii killed the 360 and PS3 in sales.

N64 was the best console I brought that generation because its games were outstanding and some of the best iv ever played yet the PS1 destroyed it in Sales.

See where I am heading with this? Let me guess one of you are going to bring up "Derp better sales means better support" No it doesn't, its who pays who more $$$ for games. Why does the X1 have a bigger 3rd party games library then the great selling PS4? Money talks. The only reason that statement would be true is if 1 system is a incredible flop in sales. This gen all 3 are successful enough.
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aceitman  +   608d ago
@azzanation, umm how do u think ms has better third party support, only ea gave them$$$$$$ titanfall. And only timed exclusive for plants vs zombies gw , and peggle2 and its running better on ps4. And almost all 3rd party games have run and looked better on ps4 .
jsslifelike  +   607d ago
Shouldn't it read, "Microsoft Loses BADLY In May"?
jebabcock  +   607d ago
Well, I really hope the X1 did better than that. Watch Dogs release appears to be sending a very strong signal to developers...

1.8million units for PS4
.8million units for X1

Watchdogs sales for the PS4 matched TitanFall lifetime sales in its first week.

It appears to have moved a significant number of units for the PS4 as there is no other explanation for the large spike in ps4 sales.

The X1 struggles to move consoles when they release exclusives but the PS4 is having consoles being moved by multiplat games. Sony has to be pretty dang happy about the system right now.
truefan1  +   608d ago
My goodness you people that frequent this site are the most irrational people ever. The ps4 is in 72 countries, I repeat 72. Xb1 is in 13. If XB1 just sold an average of 4000 consoles in one month per country for 50 countries that is 200,000 extra consoles for the month.

I'm not saying XB1 would be outselling ps4 by any stretch, but you can't honestly ignore the fact that the margin wouldn't be as wide. You people have the most shaded views ever, you guys never look at the complete picture. So in September if XB1 outsells ps4 worldwide, I don't want to hear crap about XB1 launching in additional countries. Hell XB1 might sell the most in June if they knock it out the park at E3. You mention the Titanfall launch, but there was a large influx of ps4's + infamous after holding back stock for March.

Not to mention all the gaming stores have been advertising the $399 XB1, so I'm guess one would be willing to wait a few extra weeks if they wanted a kinectless XB1.
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Chaostar  +   608d ago | Well said
Massive irony followed by dodgy math wrapped up with a tired argument and false hopes.

I do so love untangling the half-truths, misleading pr speak and twisted logic in your posts.

Gives the old noodle a work out.

Keep up the good fight lol.
memots  +   608d ago | Well said
My goodness you people that frequent this site are the most irrational people ever.
Xbo is sold in 13 country and getting outsold in each of those country.
SpinalRemains138  +   608d ago | Well said
In your imaginary fantasy land, MS doesn't manufacture as many consoles as they can, so selling in more countries means more sales.

Except it doesn't work that way. If they cannot sell out where there is demand, why on Earth would you assume that demand flies high in areas where PS dominates to begin with?

Do you even think before you just say things? Seriously? Do you honestly think you can solve all Xbox One's woes by barging into a MS board room and proclaiming "Guys!!!! I HAVE THE SOLUTION! Sell in more countries!!!"
Bathyj  +   608d ago | Well said
You know what's irritating. How you cling to this only in 12 countries thing like it's going to make the slightest bit of difference.

Just so you know 75 percent off all Xbone sales, that's right 3 quarters, come from 2 countries. US and UK.

It's already out in the only countries it's going to sell in. It will enjoy a small sales bump when it releases in Bulgaria it Sweden or whatever else you think all these magical sales numbers are going to come from, but the truth is Titanfall made a bigger sales bump than all those other countries are going to make, and Titanfall didn't make that much difference, even when the game is free.

I'm not trying to stop you from enjoying your Xbone, have fun with it, but give up this notion that it's only trailing behind because it's in less countries, it's talking behind cos less people want it. Get used to that out get used to disappointment for the next 8 years.
xbjuan  +   608d ago | Well said
No one wants that POS xbone DEAL WITH IT
AndrewLB  +   608d ago
Also, don't forget Xbone games are outselling PS4 games here in the US. The only way to explain that is a lack of decent software for the PS4.
HeWhoWalks  +   608d ago | Well said
@ Andrew: X1 games are outselling PS4 games in the US? Really? I'd advise to have a second look, ESPECIALLY at WATCH_DOGS!
T2  +   608d ago
Hahaha! They should release in Japan then lol your math is hilarious... That would net them what another 1000 per month? And Japan is a larger country... They arent going to sell another 200 K even if they released in 200 countries, you are delusional
Mr_Writer85  +   608d ago | Well said

The number of release consoles is irrelevant.

MS CHOSE not to release in those countries as the demand is clearly not there and it's better to release your stock in places where demand is high.

Why would they spread themselves thin to have stock sitting around, not that it doesn't sit around anyway, but it's in the places where demand is high.

Europe is (other than the UK) is Playstation dominated. Do you really think that if MS could of got a foothold there they would ignore most of it?

No only an idiot would. If MS where any threat in Japan do you think Sony would of launched so late there? No they wouldn't have.

The reason MS havnt released in the same amount of countries is because it would make very little impact.


X1 - 5 games that sold over 1million - 0 over 2

PS4 - 6 games over 1million - 2 games over 2million

The world doesn't revolve around the US you know...
rainslacker  +   608d ago
If MS thought they could move an additional 200K a units a month in those extra countries, they'd have released them there by now. It's not like they're in short supply. The reason they aren't there is because they aren't countries where MS sells many consoles last gen, so they're focusing on the more lucrative markets.
Chevalier  +   608d ago
Again Truefan, give up. Which ONE country can you name where Xbone beat PS4?! None. Also you know exactly how many units are shipped to each country with a comprehensive breakdown proving your idiotic statement? The most units will ship to Tier 1 countries. You think Xbone will instantly sell more in Tier 2 and 3 countries even though 2/3 units sold of MS products were in 2 countries (U.S. and U.K) where they're currently getting beat. There are so many units available sitting on shelves that MS could recall and start releasing to those countries if they wanted too.
kenshiro100  +   608d ago
You're probably the most irrational around here.
Clarence  +   608d ago
Out of those 72 countries how many of those can compete with NA? The point is M$ released the xbone in the countries that mattered.

Half of those countries that your barking about can't even come close to what NA can put out.
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pyramidshead  +   608d ago
This whole comment is ironic to moronic. Clever girl!

You're comments are going to be amusing to read this coming week. I don't think I'm going to able to handle all the nonsense you'll be typing.

So much assumption and faux-math. Not even realising it doesn't matter that the Xbone is in fewer countries because the countries that it is out in are its primary selling areas, not to mention all the countries it hasn't launched in are unofficially selling them anyway.

Reach higher, wider, stronger, Truefan1.
Jubez187  +   607d ago
I'm pretty sure they're on in 13 countries because they don't have a MARKET in those other countries. Sony has always been more global.
MysticStrummer  +   607d ago
"I do so love untangling the half-truths, misleading pr speak and twisted logic in your posts.

Gives the old noodle a work out"

Yes it is entertaining, but my question is always "Should I bother responding?" because I know all too well that this same person will spout this same drivel at some point, probably later today, no matter how many times someone else corrects them.

"I'm not saying XB1 would be outselling ps4 by any stretch, but you can't honestly ignore the fact that the margin wouldn't be as wide."

If Sony had kept up with PS4 demand early on and XB1 had been released in the same number of countries, PS4 would have an even bigger lead.

Dueling hypotheticals… Fight!
DoubleM70  +   607d ago

Rational thought don't count here. More countries and a cheaper Xbox will change things. If you don't think that you are a true Pony. To be honest I'm hoping Sony will be the leader the Whole generation. Reason for this it make Microsoft pushing even harder with great games and Network.
Knushwood Butt  +   607d ago
Oooh, just you lot wait until the Xone is released in Japan!!
XiSasukeUchiha  +   608d ago
Is anyone else sick and tired of the console wars?
Ch1d0r1  +   607d ago
It's funny to read all the comments from both sides. Another thing is hasn't really been a war. SONY keeps dominating every month.
SH1ELD  +   607d ago
nope. just engage yourself on something else and not just on videogames
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SegaGamer  +   607d ago
Yes. All these fanboys bickering about consoles, it's pathetic. It doesn't help with all these type of articles coming out.

I can't see why these people feel they need to back one console over the other. Surely as a gamer you don't want to miss out on anything.
dale_denton  +   608d ago
xbox sucks. end of story.
Magicite  +   608d ago
With current progress X1 might not even make it to XBOX180 sales, xoxoxo.
Chevalier  +   608d ago
So half of the 360 sales? Lol.
Timcurrey  +   607d ago
Actually with current progress if it is maintained it will outsell 360. The xbox one is the third most sucessful console launch in history, after wii and ps4. Its currently outpacing where 360 and ps3/2 where at this point in their lifetime
MysticStrummer  +   607d ago
"Actually with current progress if it is maintained it will outsell 360."

Looking at just the total is a bit different from the reality that most of XB1's sales happened between launch and the holidays. It's sales pace plummeted after that.

If XB1 continues at it's current pace, 360 will be back in front.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   607d ago
And Sony might not make it to next year mmm Samsung Station nice ring to it don't you think xoxoxoxo
imt558  +   608d ago
I will just copy/paste myself from another thread.

PS4 version have sold a ton. For now, ~50% of all sales are the PS4 version in UK. PS4 hardware sales up 94% in UK.

PS4 (49%)
Xbox One (27%)
Xbox 360 (13%)
PS3 (9%)

Waiting for NPD results for US market.

Well, this time VGChartz numbers are OK.
showtimefolks  +   608d ago
not many were gonna buy a xbox one because they can wait few weeks and save $100. wii-u should have and most likely will do a little better with mario kart 8

i don't expect the ps4 to stop selling, even at $399 xbox one will stay a distant 2nd to ps4. Phil Spencer is the right guy to lead the xbox brand but its gonna take some time for the xbox brand to show it means business and cares about gamers for full trust from consumers

its still unbelievable how much damage was done to the biggest brand in USA(xbox360) in matter of one year. E3 is a good start for phil spencer and ms to show they mean business. this time there needs to be one straight message.

ps4 is the better consoles(not an opinion, tech wise its better than xbox one) so it will sell better. In this day and age where consumers are more aware of the products they buy, many will do their research and the research will show that ps4 is and will continue to be the better console. But that doesn't mean xbox one will fail, i believe it will be very successful.

wiiu will stay a distant 3rd and most who buy it will own a 2nd console to play majority of 3rd party games. Nintendo really needs to wake up. One more year like last year and time to cut your losses and make a powerful console with developer feedback
kenshiro100  +   608d ago
You're so full of it alex. You don't own a PS4. Stop before you embarrass yourself further.

I see the PS4 is still going very strong. Microsoft better pray for a miracle at E3.
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360ICE  +   608d ago
Still though. It's Wii U. Has it ever "lost" to Wii U before?
#1.9 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MeterBreak  +   607d ago
No major console that launched over a year ago should sell a console that just recently came out. I think that's why there's some surprise that the WiiU outsold the Xbox One. I'm not trying to fan any flames - just think about the situation rationally.
Timcurrey  +   607d ago
Apart from the fact that most consoles launch with average software lineups. Mario kart 8 is a huge boost for the wii u
MeterBreak  +   607d ago
New tech is new tech. Fanboys will make excuses no matter what, however. And pile up the "disagrees"
TAURUS-555  +   607d ago
i believe...the xbox1 is dead.
Lawboy2  +   608d ago
First off vgcharts
Second off- new kinect less sku announced in may as well as new bundles announced in may that won't release until june
AngelicIceDiamond  +   608d ago
True though the X1 still had some pretty bad sales in May.

PS4 simply outperformed it, again.

You are right and like I stated MS had to bite down on the pain of slow May sales in order to prepare for that Kinectless X1 SKU this month.
Eonjay  +   608d ago
There is a sense going into E3 that everyone knows what the numbers look like. Most importantly is the fact that the PS4 is up over XBO in the US by over half a million units. The US is responsible for the majority of Xbox sales. Worldwide, the PS4 is leading by more than XBO has sold in the US, so in order for it to catch up, it has to sell double what its selling now and or it need to find two more USAs.

This is the task that Phil Spencer was given by Don Mattrick. He has to effectively outperform the competition which is doing very well. Now the XBO would have to break the PS4's historic pace substantially in order to catch up.
xDHAV0K24x  +   607d ago
And still no matter how u spin it, XB1 is a success
Godmars290  +   608d ago
X1's numbers, because of the new SKU and its early announcement, wont be accurate till after June.
patsrule316  +   608d ago
I think you mean that the amount of trend of sales for Xbox One will change lower between the announcement and the release of the Kinect-less sku, and then will change higher after the release. That has no bearing on the accuracy of the numbers, and doesn't mean the sales numbers will be inaccurate.
Visiblemarc  +   608d ago

If,and likely when, you're proven right, the Xbox fan(boy) base will team up with Microsoft to go into permanent denial.
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Copen  +   608d ago | Well said
People like you make me laugh. They were packing in Titanfall and gift card bonuses for 450 back in April and it didn't move xbox ones like they thought it would. Why would people buy the 399 without the Kinect or Titanfall or gift cards now? They won't that's the truth. Simply matching the Ps4's price isn't a good enough value proposition. Even at 399 it's still the weaker system with worse multi plat games now if it were say 350 then it would still be the weaker system with worse performing multi plat games but at 350 it's easier to swallow.
ZodTheRipper  +   608d ago | Well said
This and people forget all the time that Xbox is and always was the weaker brand. Playstation made a comeback and it's as strong as ever, there is pretty much no scenario where the X1 can outsell the PS4.
TheFallenAngel  +   608d ago
They had the xbone with titanfall included for like $450 through several retailers and it still was outsold by the ps4.
Copen  +   608d ago
Exactly...People championing the X1 are conveniently forgetting this while believing 399 is some magic price point that will give it traction and when the sales stats come out and the PS4 is still outselling it then what?
Lawboy2  +   608d ago
@ Copen and friends

First off ur a little late tot the article at first it was in reference to the wii u... And my comment was in reference to this not to the ps4 sales....some ppl so invested in he console war I swear....smh
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xbjuan  +   608d ago
3rd off. . . cool story bro
Kemo_Spear  +   608d ago
@ admiralvic
My bad. Was not too sure on that part either. I went back and corrected it.
Please give me a little slack as this was my first posting here. And thank you for the positive input.
NatureOfLogic_  +   608d ago
admiralvic is wrong in this case. You were correct using the original title. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the fanboys on this site.
admiralvic  +   608d ago
"admiralvic is wrong in this case. "

How am I wrong? I didn't report them for using the wrong title, I reported them for having "read more at: url" in the description, which is against the rules.
corvusmd   608d ago | Immature | show
Kemo_Spear  +   608d ago
Thank you all for your help on my first post.
horndog  +   608d ago
I'm not expecting xbox to pick up the pace till after e3. Sony is on a roll right now and MS needs something big at e3 to put themselves back in the race. I see a price drop coming.
SuperBlunt  +   608d ago
the 399 sku right?
XStation  +   608d ago
The article fails to mention the $399 kinectless XB1 coming June 9th. I'd imagine there will be a healthy spike in sales for June and is the big reason why it didn't sell well in May.
Copen  +   608d ago
IT WONT MATTER....Once again if the Titanfall bundles and gift cards like Target was giving out at 450 didn't sell millions then why in the hell would a 399 Kinectless and without a game sell? It simply won't matter. Sony's still giving the better value at 399 so stop wishing for something that's not going to happen. Word of mouth is better than advertising and word has got around that the PS4 is the cool thing to have and at 399 still does something better than their competitor is it plays games better there's no debate. Most games are multi plat games and every one to date runs and looks better on the PS4 it's a fact.
#6.1 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(34) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Flutterby  +   608d ago
I would just ignore him ,xbone fanboys have all gone into denial mode and locked all doors.
XStation   608d ago | Bad language | show
ncc-017  +   608d ago
right on!
N4g_null  +   607d ago
So basically you are saying the ps4 is a fad... the cool thing to have. Your words.... right now the games are almost the same. Titan fall did about as good as second son. The power argument is a very small one. We are not really seeing a huge difference.

This could mean that we have hit a point where the dev community hits a wall in using this tech effectively and or pc tech has made them to lazy or simply underfunded.
Gamerbynight  +   607d ago
People on this site seriously need to grow up. If microsoft is no competition for you why are they constantly being brought up and bashed on n4g? It just makes everyone look pathetic including the moderators who are letting this happen. I must have missed the age restriction for n4g of 12 and under. Grow up people.
XStation  +   607d ago
People hate hearing the truth so i get dislikes. You have the Xbox One releasing in China first, it's only in 13 markets, they're starting to try to appeal to the Japanese audience, they're removing kinect, they're making a disc less one which im sure will be $300 without kinect, they're bringing a lot of games, how can those things not increase sales?
No_Limit  +   608d ago
now vgchartz is a reliable source now? Just another fanboy blog from a random user.

My gut feeling tells me the NPD in May will once again have PS4 on top, XB1 second, and Wii third again. Announcing the new Kinectless Sku in the Middle of May will have some effect on the XB1 as I think many will just wait for that Sku to buy instead. Mario Kart 8 was released on May 30th so I don't think that will be enough to surpass the XB1 in May.

But since I have all three consoles, I don't worry about numbers that much as long as the games are coming like Uncharted 4, Halo 5, and a new Zelda, all my console will be justify, regardless of who finish first, second, or third. I'll leave that silly sales numbers to you armchair fanboys to argue about.
#7 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(35) | Report | Reply
Spotie  +   608d ago
Except the numbers were already poor before the announcement of unbundling Kinect. Sales in May might be worse than it would have been otherwise, but it's not like the XB1 was going to have a respectable showing to begin with.

Can't keep finding excuses, when the truth is right in your face.
No_Limit  +   608d ago
Like said, I don't care as I have all three. :)
SpinalRemains138  +   608d ago
Not at all, except when VG says anything Xbox is doing poorly, you can rest assured its doing worse than that even.

This is the way VG works. Sony bad......Xbox good.
Flutterby  +   608d ago
If you didn't care you wouldn't go and defend the xbone every chance you get, it's just sad now , give it up and stop pretending, we can see you are angry.
No_Limit  +   608d ago
LOL, Please! so saying "PS4 on top, XB1 second, and Wii third again" is defending the XB1? LOL, give it a rest, I am a realist and a gamer and I always say things with logic behind it.

Oh, I also said this about the XB1 sales in the last NPD.
"Man, those are terrible numbers for XB1. No wonder MS announced the Stand alone bundle 2 days before NPD. I think initially they were going to save that announcement for E3 but with number like 115k, I think they have to announce it ASAP to gain some some excitement for the console. I expect the PS4 to continue to lead in sales every month this year unless Halo 5 make it in November this year. "

How about you, have you ever said anything bad about the Playstation? So don't come with me with your little rant, go take a look in the mirror.

Now, Back to Mario Kart 8, can't believe I even have to reply to someone as illogical as you! smh
#7.3.1 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(13) | Report
djplonker  +   608d ago
@ NO_limit

How do you even have 3 bubbles left you are cleary delusional...
SuperBlunt  +   608d ago
vg chartz is all but confirmed to be in the xbox team and they still showed the bone getting beaten half to death by the playstation and the wii u.
HeWhoWalks  +   608d ago
If you didn't care, your first post wouldn't have been as defensive as it was (or exist at all, for that matter). Doesn't matter the source, the PS4 will win May's NPD just like all of the months prior. June may, perhaps, be different, by I don't imagine the $399 SKU being something totally game changing.
Flutterby  +   608d ago
See you are just angry lol

Also I have said things bad about playstation just at the moment they are doing everything right so what's to complain about ? Better games imo ,better multiplats factually , better message. Sony are just doing better at everything.

The thing is I'm a pc gamer not a Sony fangirl all I was doing is calling out all your bs trying to pretend you are neutral.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   607d ago
Better games??? Really,F2P and Indies and 3 exclusives!!! I have both and X1 has the better AAA games what planet are you on Mr PC Gamer
psyxon  +   608d ago
Slick81  +   608d ago
So ps4 still rolling nothing to see here
Orbilator  +   608d ago
Do we even care about who's wining, lets all just enjoy our consoles and have fun playing what we enjoy regardless of cobsole
Pyro2000x  +   608d ago
You cared when it was the Wii or 360 winning over the PS3 but you don't care now that it's the PS4 raping the Xbox Done and Wiik U?
mediate-this  +   608d ago
Xbox done wiik u?? Wow very mature, you are killing this site.
SuperBlunt  +   608d ago
hey the wii u is in second place, dey cool yo.
ncc-017  +   608d ago
condemmedman  +   608d ago
I feel sorry for you child.
djplonker  +   608d ago
"wiik u"

Lol ok so we have


wiik u


Anyone got one for pc?

#10.1.5 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
KinjoTakemura  +   608d ago
Even at the lowest estimates, the PS4 is selling approximately 400,000 units per month. Even if that number is off by 100,000 units or more, it is still safe to assume that the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2 to 1.
TheFallenAngel  +   608d ago
Vg chartz? Lol they had the xbone outselling the ps4 in the USA for 2 months lol.
SpinalRemains138  +   608d ago
They had 360 ahead of PS3 for 8 years
0P-Tigrex  +   608d ago
I say lets wait till after June. If Xbox is still selling poorly then there simply is no excuse.
#13 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
0P-Tigrex  +   608d ago
***Playing Devil's Advocate**

Let's just say the reason why the Xbox One wasn't selling well was because of the price along with the Kinect.

The price is now $100 cheaper, and it doesn't come with Kinect; wasn't the price the excuse in the first place?? --> "(People were buying more PS4's because it was just cheaper)"...

With the new SKU, and the ability of the devs to code around the remaining GPU where the Kinect was, it will save people money if they don't want Kinect and games will be potentially better then what they are now. There wouldn't be an excuse.

That's why i say wait till the end of June to say "Xbox is forever doomed". We know it may never outsell the Ps4, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be able to survive...Millions of people bought the system after all.

Even though i think If you were going to buy an Xbox One to begin with.. you would've already bought one. $100 isn't too expensive if you're a gamer.. you make it work.
#13.1 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
kingdip90  +   608d ago
The devs can't code around the gpu where kinect was because many people still have and use the kinect and it will still be available seperately. That gpu space won't be freed up at all.
rainslacker  +   608d ago
Thing is, come Monday, Sony could easily announce a game bundled with the system. If rumors are to be believed about a release this month, TLOU would be a good guess to bundle with the system.

If MS doesn't have a bundle to reciprocate, then suddenly the PS4 is going to be perceived as a better value, even to those that have no clue about the differences between the system. Other possible bundles would be I:SS or KZ:SF, possibly with Knack. Adding in any of those wouldn't hit Sony's bottom line.

It would be keeping with Sony's MO this gen of coming out strong and not allowing MS to get a one up on the market.
#13.1.2 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
KNWS  +   608d ago
PS4 is outselling the xb1, its not a lie. The thing is though will it continue to be the case after E3?

Microsoft wins E3 and Sony still sells more console than them for the rest of the year. That's a genuine headache for Microsoft. to figure out, how they can change their fortunate around.
rainslacker  +   608d ago
Sad that when you make a perfectly reasonable statement you get disagrees.

I believe, as far as games, MS had a much better showing last year. It was non-stop game after game. Many of them compelling. Sony had a lot too, but it dragged in places.

I expect this year MS will repeat it's formula of non-stop games because it's what they've said they'll do. Sony will probably step it up as well, but Sony has other things like PSNow, will probably announce the new games for PS+, maybe some Vita or VTV, probably a nod to the PS3, likely discuss some sales numbers, and of course Morpheus. They'll want to make room for that, which means some time will be taken away from games.

Anyhow, despite all this, and the fact I think MS did deliver the games last year, MS games message just didn't resonate with the community, and it didn't translate into sales.

Them not addressing the DRM issue at the conference was the worst thing they could have done, because it took attention away from the games. I remember that the games they showed got drowned out in all the articles about the DRM stuff.

Since all the DRM stuff is now gone, and the no Kinect option is there, it makes the system more attractive than before. But watching the forums over the year that's past, it seems that MS efforts still aren't really resonating with gamers, and it's not translating into sales. The people that liked Xbox before are liking it more, but the people that were kind of "meh" about it still seem "meh" about it.

Because of this, it's hard to imagine what MS can do to get new people excited for the system. Games haven't done it. Removing DRM hasn't done it. Removing Kinect hasn't done it. Sadly, all the same negative vibes are still present. As much as some people may want to believe it, it's not just Sony fan boys who are feeling this way, but real potential customers for MS.

MS isn't doing terrible this gen. They're selling faster than the 360 did, and under other circumstances, they'd have a lot to be proud of, and internally they may be happy with the actual numbers. But when put up against the sales of the PS4 it looks much worse than it really is.

The worst part of MS situation right now is the negative perceptions that surround it, and they're fighting to overcome it. I believe they're more worried about that than they are about the PS4 outselling it, because that kind of thing directly affects their long term plans with the XBox brand.
Rainstorm81  +   607d ago
Everyone says its selling faster yet in April it sold less than any April in the 360s lifetime besides 2014.......maybe it just had a faster beginning than the 360
rainslacker  +   607d ago
Semantics aside, one bad month does not negate the fact that it's sold more than the 360 in the same time period.

I don't know what the future will bring, but my point was that MS is fighting an uphill battle for the mind share of the potential customer. Sony seems to be doing a lot of things right, and MS tripped over itself before it was even released.

It appears that this gen, games haven't been deciding factor to a lot of people, and because of this, it's hard to imagine what MS can do to turn it around if those people still have a negative view of the X1.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   608d ago
>Sales data from vgchartz

Ha ha ha ha ha!
T2  +   608d ago
Yup all we gotta do is wait 5 days for npd. Vgshartz is crap no matter what they say
That being said, npd will be ugly for Xbox
MasterCornholio  +   608d ago
I'm sure that tomorrow we will have updated figures from Sony and Microsoft.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   607d ago
Sony's numbers will be the fictional combined sales data they've been pushing on their gullible fanbase.

Microsoft's numbers will be the somewhat less fictional but equally fluffed up shipped to retailer sales figures they've been pushing on their gullible fanbase.
uth11  +   608d ago
I know it's VGcharts, so I take it with a grain a salt,

but- if the Wii U can't outsell the xbox one this month, then it may as give up.
Realplaya  +   608d ago
I think the Wii U will do fine. PS4 will continue to sell of hype but the price drop did it damage the XB1 or help it. The Wii U showed price is not a selling factor games are. If you had the money would you buy a Lambo because of the name mope it's what's under the hood.
Killzoner99  +   608d ago
Ouch , it's gotta hurt to be an Xbone owner right about now. The PS4 continues to dominate the sales charts with no end in sight. This will give Sony a boost in confidence going into E3 so you know they're going to hit it out of the park now.
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   608d ago
On the contrary, I feel quite fine.
brotherlymoses  +   608d ago
Does it really matter to me or the company? I will still enjoy playing games and that why I bought an xbox one, because I love their games. I'm really excited about whatever halo news they have this year, if they announce halo 2 anniversary with the same mutiplayer then everything else will irrelevant to me....that's just ME.
KNWS  +   608d ago
The xbox 1 is an amazing console. I think its unfortunate they had a bad year last year and memories of it still linger with some gamers.

Most people who went with x box last generation. Are still using the 360. I have about 90 friends on two accounts, and only see 8 people who've gone and bought an xb1.

Microsoft will have to drop support for 360 and bring out more games, before they'll move to next gen. 360 is a really great console, and it hasn't helped Microsoft it been that good.

I not sure what you mean by hurt. Hurt over what exactly? Microsoft, 4 to 5 million consoles sold in 8 months is hardly a failure.

Sony doing better yes, but Microsoft has nothing to be worried about. Has the x box 1 stagnated? My x box 1 is updated every month with new features, i am very happy believe it or not.
#18.3 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Back-to-Back  +   608d ago
The xbox 1 is an amazing console....until you realize it has the graphical fidelity of an HP Notebook.
#18.3.1 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(3) | Report
T2  +   608d ago
Sorry to break it to you but your other 82 friends got ps4 they just didn't tell you
GW212  +   607d ago
Listen, i own both consoles and I'll say that you're one of the least pushy xbox guys on this site. I mean that as no slight. You have your preference and you defend that without being ridiculous (georgenoob, corvus, powerofgreen etc).

I tend to prefer my ps4 but not by a huge margin. I agree that xb1 is awesome and will only get better. It has the better feature set right now and is a more complete living room center piece. I just happen to be more into graphics. I know, sue me. Outside of graphical ability, I think xb1 is better right now.
condemmedman  +   608d ago
I'm not bothered playing titanfall and dead rising 3 having a great time. :-D
HaveAsandwich  +   608d ago
so what do they have if the price drop/kinectless doesn't work. it's not even about games, at that point.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   608d ago
Lol. What did I just read?
Allsystemgamer  +   608d ago
The truth?
Flames76  +   608d ago
I know sony is in trouble after losing billion on top of billions of dollars every year but damn this is just getting sad now.These sony fanboy articles has to stop
#21 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(20) | Report | Reply
KinjoTakemura  +   608d ago
You do know Sony makes movies, produces music, sells insurance, and is heavily involved in investment banking? I'm guessing that you didn't. FANBOY ^_^
kenshiro100  +   608d ago

Sony is worth millions. Just stop, it's getting sad now.
GoPanthers999  +   608d ago
Here is the real deal. Titanfall is awesome, even with no campaign. Even with MK8 and a slew of other games, nothing I have is as much pure fun as Titanfall. So, feel free to buy a PS4, but you are missing some great experiences. I will agree on one point, Kinect sux.
Ol_Boy  +   608d ago
I stopped reading as soon as I read "vgchartz." It's obvious ps4 has been outselling both the wii u and x1. I'll wait for a more reliable source to say by how much.
Kemo_Spear  +   608d ago
Well, please let us know whe MS give out the numbers of sold units, not shiped.
It is a tell tell sign when a company as big as MS do not gibe out official numbers of units sold.
Untill then we have to go by sites like VGC (which I admit suck), but untill then, that is all we have to work with.
Ol_Boy  +   608d ago
I see your point but I rather not work with those made up numbers.
jessupj  +   608d ago
I agree.

But it's a know truth that vgcharts over tracks xbox sales and under tracks PS sales.

So if whatever number the PS4 sold according to vg I automatically assume it's more.

Either way I'll wait til official numbers before stating anything as fact.
Ol_Boy  +   608d ago
DialgaMarine  +   608d ago
People who keep claiming it's because of the new SKU are morons. Look up some of the preorder news for that thing and stop making BS excuses for why a crap console is getting it's ass kicked by a superior console.
Slick81  +   608d ago
People are better educated they know the ps4 has better specs and is overall cheaper .x1 just has too much bad publicity people aren't just gonna purchase xbox over ps right now knowing everything they know it's just facts
SpinalRemains138  +   608d ago
Sales for XOne are so awful that VG Chartz can't even cook the books to make it look more appealing.

That's very bad news

I wonder how low they really are? Maybe VG is underestimating their sales, but I doubt it.
#26 (Edited 608d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
mt  +   608d ago
first round yes, after this E, Microsoft will start the second round and we will see.
romancer  +   608d ago
"Microsoft loses bad in May" -- which appears to mean that English (spelling and grammar) loses badly.

When this author goes to see movies -- does he spend all his time discussing box office figures and profit percentages rather that the movies themselves? Or is this curious obsession confined to video games?
Harmonizer  +   608d ago
Wow, you definitely must be quite the romancer :)
LGM313  +   608d ago
Xbox dOne.
Father__Merrin  +   608d ago
can't wait to see wii u numbers next week
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