Fantasia: Music Evolved Runs At 1080p/30fps On Xbox One, Devs Faced No Issues Due To eSRAM

"Our game was built with the Xbox One in mind," explains Lead Designer of Disney: Fantasia Music Evolved.

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nabeelfarooqui98843d ago

Why does this matter? Forget 1080, 720 4K. Just play the damn game.

MysticStrummer843d ago

"Why does this matter?"

It doesn't. It's meaningless. Every single game could be 1080p/60fps if they wanted it to be.

Prime157843d ago (Edited 843d ago )

I wouldn't say meaningless, but not as big of a deal as everyone (especially media) makes it out to be.

Graphic fidelity only helps in captivating the audience. Resolution/framerate are a tool to the overall experience just like sound, effects, art direction, story, voice acting, camera angles, gameplay and much more.

Yes, you can argue that most other tools are more important, but to completely dismiss one in indifference is ignorant, or worse, arrogant.

MysticStrummer843d ago (Edited 843d ago )

I just meant that using res/fps to compare multi plats is one thing, and announcing the res/fps of an exclusive is another. In both cases they can hit any target they want to if they're willing to make sacrifices, but the res/fps of this game wouldn't be worth a headline if the multi plat comparisons didn't make them feel the need to announce it. In comparison it's meaningless.

UltimateMaster843d ago

When you're comparing the same game, yeah there's a difference.

But when you're talking about a 10 year old game and claiming it to be better than those released late last year or this year? Then no. The game built back then wasn't as evolve as a recent game.

ramiuk1843d ago

on my 106" screen anything looks awesome haha.

SilentNegotiator843d ago

Who responds to a positive article with "why does it matter"?

SuperBlunt843d ago

I think its karma rearing its ugly head. If the xbox had a 10% nevermind 50 (now 40 apparently) power advantage these articles would be unreadable

fr0sty843d ago

Image quality adds to immersion. It does matter in that regard.

Also, 1080p at 60 fps is not a metric that can be used to judge a system. The game that is running at that resolution is what decides how powerful a system is. There were 1080p 60fps (wipeout hd) games on ps3. Of course Xbox One can do that resolution and framerate... but at what expense? Lower resolution textures? Fewer lighting/shading effects? Lower polygon counts? Less AA? Worse physics? Trade-offs have to be made to hit that resolution on any console. It just happens to be that more tradeoffs have to be made to make xbox one hit that resolution than PC or PS4.

kayoss843d ago

I guess it only matters if the article title was " ps4 games are 720p 30fps", but it should not matter if any article reads " x1 games 720p 30fps" it the game play that matters right. The biggest double standard if I ever saw one. It matters a lot. The better the quality of said game, the better the experience. Have you tried watching a very good movie with really bad quality?

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XiSasukeUchiha843d ago

ESRam is still limited! it's run at 1080p at 30fps is fine with me. Everyone chill out and don't be a frametard.

thexmanone843d ago (Edited 843d ago )

And your point is? Or you just being a troll

ic3fir3843d ago

Sony troll?

ok lets go =D

the order 30fps? lol
Infamous 30 fps? lool
Driveclub 30 fps? lool

Killzone 30 fps? lool

GTgamer843d ago

So your really gonna act like fantasia is on the samr level of those games a kinect game if thats how you counter trolls work harder and be more precised Killzone-30 unlocked or locked infamous-30 unlocked or locked :/.

SuperBlur843d ago (Edited 843d ago )

ryse 18 to 30fps loooooooooool

honestly tho , he is obviously a pc gamer.

BG11579843d ago

How about Resogun 60frps, which is the only game that compares to Fantasia firework simulator...

timotim843d ago


Now if he would have said "lolKinect" it would have been a different story...but he didnt. 30FPS for a Kinect game or a AAA blockbuster is still 30FPS no?

ic3fir3843d ago

60 fps is only needed for certain types of games guys -_-

GameDev1843d ago

Start naming multiplats and compare them

nitpicky aren't we?

You would expect fantasia to do a full 60fps

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incendy35843d ago

Can't wait to play it. Fantasia is such a trip, I hope they did the franchise justice.

Gamer777843d ago

I'm getting tired of resolution being emphasized over everything.

tuglu_pati843d ago

I prefer FPS over resolution. 60fps over 1080p any day.

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The story is too old to be commented.