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Submitted by Neoshockwave 539d ago | rumor

The Last of Us PS4 to release this month after all - rumor

The remastered edition of The Last of Us may be hitting PlayStation 4 this month after all, according an industry insider. (PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

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ZodTheRipper  +   539d ago
And hype comes back again :D If it's really releasing on Friday you can count me in.
ArchangelMike  +   539d ago
Same here. I can't wait. I think Sony are trying to cover their tracks since the date got leaked. But yeah, I hope they still release in June anyway despite all the leaks and rumors.
JoGam  +   539d ago
Well I heard from a friend who heard from his friend who heard from his uncle who possibly works at Sony said that Folding at Home is coming to PS4. Just take it as a Rumor though.
PeaSFor  +   539d ago
june 20, mark my words.
blitz0623  +   539d ago
I can definitely see it releasing during their press conference. Since it's in the evening, it'll be available on Tuesday. They might give everyone in the audience a free copy as well.
starchild  +   539d ago
I would love to get my hands on it as early as possible, but only if it is ready. I'll wait until whenever Naughty Dog feels it is ready.

That said, I hope it's June that it is ready. ;-)
ifistbrowni  +   539d ago
i will cry from happiness if this game gets released friday. lol.

The Last of Us Ps3 release date: June 14, 2013 the day after e3 ended

The Last of Us Ps4 rumored release date (leaked by Game): June 13, 2014, one day after e3 ends.

A release date later than early July will probably hurt this title. I so badly want this game, but if it releases in late/mid August, i will not buy it at release. I'll be saving my money for Destiny and NHL 15. I feel like if this game gets released in June a lot of people will buy it just because of the lack of game releases over June/July/August (Diablo 3 in august, but that's *kinda* a re-release of a re-release).
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   539d ago
If this is released on Friday, Team 7 assemble!
sander9702  +   538d ago
If it's this month then it will most likely release at the end of it when people get their paychecks otherwise they might not get that many sales
XiNarutoUzumaki  +   539d ago
Give it to meeeeeeee...

GearSkiN  +   539d ago
Sad its gonna be my first retail ps4 game haha, I'm so excited for this!
JoGam  +   539d ago
Yeah that is sad considering you have a PS4 with no retail games.
LOGICWINS  +   539d ago
I only have one PS4 retail game. Resogun, Outlast, Shadowfall, and Second Son are in my digital library. I prefer getting my games digitally since I save $5 on taxes.
PeaSFor  +   539d ago
i buy pretty much everything digital, its not sad.

im in Canada and games are 69.99$ which end up being 80$ with the taxes, so its a no brainer for me, im going digital 90% of the time.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   538d ago
Actually, I don't think he meant digital vs retail, but indie/freebie/digital ONLY vs "retail" (an also available on disk) game. A full game as most seen to call it, no matter if bought digitally or phisically.
crusf  +   539d ago
So you skipped the excellent PS4 exclusive Infamous second son for a port... huh? Not your cup of tea as many say I guess
snookiegamer  +   539d ago
@JoGam & crusf

How do you know 'GearSkiN' hasn't downloaded games via PS Store, and this might possibly be their 1st actual 'Retail' purchase?
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ZodTheRipper  +   539d ago
When he's got all games digitally up to now, why should he get TLOU physically now?
mo241  +   539d ago
excellent infamous lol.
Don't make me laugh it got nothing on the last of us. Infamous was a great game for 2 days, but then it run out of content with literally nothing to do. I just went achievement hunting because of lack of content and then sold it for 40 euros the exact same price I bought it lol.
GearSkiN  +   539d ago
coz nothing is worth gettin right now i do have an indie game.

no i did not skipped Second Son, my buddy let me played it.

the game got bored to me, but the graphics and cut scene is on point.
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STK026  +   539d ago
I think the smart thing to do would be to release it on June 10. It's a Tuesday, the same day most games are released. And, it's one day after Sony's E3 conference, where they could announce it. To sweeten the deal, they could also offer a PS4 bundle with it.
ifistbrowni  +   539d ago
June 10th is a bit unrealistic for retail setting. The retail stores would have to know about the release date (because they need to know how many games to order) and some minimum wage Gamestop employee would be on the internet "leaking" it.

I find it entirely possible that they can announce the game Monday and possibly have it in retail stores Friday (when Sony usually release their exclusive titles).

I would be stoked if they announced the digital download is "available right now" during their press conference, because thats the version i plan to buy (never plan on trading this game in).

I already played the crap out of it on ps3, but i gave my ps3 and games to my nephew. I miss TLOU multiplayer and can't wait to jump back into it. I also won't mind playing through the new "Grounded" difficulty. I've read its brutally hard.
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PsylentKiller  +   539d ago
They could release it digitally first and then start sending copies to stores. This would promote digital purchases and significantly decrease the trade in market for this game.
rainslacker  +   539d ago
It would be leaked well before that as stores would have it in by Friday more often than not.
jmac53  +   539d ago
So maybe it is the 13th or 20th which was originally listed by Amazon and everyone. I can totally see this as part of their conference, Uncharted blowout with Last of Us PS4 and oh yeah it's releasing this Friday.
THC CELL  +   539d ago
Hint, our warehouse in UK has em in ready to ship to stores we can't give a release date till sony says, likely Tuesday.
SuperBlunt  +   539d ago
Hope you arent trolling :(
Fixay  +   539d ago
Out of interest where do you work?
THC CELL  +   539d ago
Game leeds
ifistbrowni  +   539d ago
i just crapped my pants a little. June 13th actually might be happening. I am so ready.

*hope hes not trolling*
Fixay  +   539d ago
Sweet, two GAME employees on Gaf mentioned the game is set to release this week still. Also mentioned about the E3 event going on at GAME etc

Did you hear about some stores having there staff work longer during E3 and open earlier the next day?
mo241  +   539d ago
Lol random guy saying it is releasing everybody believes him, but still I believe it would launch close after E3.
Man it would make a guy cry from enjoyment.
Walker  +   539d ago
I don't believe in tidux lies !
sonerone  +   539d ago
love this guy :D and Thuaway too :D
Dropdeadll  +   539d ago
Downloading now, guys!!
Subaruwrx  +   539d ago
Didn't play the game on PS3 so, I'm excited about this game. Still playing Watch Dogs and enjoying it immensely so if the Last of US Remastered does release in the next couple of weeks I will wait until I've finished with WD to buy it.
incendy35  +   539d ago
Meh, I just played through this game. Wish they were releasing a re-mastered ICO, or Shadow of Colossus or Uncharted 1.
SoulSercher620  +   538d ago

You want them to remaster something that's already been remastered?

incendy35  +   538d ago
Yes, for PS4. It has been a while since I played all of these games. I am ready. I am not ready to play a game I just beat 8 months ago.
rj621  +   539d ago
Mostly we will come to know at E3.. expecting a demo.
0P-Tigrex  +   539d ago
I hope we get a price announcement for the game. It should be 60 dollars if it's including a the DLC. The DLC alone is easily 40 dollars. If you're getting that, AND the remastered version of the best game on PS3, that's a steal.

If they release it June 10th I'm getting that ASAP.
LightDiego  +   539d ago
One of the best games of recent years, can't wait to play it again, would be the tenth time, lolol.
ZodTheRipper  +   539d ago
I played a lot of games in my life and I consider TLOU the best yet. I played through it 3,5 times and I'm gonna get it Day1 on PS4 again (mostly because I didn't get to play the DLC, but the visual upgrade should be worth it as well).
starchild  +   539d ago
I've played a lot of games too across most platforms and I do agree that The Last of Us is probably the best game I have ever played. I can't think of another game that is equally masterful in so many ways as TLOU.
PsylentKiller  +   539d ago
Yeah, the single player is phenomenal. But the multiplayer is just as amazing. I didn't expect the mp to be so enjoyable. The pace of it is really slow but so heart pounding.
nirwanda  +   539d ago
Wouldn't it be amazing if this is the yearly psplus game to replace rezogun
LOL_WUT  +   539d ago
It going to be a busy week if true still need to finish Watchdogs ;)
d0r1en0  +   539d ago
That'd be legit. Right now I'm on MLB & Watch dogs. Picking up UFC, but TLOU would make this summer drought not bad at all. Missed it on the PS3 due to being on the 360. I'm ready.
Braid  +   539d ago
Wouldn't matter this moth or next month, it's an instant buy for me.
RosweeSon  +   539d ago
Stop it's not ready yet! All will be revealed next week barely a few days, I'm sure it'll be out soon tho ps4 needs a AAA game specially as I never got round to it on ps3 can't wait to play this on my ps4.
dmonee  +   539d ago
The last of us should be available midweek. Sony will announce it during their E3 press conference and it will be available the next day. I'm guessing Wednesday.
_FantasmA_  +   539d ago
Why would you make is seem like its legit and then add "rumor?" Stupid article.
MasterofMagnetism  +   539d ago
Day 1 no matter when it releases.
OpenGL  +   538d ago
It would be really fucking cool if the game launched this month after an E3 announcement, but I find that hard to believe because this sort of thing never happens. Either way, I'll be buying this game again. It looked gorgeous on PS3 so I can't wait to see how it looks on PS4.
KinjoTakemura  +   538d ago
I've been saying for weeks that the release date will be announced at E3, and in all likelihood, a PS4 bundle with TLOU will be announced at the same time. TLOU is a guaranteed system seller.
SpiralTear  +   538d ago
Infamous: Second Son is a system seller. The Order will definitely be a system seller. A remastered PS4 port of a PS3 game that's already sold crazy well on the previous Sony console is not a system seller.
KinjoTakemura  +   538d ago
The Last Of Us Remastered will be in a Playstation 4 Bundle next week. And there's only one reason it will happen: Sony believes that TLOU will be a system seller and I believe it too.
SpiralTear  +   538d ago
You really don't think that The Last of Us was a success on PS3, do you? The game sold PS3 systems; a huge number of people own the game already. Unless they're getting some PS3-to-PS4 upgrade through Gamestop, it's an HD remake and when's the last time an HD remake caused millions of people to buy a console?

Even if it's in a bundle (which is fine), that's not what sells systems. Ports and remakes can only go so far, and Sony is smart enough to use full AAA exclusives to sell their systems instead of $60 remakes.
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KinjoTakemura  +   538d ago
Yes it was a success on PS3. To date, TLOU has sold more than 6 million copies. Now there are nearly 8 million Playstation 4 owners right now. How many of them do you think will buy the remastered version? 500,000? 1 million? Whatever that number is, I will be one of them. Also, there are millions of people looking for a reason to buy an Xbox One or a PS4 during the next few months of summer. Please understand that there isn't anything available on the Xbox One that can match "A Remastered Version" of one of the greatest games ever made on any console. I'm not saying best selling, i'm saying in terms of gaming quality and replay value. Sony is smart enough to make decisions that will sell a million more PS4's even if you think TLOU won't be able to. I'm absolutely certain that Sony disagrees with you. If they did agree with you, TLOU Remastered would have never been made.


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SpiralTear  +   538d ago
"Now there are nearly 8 million Playstation 4 owners right now. How many of them do you think will buy the remastered version?"

Those are owners. They already have a PS4. How can you sell a system to someone who already owns it?

"Please understand that there isn't anything available on the Xbox One that can match "A Remastered Version" of one of the greatest games ever made on any console."

Oh please. The Last of Us was a great game and a worthy GOTY nominee, but don't be ridiculous. Super Mario Bros., Grand Theft Auto 3, Halo: Combat Evolved go there. The Last of Us was not some groundbreaking, earthshaking revolution in gaming and you know it.

Secondly, there isn't anything available on ANY of those two consoles this year. All the really awesome stuff is either coming from third-parties, got pushed to 2015, or in the case of Arkham Knight, both. If Sony pushes the remake that hard, it's because they don't have anything new themselves. Face it: 2014 is a wasteland when it comes to exclusives, and Sony's stuck in that wasteland. If the indies and the routine multi-platform games weren't there, 2014 would be worthless for them.

I'm not arguing against The Last of Us being a good game. I'm arguing against the remake being a system seller. Sony and Microsoft have both been losing 2014 releases like nuts these days: have you seen the articles posted about 2014 being worth "skipping"?

The people who are likely to buy The Last of Us Remastered already have Playstation 4's. They bought them at launch because they like Sony (I bought one). The Last of Us Remastered is not a conversion game; it's incredibly hard to believe that a remake of a 2013 game is going to sell millions of systems.

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