Mortal Kombat Gets Brutalized in New Honest Trailer

In the newest Honest Game Trailer video from Smosh Games, Mortal Kombat’s numerous titles are examined in a funny, satirical take.

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Relientk771569d ago

That was good

Mortal Pongbat lol

sungin1569d ago

funny,but you know what more funny hehe downgrade hahahahaha

sonerone1569d ago

are u serious with these comments?

sonerone1569d ago

I think u watched too many Watch Dogs comparison videos from E3 to release...

spicelicka1569d ago

Mortal kombat vs DC was possibly the stupidest crossover idea ever, the game it self was good but the worlds are just worlds apart.

Mortal Kombat is very dark, gritty, violent, and straight gory. Injustice was a much better idea, keep the two franchises separate, both will have their own fans, crossing over just means more limitations.

leemo191569d ago

Paul Blart mall cop lol.

Avengingkinght921569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

The hot teacher from Billy Madison, the one with the boobs lol