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Submitted by neildee250 613d ago | news

Watch_Dogs 'Online Hacking' Exploit Revealed

neildee250 writes: "Watch_Dogs campaign has been well received by the community with Ubisoft's best ever sales figures, however, once the campaign finishes and you jump into the online hacking contract world, things get a little silly.

The forums are full of complaints as people battle it out for the league rankings on the game - unfortunately, right there, is where the exploit exists. Let me explain.

Once you go into 'Online Hacking' there comes a point when you may want to come out of it.

e.g. I watched Ellohime hit 100K followers and leave online hacking so he could chat to his Twitch followers for a few minutes." (PC, PS3, PS4, Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

neildee250  +   613d ago
can we get some approvals please?
thorstein  +   613d ago
Can we get some proofreading please?
Starbucks_Fan  +   613d ago
lol you desperate bro
neildee250  +   612d ago
how am I desperate. Behave dude!
isarai  +   613d ago
Soldierone  +   613d ago
Not really too bad, it just reset your stance.

What I hate about online hacking is when they get you a target, and he is no where good for it. One time I had a guy in the middle of the ocean and he just stopped and sat there when it alerted I came. As you can imagine, one random person swimming out to him, wonder who the intruder is?

It's even worse when that happens in tailing. Tailing is super fun when its a crowded place or places to hide, but when they get the advantage and run to a wide open area where no one is, it becomes too hard. I just think a simple fix would be to have the AI act out more. Have them run, or roam to random spots, etc... so an actual player doesn't stick out so bad.
oORafzOo  +   612d ago
liked your comment, you showed a problem and gave a possible solution for it instead of moaning like most people do.
neildee250  +   612d ago
thanks man
Naga  +   613d ago
This explains so much. I've been playing WAY too much and am currently sitting at 22nd in the world. So when I saw the top of the leaderboard and see that they have almost 4 times as many points as me in half the time, I got really confused.

I guess I'll have to wait for them to clear the leader boards of players who have reset.
RiPPn  +   613d ago
The online in this game is super fun, they really should have made a mode similar to the fixer side quest where you are both in cars and you have to stay close to download the data then wreck and kill them, that would have been way fun against a human opponent.
neildee250  +   612d ago
I know it has its issues but this game is still worth every penny. Anyone agree?
DFogz  +   612d ago
They have that mode, it's called Online Decryption.

You don't have to stay in your car, and killing your target to steal the data is acceptable. However there can be up to 8 (i think, maybe 6?) players all after the same data packet, it's not just 1v1 like the fixer contracts.
It gets pretty crazy sometimes trying to chase guys around the city while trying to stay close enough to steal the info and simultaneously box out the other players and try to not get yourself killed in the process.
Neo Nugget  +   613d ago
If you're hacking someone else, be sure to avoid blowing steam pipes or electrical objects. They can cause damage to your opponent, either willingly or not, and cause you to immediately lose the match.
CernaML  +   612d ago
I once accidentally ran my victim over and still managed to successfully hack him. lmao
Rocky5  +   613d ago
This isn't the issue, the issue is people spamming the pause menu which in return make people look like there standing in the middle of the road/street doing nothing only to turn 180 & shoot you when you're no where near them. (Reveals your position instantly)

Or the worst of the worst, hacking people only for them to quit the online game at 99% :-@ you lose nothing but 10 mins of your life.
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Soldierone  +   612d ago
If they quit, it counts as a win for you. You don't get as many points, but I checked last time and it counted as a success.

The pause thing sucks though because I ALWAYS get hacked when I pause it or go to the other menu. Either I'm adding skill points, looking for something, or simply not in the room. I un-pause it and "you've been hacked" what?
cgrimm76  +   612d ago
Talking sticking out last night I wanted to play a mission turned on the game and as soon as I got to the mission spot. I got online hacked ok found the guy standing by 3 other people killed him but cops got called. So I ended up getting a 4 star so I had to battle the cops for a while.

Well while the police chace was going on. I saw a guy acting weird while i was battle with the cops so i turned around grabbed my gun and killed the guy and it was a online hacker
neildee250  +   612d ago
lol amazing hope you recorded it.
DFogz  +   612d ago
So the only thing this affects is leaderboard rankings?
Does anyone actually give a shit about WatchDogs leaderboard rankings?

Just play to have fun, if someone wants to reset all his notoriety skills every few matches just so they can gain a few extra points and have a bigger e-peen, let em.
They can have their extra, worthless points. I'll keep my extended nitrous, and extra long jam comms.

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