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Submitted by ThatKanadianKid 615d ago | opinion piece

Can Square-Enix Turn It Around This Generation?

OnlySP: Square Enix has declined to bring Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III to E3 this year. That isn’t a huge surprise since there is little evidence that either of these games are going as well as the developer says (year after year after year in the case of the former). Also if there is anything to show Square-Enix might wish to do so at the Tokyo Game Show instead. (Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, PS4, Xbox One)

kalkano  +   615d ago
Well, they're off to a bad start with XV being an action-RPG. But, they did mention something about needing to get back to old Final Fantasies, but having to release XV first. So, I'll wait for XV to pass by, ignore it and it's 2 sequels, and wait for news on XVI.

I'm not getting my hopes up, though.
ArchangelMike  +   615d ago
Yeah I'm really dissapointed that FFXV is not going to be at E3. For me that means that it's unlikely to release this year. I know peeps are saying TGS, and I agree there 'might' be a teaser trailer or something at TGS, but I doubt a release date will be announced.

Then there's KH3, which, if FFXV is anything to go by, might end up not gettign released this gen anyway? I mean, how long has FFXV been in development now, it missed the whole of last gen!!! So don't hold out for KH3 this gen imo.

Then there's the remasters. I'm guessing that Squenix will do another remaster, especially after the success of FFX remastered. I bet they do FFXII next (which I would absolutely love btw), and in this way fill the interim periods.

They'll probably push Tomb Raider 2, and Hitman though besides their FF franchise. SO all in all, I don't think they'll turn it round this gen at all!
vishmarx  +   615d ago
screw square ,im done waiting.
itll come when itll come.

alot more to look forward to.
ps3 is definitely fetting its jrpgs,(p5,zestiria,xillia etc)
hope the same could be said about ps4,
in the meantime,i think i got plenty else to play.
jrpgs need a fresh new start with p5 and xv,rather than being rushed for the sake of it
ive grown bore with the mediocrity of the genre in the last 8 years.
and need to fall back in love with em
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sonerone  +   615d ago
well that FFXVI is next gen already :( as things happening these days :(
Irishguy95  +   615d ago
'Good start'. Regardless of your opinion, money wise -> FFXV will sell alot. Gameplay wise it's awesome looking(you admit this). You're just bummed out your favorite series took a massive change. I'm just happy we're gonna be getting a game that looks like what FF could have been if it didn't have hardware limitations like it did in the past.

I mean really the only possible reason anyone has to diss FFXV is that it's not turn based anymore. Simply put, anyone who judges the game and trailers on 'quality' seems to be massively impressed. You yourself admit this and are just annoyed about its name. What happened to SE is they stopped making good games. What they need to do is bring the quality back up to the consistency of before. Which is exactly what FFXV is doing.
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kalkano  +   615d ago
"Gameplay wise it's awesome looking(you admit this)."

Absolutely not.

"what FF could have been if it didn't have hardware limitations like it did in the past."

Never happened.

"You yourself admit this and are just annoyed about its name."

No. Why do you keep saying that?
elda  +   615d ago
Gone are the days of slow turn base,bring on the fast action battle system which looks amazing!
kalkano  +   615d ago
So you think millions of people (turn-based fans) shouldn't play games anymore?
cpayne93  +   615d ago
Sort of like trading strategy and deep gameplay mechanics for flashy visuals and for people with short attention spans. Modern gaming in a nutshell really.
KinjoTakemura  +   614d ago
Ridiculous. There are only a few action RPGs of late that are even worth mentioning. Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma, Demon Souls, Dragon Age, and Skyrim. The rest are average to extremely horrible. Mugen Souls is the type of turn-based RPG that sells. Tales of Graces, Tales Of Xillia, Valkyria chronicles, are all games that prove that turn-based rpgs are not going the way of the dinosaur. Nocturnal Doctrine is coming in a few months and I already have it on pre-order.
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yokokoroma  +   614d ago
This is well said, someone else who recognizes the flaw of FF XV being a JARPG. The combat in the game looks terrible, and I can guarantee it's the reason it's not being shown at E3. There aren't many gamers who can observe these things, and noted such things makes you a rare gamer.

On the issue of Square Enix turning things around this gen, highly unlikely. They still seem to be caught up in XIII, which means they don't comprehend that it's not the type of FF game, longtime FF players want. When it comes to JRPG, nothing will trump the traditional turn-based JRPG. It's what made JRPGs popular in the first place.
weekev15  +   615d ago
Tbh Square aint what they used to be. Monolith soft are gonna be killing them. X looks like the kind of game Square should be making, instead Square seem intent onHD remasters, please just focus on the games you have Iin development that folks have been waiting on for eons.

Hopefully they will use e3 to announce localisation of Bravely Second which would be a nice move.
Xof  +   615d ago
To "turn it around" wouldn't they have had to have been going in the right direction at some point? All SE has ever done is mooch off the brand-recognition of old Square and Enix IPs.
AiirJordann23  +   615d ago
Probably the same old teaser trailer they been releasing. Im so tire of SE fuckin over everyone. I guess were have to wait and see what happens
LostFlock  +   615d ago
No... Honestly im looking forward to both FF15 and KH3 but they really should have never announced or teased KH3, its basically Versus 13 all over again. Its obvious 15 will come out first and once they had a firm release day then tease KH3, but never like what they're doing now.
elda  +   615d ago
Agreed!..Until they have any game they are making near completion then they should start announcing it not when it's just a concept & nothing has been even started.
Slade23  +   615d ago
I'm looking forward to seeing is Final fantasy XIV: ARR at E3, notice that KH3 and XV won't be there :/ . Kind of lower my excitement.
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aiBreeze  +   615d ago
Being honest, I don't think Square-Enix will ever be the company that Square was. They have a lot riding on FFXV though and I'm trying to keep the faith however I can't say I'm all that excited for it yet.
kewlkat007  +   615d ago
Square will never be the same..lets just accept it and move on..That japanese gaming market also, does not help
feraldrgn  +   615d ago
It's been 8 years & they still haven't turned it around, they've had some good games (2006 FF12), but not of the same caliber as the experiences the original Squaresoft team created.

I think most of the original devs are with Nintendo now.

Though there has been Bravely Default, which many seem to be enjoying as well as FF14:ARR which is great.

But they've had so many misses, people aren't confident in them anymore.

(Maybe if they released FF12HD in a timely manner, finished FF15 & it ends up good, maybe we'll notice them again)
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Dark11  +   615d ago
Not really .. SE is done like most of the japanese publishers.
SuMtOnE  +   615d ago
NO unless they turn back to SQUARESOFT
kewlkat007  +   615d ago
"Squaresoft" that name is so synonymous with quality...

I remember those days..
KinjoTakemura  +   614d ago
It seems like that's the only way gamers will get some RPGs and adventure games out of them.
elda  +   615d ago
If so it'll be 2/3rds into this gen life cycle knowing FF-XV & KH3 will not be released until 2016-2018 & those are the only S-E titles that anyone is really interested in.
DawginTow1  +   615d ago
"Can Squenix turn it around?" If Sleeping Dogs 2 aka Triad Wars is any good (& isn't just some mmo thing), it'd be a good start. Oh, & a Just Cause 3 reveal! That could bring the dead back to life IMO O.o
Twiggy  +   615d ago
By the gods I hope they do, Square Enix and Capcom raised me during the late 90's and early 2000 years, Konami helped too! but they are on a somewhat different footing.

High hopes for FF15 and this new rumored Resident Evil.
KinjoTakemura  +   614d ago
It's time that Square gets back to it's core audience and stopping making games that try to please everyone. Thief and Murdered : Soul Suspect are examples of what happens to games when you try to make a game that tries to add bits and pieces of all genres into one game, it usually comes out as a warm turd. Square said a few months ago that they were going to try and get back to making games for their core audience, RPGS!!! I wish they would take a look at what made games like Vagrant Story and Chrono Trigger so popular in their time. Story, immersion, gameplay, battle systems, user interfaces, and game length were formulas for success. What happen Square? WTF are you doing? Wake up!
elda  +   614d ago
Square didn't make Thief or Murdered:Soul Suspect.

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