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Sony at E3 2014: Can it hold its lead?

The PS4 has outsold the Xbox One, but Sony must remain on the offensive to stay on top. Here's a look at how it might do that. (E3, PS4, Sony)

NewMonday  +   357d ago
with XBone exclusives going muti-platform I don't see the PS4 getting bothered.
LOGICWINS  +   357d ago
I think MS should've priced the XB1 including Kinect at $399. It wouldve given them a fighting chance. I liked the the Aaron Paul commercial, especially the fact that it played during an awesome episode of Gang Related.

But none of the stuff Aaron did in the commercial can be done without Kinect. Idk why MS insists on confusing people.
ZodTheRipper  +   357d ago
In Germany Xbox + Kinect + Titanfall is at 399€ already

But it would've been very desperate from Microsoft to cut the price so much a few months after launch. Sony has it in their own hands right now, if they bring some killer exclusives there is now way they will lose their lead. If they don't and Microsoft brings them it could shift the tides... next week will definately change lots of opinions.
JoGam  +   356d ago
I honestly can't wait for E3 to be over. So tired of all these articles. Who's going to win E3? What this company needs to do to win E3. Will this be shown at E3? I love E3 but the articles these so call journalist write are getting tired. Lets be real.....part of the problem with this console war rubbish is the people who write these articles.
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GribbleGrunger  +   356d ago
I agree. There were some retailers in the UK selling the PS4 for as little as £325 so that suggests to me Sony have quite a lot of lee way in terms of pricing. No retailer is going to sell a product at a loss.
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JBSleek  +   356d ago
That is irrelevant. You are only referring to one game Dead Rising 3 which indeed did go multiplatform but after the launch window so they already got the sales they would.

Also does this also account for PS4 games that are on PC and PS4 games that also go on Vita.
psforward  +   356d ago
What about Plants vs Zombies:Garden Warfare?
WickedLester  +   356d ago
...and Titanfall. And Plants VS Zombies. And you just wait, Sunset Overdrive will wind up on PS4 somewhere down the road.
azure1990  +   356d ago
Dead Rising 3 is only going to PC. Plants vs Zombies is the only one going to PC. Jesus NewMonday how the fuck do you have that many bubbles?
welly300  +   356d ago
Plants vs zom is going multi
KazHirai  +   356d ago
Honestly microsoft is not going to win this one. The PS4 is going to have the superior multiplats for the rest of the generation, and has always had a very strong stable of exclusive studios. Im sure that the xbox can give some worthy competition in the US but nowhere else.
Silly gameAr  +   356d ago
I agree. I've never seen an E3 hyped this hard by the media. It's officially overhyped, like the whole gen depends on this one E3 and only this E3, and it's taking all the fun out of it.
DigitalRaptor  +   356d ago | Well said
Microsoft is never outpacing Sony when it comes to sales.

PS3 launched a year after the X360. The 360 gained 8 million sales in the space that PS3 wasn't on the market. The PS3 sold more than the 360 globally practically every single year, despite the fact that PS3 had tons of negativity on its side:

- $600
- bare bones online network
- media bias and doom and gloom
- inferior multiplats
- supposedly "no games"
- harder to develop for
- terrible marketing

Not only that, it caught up an 8 million lead, and had both consoles released at the same time, PS3 would be 11 million units ahead globally.

Both consoles have released at the same time now, with PS4 having NONE of the weaknesses of last-gen's PS3. They released at the same time and PS3 is already 3.5-4 million units ahead only 7 months in.

The gap is widening. The Xbone would have to sell 50k more than PS4 every week for over 60 consecutive weeks, and THAT simply isn't happening. MAYBE in North America in a long time, but globally... you'd have to be an absolute dunce to think that's going to happen. It's already out in its strongest markets and PS4 is beating it without having released its big guns.

Once the first-party PS4 lineup gets rolling, do you really think Xbone is catching up? I mean seriously? PlayStation is simply a stronger global brand than Xbox, and it isn't changing anytime soon.

The only thing Sony needs to do, is what they've always done and concentrated on providing great games and a diverse lineup.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   356d ago
that pretty much says it all!
Clarence  +   356d ago
Bubbles sir.
MasterCornholio  +   356d ago
If rumors are true then I dont see the 4 million gap closing anytime soon. Because for that to happen the Xbox One has to outsell the PS4 by a massive amount and the console is already selling 100k a week.

People have to accept this and just enjoy their consoles. Just because the PS4 has a massive lead on the Xbox One doesn't mean that 3rd parties will abandon it.
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JBSleek  +   356d ago
I don't think you should look at past success as being what will happen in the future.

"It's a matter of common sense."

There is no "common sense" when trying to predict which console will outsell which when it has only been seven months. You have five to seven more years of announcements and things to see who will win. Also you didn't really showcase any advantages.

You pointed out first parties which is all subjective on who has the best ones. I think Nintendo first parties are the best but doesn't mean it correlates to sales. It's all subjective.

I think acting like Sony winning this generation so quickly as fact is silly. We got much more time. Not saying Sony won't win because I think they will but it's too soon to tell.
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HeWhoWalks  +   356d ago
If he were doing that, he could have easily brought up the PS2 vs Xbox. No, in this situation, he's made excellent points - if an Xbox with everything going for it couldn't be Sony's worst selling home machine, how will the X1 top the PS4 with ALL of those advantages missing?

It's a matter of common sense.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   356d ago
@JBSleek agreed.

I think Raptors post is a very defensive post. I'm not sure why he's that defensive in the first place.

It seems like he's seriously assuring himself that PS already Won despite both being very young consoles.
HeWhoWalks  +   356d ago
No denying that both consoles are young, but Digital's points aren't negated because of that. The PS4 is already outselling the X1, and with historical trends pointing to Sony maintaining solid leads in, at least, nearly all of EU + JP, it then goes without saying that the trend will continue (thus, the "common sense" bit).

It's as I said, they won there with higher price points and and a, nearly, unshakable stigma (PS3). With the PS4 having none of those issues, it would take something drastic, and I do mean DRASTIC, to happen for a tide shift. I believe that's what Digital was getting at.
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XiSasukeUchiha  +   356d ago
Intelligent sir, bubble up!
SuperBlunt  +   356d ago
I praise you, sadly this wont get through to them. Its not even about sony dominating to me, its moreso their ignorance to the obvious truth that bugs me
dale_denton  +   356d ago
this needs to be posted on yahoo front page for the bots to see
AngelicIceDiamond  +   356d ago
@Raptor "The only thing Sony needs to do, is what they've always done and concentrated on providing great games and a diverse lineup."

You are right here but at the same time MS won't just sit around and let Sony release all their games. MS also isn't gonna let Sony steel all the glory as well.

I hope you realize MS is also competing just as hard overall as well?

I mean that's what competing I think it won't be as easy as your making it sound.

"Once the first-party PS4 lineup gets rolling, do you really think Xbone is catching up?"

Sony's first party line up is some of the best but still subjective.

Hope you didn't forget about MS first party as well plus Phil will be investing more in 1st party. Its tug of war man both companies will be competing harder and we the gamers are the ones that win. But like I said its subjective its not written anywhere of either platform exclusive games being better than the other.

E3 is practically here.

E3 Team Xbox.
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eferreira  +   356d ago
I was really hating MS for a long time even though I got an xbone. But what Phil is doing makes me have faith in the company. Hes a good dude and very easy to relate to like the other 2 from Nintendo and Sony.
MRMagoo123  +   356d ago
I think you should read the whole thing again, Sony and playstation are just the more popular gaming brand, no matter how many people try to say its an even playing field, they started in the lead for a reason and I can bet they will keep and increase the lead as time goes on.
eferreira  +   356d ago
People seem to forget that the 360 launched a year ahead of the ps3 ad 1.5 years in Europe.
HaveAsandwich  +   356d ago
Sony didn't have to do much to get the lead. I don't see them having to blow people away, to keep momentum. Helldivers ftw.
breakpad  +   356d ago
it depends fro the games ..if they show again games like God OF WAR no they cannot hold their first place (enough already with these sequels from semi successfull serie infamous , uncharted etcetc) ... if they start have new Exclusives Ip specially from Japan like SOuls series and buy some old Ips like Crash Bandicoot then yes they will hold their place
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HeWhoWalks  +   356d ago
Uncharted = semi successful? Your credibility was destroyed right there, especially considering Uncharted and God of War are EXACTLY the franchises that would push PS4 hardware.

Never mind the irony of the rest of your post - Crash Bandicoot (also not Sony's) would be a sequel, and probably not exclusive. The Souls "series" implies sequel. You make no sense at all.
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breakpad  +   356d ago
man whatever you say i will say this -> PS3 nothing else.... PS3 barely survived CrapBOX 360 competition and except some Japanese franchises (MGS4 , Demon SOULS , Dragons Dogma, etcetc)has nothing to remember....because GOd of WAr and Infamous were exclusives and promoted so much doesnt meant they were great games ..just mediocre
ramiuk1  +   356d ago
god of war and uncharted = semi succesful???
wow note added to never even bother reading something you type again.
such a moronic comment u made there and have zero credabilty in future
CallOfDutyFan  +   356d ago
LOL @Gamepard

Looks like we have a troll!!
kenshiro100  +   356d ago
I suggest you do some actual research before talking.
metatronx  +   356d ago
Just one question, have u played those games before u open ur big mouth and bash about those games. Talking about sequences, Halo, Forza, Gears of war, ring a bell?
HeWhoWalks  +   356d ago
As I said, no credibility whatsoever. When you have something constructive, and more bubbles, come back to this again.
SixtyNine  +   356d ago
Sony has enjoyed its advantages over the months since release such as, lower price point and availability in more countries than its competitor. E3 combined with their fall lineup will play a major role in sustaining the benefits of their advantages. You can only thrive off your brand name for so long.
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Destiny1080  +   356d ago
Destiny/Drive club/alien isolation/the last of us remastered/the order in early 2015/call of duty

sure a lot of third party's but they will be so much better on ps4, I think what ever side you play on there will be plenty to play this Christmas

on the xbox side project spark looks by far the most interesting
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WickedLester  +   356d ago
I'm playing the beta of Project Spark and I find it boring as hell. I'm not into the whole Minecraft creation software and the games I've tried to play that were made by others were not that good. I'd rather play games made by professional developers.
eferreira  +   356d ago
MS used to push exclusives hard in the beginning of the 360 and original lifecycles then kinda fall off on new ips. I hope they don't do the same with this one.
DarkZane  +   356d ago
Yes it can. Microsoft may be saying they will show lots of games at E3, but Sony will probably show a lot more.

Plus, Microsoft will probably fail to deliver. They only talk big.
Harmonizer  +   356d ago
Im gonna laugh so hard if we get another conference from Microsoft like this :

TV TV TV TV TV, CoD CoD Cod Cod, TV TV TV, Sports Sports Sports Sports, TV TV TV

Joke aside. They gotta do Games Games Games this year, otherwise Sony will just roll out the big guns and blow MS to dust again.
0P-Tigrex  +   356d ago
Of course it can/will. In order for the Xbox to catch the ps4 it would need to sell more units per month for a very long time. If anything..the title should be ( can Microsoft slow Sony's momentum. )
welly300  +   356d ago
Xbox has been discounted in uk 4 last few months and still struggled to keep up with ps4. its losing its kincet the only standout feature of the xbox1 and I think its going to struggle without it. Its a pity sony had to charge for online the console war would be over.
yokokoroma  +   355d ago
SONY outselling Xbox is irrelevant, it has no bearing on PS4's user base. In order for SONY to prevail at E3, they have to show some exclusive 3rd party developer games, and stop throwing indie games at user base looking to play full fledged games.

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