The 5 Top PSP Exclusives

Mike G from Twinfinite writes:

Now that the PSP has been discontinued in Japan – it’s best market by far – it’s only a matter of time until the struggling handheld gets the boot in North America and the PAL regions.

That being said, the PSP was one of the most underrated portable consoles released to date. Let’s look back at a few of the excellent titles to be released exclusively for the PSP (in no particular order).

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nabeelfarooqui981289d ago

The sad news is that there will be no more :( Nice share.

Tetsujin1289d ago

I can't stand articles that have separate pages.

3-4-51289d ago

PSP does have a lot of exclusives.

The handhelds last gen definitely seemed to do that more than the consoles.

nevin11289d ago

Wait, why is PSP considered underrated?

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